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Pet grooming in Singapore

15 Pet Grooming Salons In Singapore Sorted By Location So You Can Bring Your Pup Home Quickly

Pet grooming in Singapore

Pet grooming in Singapore
Image adapted from: @ohana_singapaws and @ohana_singapaws

Our pets have the knack of ending up in the dirtiest of situations. Quite possibly from a literal mud bath after a heavy downpour or an unruly play sesh with their fur buddies. We’re not 100% sure why they’re constantly in a dishevelled state but it’s for sure that tangled knots and matted fur are the main gripes of any pet owner. 

For your pets to look show-ready, here are 15 pet grooming salons in Singapore according to location for maximum convenience. Some even help unfortunate pets with hard-to-remove tear stains or itchy eczema-ridden skin! 

– East – 

1.  Bubbly Petz – ethical pet shampoos & conditioners

Bubbly Petz is perfect for those concerned with the environment, since none of their shampoos and conditioners contain harmful man-made ingredients. Instead, they solely use ethical pet products here. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Bubbly PetzImage credit: @bubblypetz

Those concerned about their pet’s daily upkeep can head down to their grooming workshops to learn how to properly trim nails and de-matt fur. You can also pick up grooming products like Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioning Rinse ($33) or Peppermint Organic Toothpaste ($24)

Pet grooming in Singapore - Bubbly PetzImage credit: @bambam.bella.emma.lola

But if you’re simply looking for grooming services, a small dog starts from $50 while cats start from $78 for a full groom. You can add on services like Tooth Brushing ($15), Mat Removal ($20 per 10 minutes), and even a Lion Cut for cats (from $45)

Grooming services: dogs and cats 

Address: 266 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427520
Opening hours: Sun – Wed 10AM-7PM, Fri 12PM-9PM (Closed on Sat & Thu)
Telephone: 6348 6872


2. Pet Loft – “first-timer” sessions with more TLC 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Pet LoftImage credit: @petloft_sg

Most first-time pups are a nervous wreck when they first enter a grooming salon: unfamiliar scents and people will turn them into an anxious ball of fluff. 

At Pet Loft, they’ve got special services for your doggo’s first grooming session to help ease them into regular grooming. You can expect basic services like nail clipping and trimming of paw pad fur, but with an experienced groomer giving them more TLC. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Pet LoftImage credit: @baileyfurball

And for the tai tai dogs, they also offer a variety of spa treatments. Expect fancy bubble baths termed “Wellness” and “Rehydrate” – all tailored according to your dog’s skin condition to deep-cleanse, voluminise, and strengthen. Spa treatments start from $20.

Pet photography and day care services are also available. 

Grooming services: dogs

Address: 371 Upper Paya Lebar Road, #01-02 Yi Kai Court, Singapore 534969
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10.30AM-7PM, Sat – Sun 9.30AM-7PM
Telephone: 6487 4669


3. Art of Pets – free for suitable dog models

Pet grooming in Singapore - Art of PetsImage credit: @gothikimichii

Similar to rookie hairdressers and student chefs doling out trainee discounts, Art of Pets offers free grooming sessions for suitable dog models. It’s a pet salon and grooming school, so these free sessions are done by students. But don’t worry, they’ll be supervised by experienced groomers so you can trust them to get your dog looking show-ready. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Art of Pets
Image credit: @artofpets

Otherwise, they also offer professional grooming services starting from $25 for a Bath & Fluff or $40 for a Basic Groom – these prices are for small dogs like yorkies and toy poodles. You can also choose add-ons like Medicated Treatment (from $25), CO2 Grooming Tab ($12) for a bubbly bath, and Undercoat Removal (from $20).

Grooming services: dogs

Address: 99 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458223
Opening hours: 11AM-7PM, Daily
Telephone: 8222 7004


– North – 

4. My Pet Image – rainbow colour dye services

Pet grooming in Singapore - My Pet ImageImage credit: @mypetimage

My Pet Image is a neighbourhood gem – they offer far more than regular grooming. While you can get a Basic Grooming from $38, you can also pamper your pet with spa treatments like Medicated Bath (from $35) and Mud Spa (from $50). The former includes a leave-on treatment that helps with any itchy or sensitive skin, perfect for pets with eczema.

