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Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Guide

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Opens With Foot Spas, Instagrammable Hangout Spots & A Garden Cafe

Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Guide

After much anticipation, the Sembawang Hot Spring is finally back and within a full-fledged park to boot. Besides housing the natural wonder that Singaporeans across generations have flocked to for a boost of well-being or just to chill out, the park also boasts photogenic spots and a cafe amidst lush greenery. Imagine having this right within your neighbourhood – definitely one of the many reasons to BTO in Sembawang.

We break down the highlights so you can plan your trip to the brand new Sembawang Hot Spring Park to the fullest.

Relaxing foot spa with cascading pool

For those who never paid a visit to the OG Sembawang Hot Spring, keep in mind that it was a humble naturally-occurring anomaly providing actual hot spring water to locals as early as 1908. Over 110 years later, here’s how Singapore’s very own natural wonder stands:

Old Sembawang Hot Spring Before After Original New
Talk about a major glow-up!

Still supplying the same goodness said to provide relaxation and a marked improvement to sleep quality and blood circulation, the hot spring is now channelled to a large “spa” area where park visitors can circle around and enjoy a dip.

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Foot Spa

At a toasty temperature of 40°C, soaking your bare feet in the water spells pure bliss. 

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Foot Spa Singapore

Make a trip here to chill by the springs and enjoy a chat with your mates while soaking up the sun, but that’s not all you can do.

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Cook Eggs

Bring some eggs and fill your own bucket or pail up with 70°C spring water from the main collection point, after which you’ll be able to whip up a batch of jiggly soft-boiled eggs for the whole squad. Very reminiscent of the common egg-cooking practice throughout hot springs in Japan!

Besides the sheer novelty of cooking real food in (A) a public park, and (B) an actual century-old hot spring which exists in Singapore, you can control the doneness of your egg based on how long you steep it in the water.

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Cook Your Own Eggs

As a general guideline, 20 minutes or so will give you that glorious lava yolk with the egg whites still slightly runny. 

Nothing quite like slurping up some freshly boiled eggs from a naturally-occuring wonder. Your concoction might even have a slight magical flavour unlike everything you’ve prepared in a kitchen! 

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Foot Shower

Fret not about the hygiene levels, as there are cleaning zones on-site for all hot spring-goers to properly cleanse their feet before heading for a soak.

Bring your own buckets for a private foot spa

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Bucket Foot Soak

If crowds aren’t your thing, Sembawang Hot Spring Park has plenty of designated hangout spaces to rejuvenate in privacy. All you have to do is bring along your own bucket, foot tub or any appropriately-sized water receptacle in which to store hot spring water straight from the taps.

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Fill Your Own Bucket

Not only do you get to avoid rubbing shoulders with strangers on particularly packed days, having a dip within more secluded areas while you’re surrounded by nature is a surefire way to attain peak serenity.  

Instagrammable nature spots

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Instagrammable Nature Spots

Besides the star of the show, Sembawang Hot Spring Park also boasts unspoiled nature landscapes which look straight out of a movie still. 

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Wooden Logs

Most Singaporeans lead a life of hustle and bustle where we barely get to break away from the hectic concrete jungle. Simply basking in fresh air, lush greenery and a hefty dose of vitamin D do wonders to melt your woes away.

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Banyan Tree

Plus, the nature spots make for next-level photo backdrops! 

Cafe and educational corner

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Spa

Sembawang Hot Spring Park’s grand opening is no doubt a monumental event, especially for those who have been counting down with bated breath since the revamp was first announced. 

Nearby Northies, as well as visitors from the rest of Singapore, can also head to Sembawang Eating House, a cafe within the park which serves up hearty local fare while you people-watch hot spring-goers of all ages and backgrounds. Think traditional brekkie in the form of eggs and toast, plus scrumptious laksa and nasi lemak to satisfy your post-soak hunger pangs throughout the day.

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Educational Corner

There’s also an educational corner delving into the science and history of just how an all-natural hot spring came to be on our Little Red Dot. Time to plan a family day trip to learn more about this iconic local landmark, right before experiencing its relaxing properties first-hand.

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Sayang Sembawang
Image credit: Sayang Sembawang

At once idyllic yet ultra happening with activity options aplenty, the newly opened Sembawang Hot Spring Park is just one of the many family-friendly hangout destinations in Singapore’s bustling Northern region. From glorious tze char restaurants to pretty cafes serving even prettier dishes, you could also consider it a foodie’s most well-kept secret.

Stay tuned to the latest happenings in the North by following Sayang Sembawang, which doles out regular updates on the who’s who and what’s what where this region is concerned.

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Photography by Adria Tham.