Short hairstyles for women in 2021

While we love our long locks, they can be tough to keep and maintain. And while we want to emulate our favourite style icons and their long, luscious hairstyles, chances are that they don’t swelter in a hot and humid climate all year round like we do. 

Well, you don’t have to give up comfort for looks anymore with these 20 short hairstyles for women. P.S. We’ve also sorted them by face shape so you’ll know which hairstyles will be perfect for you to pull off. 

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– Round Face Shape –

Although your grandma might always say you’re getting rounder, you don’t actually have a round face shape unless you have the following features – 

Dimensions: Roughly as wide as it is long
Chin: Rounded
Jawline: Rounded, no hard angles
Forehead: Wide

It’s said that people with round-shaped faces look more energetic and youthful, so play it up with these hairstyles:

1. Long pixie cut with long side bangs

short hairstyles for women - long pixie
Image credit: @michaela_singapore_hair

Wearing a long pixie cut can be quite liberating indeed – it’s much lighter than heavy tresses many of us are used to having. At the same time, it’s not a straight up buzz cut so you’ll still have a sweet, feminine vibe. 

Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face – so emphasise them with long side bangs. It draws the eye to your cheeks and frames your face, making it seem more sleek and narrow. 

Ideal for: Thin to medium hair
Maintenance: Medium – trim every 3-4 weeks.

2. Mid-length angled lob

short hairstyles for women - angled lobImage credit: @evolve_salon

If you’re still hesitant about snipping off all your locks, a lob is a good start to having short hair. It ends below the chin, elongating the face for a slimmer look. 

An angle to your lob can help add dimension and place emphasis on your cheekbones, so ask your hairstylist to make your hair longer in front and shorter at the back. The best part? This hairstyle doesn’t tangle easily, making it ultra low maintenance for that extra 5 minutes in bed in the mornings.

Ideal for: Medium to thick hair
Maintenance: Low

3. Jaw-length tousled bob with side part or bangs

Picasso Studios
Image credit: @picassohairstudio

This hairstyle is both flattering and feminine, with a hair length that passes the jaw but hovers above the shoulders, perfect for lengthening your features. It’s also super easy to achieve this natural tousled bob with just a trim and a light perm. 

Black Hair Salon
A coloured jaw-length bob is one of the most eye-catching short hairstyles for girls
Image credit:

Stay away from tight curls as they might add to the width of your face instead. For the best results, use a texturising spray before a day out to add long-lasting volume. 

Ideal for: Medium to thick hair
Maintenance: Medium – brush often to avoid tangles, use a texturising spray for best effect. 

4. Long pixie cut with undercut

Short hairstyles for girls - pixie undercutImage credit: HERA Hair Beauty

This edgy hairstyle is done by shaving the hair around the sides or the back, while leaving longer hair on top. Not only is it a look that’ll set you apart, the angle of the hair falling over your forehead and face will make your face look sharper as well. 

To make the contrast even more obvious, you can highlight or dye the bulk of your hair a lighter colour while leaving the undercut with your natural hair colour or a darker dye. 

Ideal for: Medium to thick hair
Maintenance: High – reshaves needed every 3-5 weeks.

– Heart or Inverted Triangle Face Shape –

With strong cheekbones and a defined chin, people with heart and inverted triangle face shapes are the queen of short hairstyles, especially those that are side parted and shoulder-length. 

These are the characteristics of a heart or inverted triangle face shape: 

Dimensions: Wider top half, slightly longer than wide
Chin: Defined and pointy
Jawline: Strong
Forehead: Wide, heart face shapes have widow’s peak while inverted triangle face shapes do not.

5. Side part lob

Side part lob
Image credit:

What defines a side part lob from any other hairstyle is an extra deep side part which creates volume at the roots. To define it even further, try dyeing your hair a lighter colour for contrast. The longer layers should ideally skim your collarbone, narrowing the overall shape and balancing out your face shape. 

Ideal for: Thin to medium hair
Maintenance: Medium – blow dry hair nightly to keep volume.

6. Curly lob

Short hairstyles for women - curly bobImage credit: Leekaja SG

A curly bob is a great way to beat the heat and show a playful personality. Needless to say, the bouncy texture gives fun and carefree vibes, and also adds weight towards the bottom of your face for a good balance by shifting attention away from your forehead. 

Ideal for: Thin to medium hair
Maintenance: High – use a curling iron daily if your hair is naturally straight.

7. Cropped pixie

Cropped pixieImage credit: JasonSally Hairdressers Singapore

This hairstyle makes for an amazing visual with side swept bangs and tousled layers. Not many are brave enough to go for a cropped pixie because of the hair-length, but it really does help to enhance your facial features.