Pet grooming in Singapore - My Pet ImageImage credit: @mypetimage

They also have colour dye services, where you can choose to colour areas like your pet’s tail, ears, or 4 legs. Prices start from $20 and you can go as funky as you want, whether it’s pastel shades or rainbow ombre. 

Pet boarding, pet taxi, and pet cremation services are also available. 

Grooming services: dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters & guinea pigs

Address: Block 925 Yishun Central 1, #01-223/225, Singapore 760925
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11AM-6PM, Sat – Sun 10AM-6PM
Telephone: 6758 8675


5. Ohana Singapaws – live updates during grooming

Pet grooming in Singapore - Ohana SingapawsImage credit: @ohana_singapaws

If Ohana Singapaws is known for one thing – it’s their friendly service. Even online reviewers constantly rave about the staff’s upbeat attitude, and how you’ll get live updates after dropping your pet off for a grooming sesh.

Pet grooming in Singapore - Ohana SingapawsAdd on a Grooming Tab Spa ($8) for a deep cleansing bath – perfect for cats reminiscent of Phoebe Buffay’s one-hit wonder Smelly Cat.
Image credit: @ohana_singapaws

Basic Grooming for Dogs (from $38) includes the full works, everything from ear cleaning to anal gland expressing. They groom and style cats here too, with Basic Grooming for Cats starting from $65. Busy pet owners, you’re in luck: it’s also a daycare centre ($15/hour) so you can easily drop off your pets here during work hours and not worry about rushing back.

Grooming services: dogs & cats

Address: 326 Woodland Street 32, #01-121A, Singapore 730326
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 11.30AM-8.30PM, Sun 3PM-8.30PM (Closed on Tue)
Telephone: 8298 3378


6. Sonic Pet Grooming – dental scaling for white teeth

Pet grooming in Singapore - Sonic Pet GroomingImage credit: @sonicpetgrooming

When most pet owners cast a cursory glance at their furkid, it goes something like this: Shiny coat? Check. Clipped nails? Check. But white teeth? Not so much. While many of us neglect teeth brushing, Sonic Pet Grooming doesn’t just keep them looking fluffy – they also offer teeth scaling.

Pet grooming in Singapore - Sonic Pet GroomingA herbal spa to treat any skin problems
Image credit: @sonicpetgrooming

Besides keeping their teeth white and sparkling, their Basic Grooming starts from $35

Other key grooming services include a Herbal Spa (from $35) to treat hair loss and flaky skin – this works wonders for unfortunate doggos with a yeast infection. Otherwise, your pet is sure to enjoy the Micro Bubble Spa (from $30) too, which helps improve their general skin condition without using any harsh chemicals. 

Grooming services: dogs 

Address: 8 Jalan Legundi, #01-01/02, Singapore 759274
Opening hours: Mon – Thu 10AM-6PM, Sat – Sun 10AM-7PM (Closed on Fri)
Telephone: 9853 4324


– North-East – 

7. Scruffiez – specialised rabbit grooming 

Pet grooming in Singapore - ScruffiezImage credit: @rizzothebunny

While many pet groomers specialise in dog care, Scruffiez is a unique salon that makes small animals their top priority. Holland lops, lionheads, Netherland dwarfs – their clientele’s mostly made up of bunnies. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - ScruffiezImage credit: @cheecheongfun_the_bun

Here, rabbits and guinea pigs get the special treatment as a grooming sesh includes a thorough body check, nail clipping, and shaping or trimming of fur. You can choose between a Powder Bath (from $16) or Water Bath (from $30).

They’ve also got a range of pet products, where you can pick up feeding bowls, multi-vitamins, and different types of hay. 

