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TwentyFour Cafe - A free-to-enter cat cafe in Johor Bahru - Cover image

This Johor Bahru Cat Cafe Has No Entry Fees & A Letter Writing Station To Bring Out Your Inner Bard

TwentyFour Cafe – A free-to-enter cat cafe in Johor Bahru

Sometimes a trip over the Causeway doesn’t have to mean hours of thrift shopping or extreme outdoor activities in JB. Sometimes it can just mean relaxing with an iced coffee and playing around with some feline friends. TwentyFour Cafe – a free-to-enter cat cafe in Johor Bahru, allows you to do just that and is only a 10-minute drive away from CIQ.

This cafe is home to a bundle of its owner’s kitties, who frolic around waiting to be petted, while you slurp and nibble away on the cafe’s offerings.

Free entry with any purchase of food or beverage

TwentyFour Cafe - A free-to-enter cat cafe in Johor Bahru - ginger cat
Image credit: @obakukku.zo via Instagram

You didn’t read that wrong: you don’t have to pay anything to pet the cats here, though you would have to be a customer of the cafe. With the purchase of a light snack, a cup of coffee, or even a whole lunch, you can spend a relaxing afternoon here.

Although it’s not specifically a “cat cafe”, the 3-4 kitties here are friendly and won’t refuse a good scratch behind the ears.

The whole cafe is sleek, minimalistic, and decked out in wooden furniture and decor but if you look out for their back wall, there are the cutest illustrations of the cats playing around in the kitchen, perfect for photo ops.

TwentyFour Cafe - A free-to-enter cat cafe in Johor Bahru - indoor illustrations
Image credit: @strangerwalkaround via Instagram

Munch on Japanese food and desserts

TwentyFour Cafe - A free-to-enter cat cafe in Johor Bahru - Japanese chicken curry
Chicken Curry.

Image adapted from: TwentyFour Cafe

The menu here is adorably decorated with cartoons and doodles of the food and features a variety of Japanese dishes and desserts.

You’ll find mains like Chicken Curry RM25 (~S$7) and Okonomiyaki RM15 (~S$4.22), which come plated on elegant Japanese ceramic bowls and plates.

TwentyFour Cafe - A free-to-enter cat cafe in Johor Bahru - Matcha lava cake
Matcha Lava Cake

Image adapted from: @mehmehfoodadventure via Instagram

Their dessert menu is tiny but mighty, with Caramel Pudding RM15 (~S$4.22), smooth and smoky from the burnt caramel topping, Basque Burnt Cheesecake RM18 (~S$5), and a sinful Matcha Lava Cake RM20 (~S$5.63), topped with vanilla ice cream, which oozes a molten matcha centre. 

If you’re looking for something different from the usual espresso shot (RM11 ~S$3.10) or strawberry milk (RM12 ~S$3.38), try one of their special mocktails, like their Xi Ding (RM18~S$5): a pineapple juice, matcha and cinnamon concoction.

Write letters to strangers with free wax seals

TwentyFour Cafe - A free-to-enter cat cafe in Johor Bahru - Letter designs
Image credit: @haooxgoh via Instagram

It’s not just the adorable cats and decor that make this cafe special. There’s also a letter-writing booth where you can write a letter to a stranger and seal it with your own customisable wax seal, for free. 

These wax seal stamps come in various designs such as flowers, animal prints, and Chinese characters. There are also dried flowers that you can press into the wax seal for an extra artsy touch. 

When you’ve written and sealed your letter, hang it up with a piece of twine from the wireframe on the wall. Anyone can choose a letter to take home as a memento from the cafe. 

TwentyFour Cafe - A free-to-enter cat cafe in Johor Bahru - letter-writing
Image credit: @cloverlau_lucky via Instagram

The cafe also has a “mini flea market” section, displaying products and art such as solid toothpaste capsules, jewellery and watercolour art from small businesses and local artists.

How to get to TwentyFour Cafe?

TwentyFour Cafe is located in Taman Pelagi, which is just a 10-minute drive away from JB CIQ, or a quick Grab ride if you’re not driving. Alternatively, if you’re planning to drive to JB from Singapore, it’ll be a 45-minute drive from Woodlands Checkpoint, depending on traffic conditions. 

Snuggle up with cats at TwentyFour Cafe in JB 

TwentyFour Cafe - A free-to-enter cat cafe in Johor Bahru - cats at the cafe
Image adapted from: @purplefries via Instagram

With some cat and pet cafes in JB charging entry fees of up to S$30, you can be sure not to break the bank at TwentyFour Cafe. There’s no time limit too, so you can play with the felines to your heart’s content. 

Of course, you must remember to always abide by the house rules here to ensure the best experience for both you and your furry friends. Take off your shoes before entering, don’t feed the cats, and most importantly treat them with care.

Find out more about TwentyFour Cafe

Address: 27-02, 27-02, Jalan Sri Pelangi 3, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Thu-Tue 12pm-10pm (Closed on Wednesdays)
Contact: +60 10-821 6164

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Cover image adapted from: @strangerwalkaround and @cloverlau_lucky via Instagram