In fact, it covers the wide forehead well, drawing the eye to the defined jawline and chin. It’s also quite easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis, but you’ll need to trim it regularly to avoid looky shaggy. 

Ideal for: Medium to Thick hair
Maintenance: Medium – trim every 5-6 weeks.

8. Long choppy bob

Short hairstyles for girls 2020 - long choppy bob
Image credit: @salonvim 

A long choppy bob makes your face look more proportionate and naturally adds volume to your hair. To achieve the choppy texture, ask your hairstylist for a layered cut. You can even curl or lightly perm your hair to give it more texture. 

It’s also a great look for those with highlighted hair, or who don’t mind getting highlights to emphasise the waves and layers for added dimension. 

Ideal for: Thin to medium hair
Maintenance: Low

– Oblong or rectangular faces –

No need for a long face – there are plenty of hairstyles that flatter an oblong or rectangular face shape. Jokes aside, these face shapes are the best with bangs and side parts, so if your face shape fits the description below, read on to find out which short hairstyles look the best on you. 

Dimensions: Longer than it is wide
Chin: Pointed with a slight curve
Jawline: Similar width to forehead
Forehead: Tall and wide

9. Straight-across bangs and blunt cut lobs

Short hairstyles for girls - bangs
Image credit: @blackhairsalon

We love a look with straight-across bangs, but unfortunately it isn’t for everyone. If you’ve got an oblong or rectangular face shape, though, you would look amazing in these bangs and a blunt cut lob

The straight bangs camouflage the high forehead, while the lob provides clean lines and a modern look. It also frames your face and adds width for a healthy and full visual. Just be prepared to put in the work to maintain those thick bangs! 

Ideal for: Thick hair
Maintenance:  High – bangs require high maintenance, including blow drying, rollers and dry shampoo.

10. Traditional pixie with a slanted fringe

Traditional pixie
No matter your age, you can pull off short hairstyles for women
Image credit:

This fun look is a surefire way to beat the heat, and at the same time, contours your face nicely. The first thing people will notice about you in this haircut are your eyes, which will be framed with a slanted fringe

Ensure that the fringe isn’t too long as it might make your face look even longer. A good gauge is to keep it between eye height and the top of your ears. 

Ideal for: Medium to thick hair
Maintenance:  Low

11. Graduated bob

Short hairstyles for women - graduated bob
A graduated bob is one of the trendiest short hairstyles for women
Image credit:

A graduated bob is a good choice for long faces, with short layers in the back leading up to longer layers near the front of the face. It makes for an eye-catching head of hair, especially if you choose colours that emphasise the angle. 

Short hairstyles for girls
Image credit: @blackhairsalon

With the longer layers near your face, it showcases your strong bone structure. To amp it up even higher, try it with either straight-across or side-swept bangs. 

Ideal for: Thin to medium hair
Maintenance: Low – doesn’t tangle easily as layers are of different lengths. 

12. Asymmetrical choppy lob 

Short hairstyles for girls - asymmetrical lob
Image credit: JasonSally Hairdressers Singapore

It’s a modern and dramatic style, yet is not overly adventurous if this is your first foray into having short hair. The parting hides a wider forehead by breaking up the higher hairline. 

The defining feature of this lob is that it’s asymmetrical, meaning the hair on one side of your parting should be longer than the other. It’s also choppy for more texture and width at the sides to make your face look slightly more rounded and balanced. 

Ideal for: Thin to medium hair
Maintenance: Medium – Blow dry to maintain volume.

– Diamond Face Shape –

This is a relatively unique face shape that’s less common, but there are still so many short hairstyles that complement it. You have a diamond face shape if you face fits the following – 

Dimensions: Forehead and chin are about the same width, wide cheekbones.
Chin: Narrow
Jawline: Angled
Forehead: Narrow

13. Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs
Image credit: @michaela_singapore_hair

The short length of the hair is already a plus point for diamond-shaped faces as it frames the face and draws attention to the eyes rather than the entire width of the face. With side-swept bangs, the cut is even more flattering as it covers the forehead partially, hiding the length while increasing its width for a more balanced face structure. 

It’s also easy to maintain and style with a blow dryer – no rollers needed! 

Ideal for: All hair types
Maintenance: Low – blow dry if desired. 

14. Straight lob

Short hairstyles for women - straight lob
Image credit: @salonvim

Hats off to you if you can pull off a straight lob – it makes for a stunning visual with its sleekness. The geometry emphasises a slender look, complementing the bone structure and framing the face to a T. 