Grooming services: rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters

Address: Block 123 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1422, Singapore 530123
Opening hours: Thu – Fri 2PM-5.30PM, Sat – Sun 11AM-5.30PM (Open by appointments only)
Telephone: 9877 0772 or 9176 3830


8. Doggylicious – rash & dandruff treatments

Pet grooming in Singapore - Doggylicious
Image credit: @doggylicious_amk

Over at Doggylicious Studio, there’s much more you can experiment with than the Basic Grooming (from $25) package. They’re also a trusty place for fur dyeing services, fit for those looking to give their doggo a colourful makeover. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - DoggyliciousImage credit: @samanthaclumsy

This salon makes it a point to use natural shampoos with essential oils – no SLS, paraben, or other nasty chemicals. You can also book your pet a spa treatment if they’re facing down a rash or dandruff, with treatments like the Ayurveda Herb Pack or Sparkling Grooming Tab tailored specially for problematic skin.

Round trip transport starts from $5 from locations like Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, and Upper Thomson. 

Grooming services: dogs

Address: Block 330 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, #01-1831, Singapore 560330
Opening hours: Tue – Fri 10.30AM-5.30PM, Sat 10.30AM-7PM, Sun 10.30AM-5PM (Closed on Mon)
Telephone: 9477 1804


9. Pawtraits – free 2-way transport

With hydrobaths and experienced groomers, pet salon Pawtraits along Yio Chu Kang Road has plenty going on for it. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Pawtraits

A Basic Groom (from $40) comes with everything a pup needs: nail clipping and filing, belly hair shaving, underpaw shaving, and of course, a hydrobath cleanse with filtered water. Spa treatments are offered here too, with choices like a Dead Sea Mud Spa (from $35) and Herbs Spa (from $35).

Pet grooming in Singapore - Pawtraits

But one of its main draws is its free transport service – so there’s no need to drive down or book a pet taxi. You can also check your pet in for affordable day care ($5/hour) or overnight boarding ($35/night).

Grooming services: dogs, cats, and rabbits 

Address: 96 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 545574
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10:30AM-7:30PM (Closed on Wed)
Telephone: 8862 2211 


– Central – 

10. Pawpy Kisses – collagen spa treatments for shiny fur

Pet grooming in Singapore - Pawpy KissesImage credit: @pretzthepoodle

Pawpy Kisses is an easy choice for those located in central Singapore, and even better, they offer free transport for those in areas like Boon Keng, Balestier, and Novena. If you’ve got a fluffball that needs regular upkeep, you’ll be saving a ton on pet transport. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Pawpy KissesImage credit: @pawpykisses

Grooming starts from $50 for an extra-small dog, which includes toy breeds under 5KG, and from $80 for cat grooming.  They’ve got quite the range of treatments here – some of them sound good enough for our own relaxing spa days. Considering pampering your pet with these: 

  • Moisturising Spa Treatment, for damaged hair and skin irritation
  • Japan Nanotechnology Spa Treatment, for excess sebum and skin itching
  • Japan Ayurveda Herb Spa Treatment, for skin ailments like eczema and dandruff
  • Charcoal Mud, for a detox sesh  
  • 3-in-1 Collagen Spa, for moisturised and shiny fur

If your pet’s breath hasn’t been minty fresh lately, you can also book a non-anesthetic dental dog cleaning. 

Grooming services: dogs and cats

Address: 238 Balestier Road, #01-02/03, Singapore 239701
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10AM-7PM (Closed on Wed)
Telephone: 9060 6501


11. The Wicked Wag – bubbly salt baths 

Pet grooming in Singapore - The Wicked Wag
Image credit: The Wicked Wag

If there was a hipster cafe equivalent for pet groomers, The Wicked Wag would claim first spot. No surprise that it’s located in one of Singapore’s trendiest areas too – you can head over to one of Tiong Bahru’s many cafes for a cuppa while waiting for your pet. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - The Wicked Wag
Image credit: The Wicked Wag

Grooming starts from $40 for a small dog and $90 for a cat. Small animal owners, feel free to bring your bunnies and guinea pigs down too – grooming starts from $50.

