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Nothing sounds better than a peaceful, wholesome day out with the fam – whether it’s sharing a meal or watching a nice movie together. But this may be a little more difficult IRL, especially when you’ve got toddlers whose energy levels you simply can’t contain even for a couple of hours. 

Much like its name, Shaw Theatres Dreamers at Jewel Changi may indeed be a dream come true for parents. It’s a kid-friendly theatre that’ll not only tolerate, but even entertain your kids as they scurry around mid-movie, so you’ll finally be able to bring the fam out to catch a movie in cinemas.

Kid-friendly facilities

Step into Shaw Theatres Dreamers, and it’s clear who its target audience is. The entire theatre is decked out in bright colours and murals, from the cinema walls to seats. 

Shaw Theatres Dreamers - interior
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Shaw Theatres

Beyond a lively colour palette, the cinema’s interior is specifically designed to ensure max comfort for families. For instance, it has softened lighting and audio settings, so that little ones won’t have to fear the darkness or loud sounds. Plus, a slightly brighter cinema means that you’ll be able to keep an eye on your tots while they play in the theatre. 

Shaw Theatres Dreamers - soft lighting
Soft lighting means you can watch over your child even when they’re out of their seats.
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You may be wondering what there is to play with in a cinema, and that’s another cool thing about this theatre – it has bean bags, a mini ball pit, and other toys for young’uns to keep their hands busy with. 

Shaw Theatres Dreamers - play area
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With a generous selection of facilities to keep the little ones engrossed, consider it an opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 

Affordable tickets for children

Shaw Theatres Dreamers - family blockbusters
Catch the latest family blockbusters at Shaw Theatres Dreamers.
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Since it’s a children’s theatre, it’s no surprise that little ones get concession ticket prices. If your tot is below 90cm, they’ll get to enter for free, while those above the height limit and under 13 years old only need to pay $5 during off-peak sessions. Meanwhile, adult tickets cost $9 and $14 during off-peak and peak hours respectively, about $1 more than at a regular screening. 

The movie selection is also expectedly less extensive than elsewhere, as it only screens family-friendly shows. Currently, you’ll be able to cop tickets for 2 blockbusters your kiddos will love – Thor: Love And Thunder and Minions 2: The Rise Of Gru

Enjoy a family movie at Shaw Theatres Dreamers

If you’ve been staying clear of theatres to avoid disturbing other cinema goers when your kiddo randomly screams mid-movie, as kids do, then this one’s for you. 

What’s more, you’ll get a good movie and some R&R time out of it, without having to worry about keeping the kids entertained. 

Book tickets to Shaw Theatres Dreamers

78 Airport Boulevard B2, #237, 819666
Below 13-years-old: $5/pax (off-peak), $8/pax (peak)
Below 90cm: Free. A minimum of 2 tickets must be purchased unless 1 adult is bringing 1 child under 90cm. Each adult can only bring 1 child under 90cm.
Adults: $9/pax (off-peak), $14/pax (peak)
Contact: 6235 2077 | Shaw Theatres Dreamers website

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Cover image adapted from: Shaw Theatres, @caiyunjing

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