The maintenance is simple as well, though you might need to get a straightener or go for a rebonding treatment if your hair’s not naturally straight.

Ideal for: Thin to medium hair
Maintenance: Medium – use hair straightener if your hair is naturally curly. 

15. Lob with bottom full curls

Short hairstyles for girls 2020 - Lob with bottom curls
Image credit: Leekaja SG

Lobs are suitable for diamond-shaped faces, but one with full curls at the bottom takes it a notch higher, adding fullness to the chin area for a more proportionate look. 

For more dimension, feel free to add highlights or ask for a feathered effect. Maintaining this look isn’t the easiest, but the effort will give you a unique, feminine and sweet look that flatters your face shape. 

Ideal for: Medium to thick hair
Maintenance:  High – use a curling iron daily if your hair is naturally straight.

16. Layered side lob

Layered Side Lob
Image credit: @michaela_singapore_hair 

The lob is perfect for diamond-shaped faces, but add some personality to it with a layered side lob. The texture adds volume and movement, while the layers make it look chic and modern. 

The star of the show, is that side part which lengthens your face, while still highlighting your high cheekbones. To DIY the layers and waves, simply use a flatiron when necessary. 

Ideal for: Thin hair
Maintenance:  Medium – use a flatiron to make sleek waves when needed.

– Oval Face Shape –

If you have an oval face, you’re in good company with the likes of Rihanna Charlie’s Angels Cameron Diaz, FRIENDS’ Courtney Cox. They all have faces with these characteristics: 

Dimensions: Slightly longer than wide
Chin: Slightly curved
Jawline: Slightly curved
Forehead: Rounded

It’s considered one of the best faces to do makeup on because of the shape and symmetry, so here are some hairstyles to complete the look:

17. Straight asymmetrical lob

Salon VimImage credit: @salonvim

If you’ve got naturally straight hair, an asymmetrical lob is a classic, tried-and-tested style that looks amazing on oval faces. 

Depending on your side part, leave either the right or left side of your hair longer than the other. The visual is eye-catching, while the flatter texture helps to frame your face nicely on either side. 

Short hairstyles for girls
Many short hairstyles for girls can be hard to maintain, but not the asymmetrical lob
Image credit:

Ideal for: Thin to thick hair
Maintenance: Low

18. Extreme sweep bob

Short hairstyles for women - extreme sweepImage credit: @evolve_salon

This bob features an extreme sweep, meaning the side parting is almost to the edge of the head. The geometric angles will make your face look more angular, showing off your eyes, jawline and cheekbones. 

The fringe is a really important part of this look, so make sure it sits right where it’s supposed to by using a round brush. You might also want to blow dry your hair daily to maintain a good volume.

Ideal for: Medium to thick hair
Maintenance: Medium – blow dry your hair with a round brush daily to keep the fringe sitting back.

19. Ruffled pixie

Ruffled pixieImage credit: Art-Noise Singapore – Japanese Hair Salon 

This look is good if you’re not-so-tall to begin with, because it adds height to your frame. Not only does it make your eyes and facial features stand out, it gives off a young, carefree and almost badass vibe. Think American actress Scarlett Johansson, who usually sports a ruffled pixie and always looks younger than she actually is.  

In general, it’s generally a low maintenance look, and you can style it just by running your fingers through your hair! A pro tip is to leave some length on the top to make styling easier.  

Ideal for: Medium to thick hair
Maintenance: Low

20. Short layered lob 

Short hairstyles for women 2020 - short layered lobImage credit: Covo Singapore

This layered lob is the perfect length for oval faces – anything longer might lengthen your face shape too much. The loose, layered waves around your face add width, texture and movement for a dramatic finish. 

Maintenance-wise, this might be a little hard to upkeep if your hair is naturally straight as you’ll need to use a curling iron frequently. Alternatively, you can opt for a light perm at the hair salon. 

Ideal for: All hair types
Maintenance: Medium – use curling iron to maintain waves. 

Short hairstyles for women that are on trend in 2021

Picking out a new hairstyle is always fun, so why not shake it up in 2021 and try something you’ve never tried before? These bobs, lobs and pixie cuts are all trendy, modern and will spice up your style, not to mention help you beat the perpetual summer heat. 

Whether your face shape is oval or oblong, there are plenty of hairstyles that have proven to be most flattering, but you should always go for any hairstyle you like. After all, hairstyles are but just another way to express yourself and unleash your confidence – and that’s what’ll make you beautiful. 

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Cover image adapted from (L-R): @blackhairsalon, @blackhairsalon, @michaela_singapore_hair
First published on 29th June 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 31st March 2021.

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