With special dog spas like a Salt Bath (from $20) or Mud Bath (from $30), your doggo will be trotting out squeaky clean. You can choose essential oil add-ons too, like Odour Elimination (lemon, grapefruit & tea tree oil) or Sensitive Skin (lavender & chamomile oil). 

Grooming services: dogs, cats, rabbits & guinea pigs

Address: 77 Indus Road, #01-511, Singapore 160077
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10AM-5PM
Telephone: 9776 4316


12. Pet’s Secret – whitening treatments for tear stains 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Pet's SecretImage credit: @iamrileythecorgi

Pet’s Secret looks like a store straight out of Japan – you wouldn’t expect a boutique salon like this along Balestier Road, especially when it’s flanked by bak kuh teh and chicken rice stalls. 

All groomers here are Japanese, with years of experience under their belt. A Basic Grooming session starts from $39.90 while a Full Grooming package starts from $79.90. The latter includes a stylish haircut – so your doggo can take after famous pomeranian Boo and his signature teddy bear cut. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Pet's SecretImage credit: @pets.secret

Some of the more unique treatments include a French Rose Essential Oil Spa (from $198) and Ionic Detox Spa (from $36.90) to improve blood circulation. There’s even a Whitening Treatment ($30) for breeds prone to tear stains and off-white fur. 

Grooming services: dogs

Address: 534 Balestier Road, Singapore 329860
Opening hours: 11AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 6353 6788


– West – 

13. June’s Pethouse – special poodle cuts

Pet grooming in Singapore - June's PethouseImage credit: @snowball.marcuson

Westies will all flock to June’s Pethouse, not just for its aesthetically-pleasing pink decor but also for its grooming and spa services. A Basic Grooming includes everything your dog needs, like ear plucking, paw pad shaving, and nail cutting. 

But if your pet’s fur is in complete disarray, you might want to opt for a Full Grooming instead as it includes trimming and styling. They specialise in breed-specific cuts here, such as show-standard poodle cuts – getting “Poodle Feet” costs an extra $15

Pet grooming in Singapore - June's PethouseImage credit: @snowball.marcuson

To take pampering to the next level, you can add on treatments like Microbubble Spa, Bath Bomb Spa, and Silk Foam Spa too. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - June's PethouseImage credit: @junespethouse

Besides offering services for pet grooming in Singapore, they also sell a range of products in store including fresh food from Pet Cubes and dog accessories like collars and leashes. 

Grooming services: dogs

Address: 5 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore 598977
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 10AM-6PM (Closed on Mon)
Telephone: 8444 5777


14. Takara Pets – professional parrot grooming 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Takara Pets
Image credit: @takarapets

Those with pet birds know how difficult it is to find a reliable groomer. In this case, even if you live in the East, you’d want to drop off your bird at Takara Pets since they specialise in professional bird grooming. A grooming session for your parrot includes nail trimming, wing clipping, and beak trimming. 

Don’t underestimate the necessity of grooming your bird either, since they easily gather dirt in their skin and feathers. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Takara PetsImage credit: @hailkingsimba

They also offer grooming services for dogs, cats, and small animals. You can opt for the Basic Grooming package which includes all the vital touch-up services your pet needs, such as bathing, blow dry, and shaving of belly. 

Grooming services: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and parrots

Address: 785E Woodlands Rise, Singapore 735785
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 11AM-7PM, Sun 11AM-5PM (Closed on Wed)
Telephone: 9646 4141


15. Le’ Fur Pet Grooming Salon – open-concept with live updates

Pet grooming in Singapore - Le' Fur Pet Grooming SalonImage credit: @doggycationzolys

At Le’ Fur Pet Grooming Salon, you won’t have to unnecessarily fret about your pet going through a grooming sesh. For all anxious pet parents out there, it’s an open-concept space so you can see exactly what’s happening behind-the-scenes – live updates are provided too. 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Le' Fur Pet Grooming SalonImage credit: @lefurboutique

As usual, you can choose Basic Grooming or a la carte services such as nail trimming and deticking. They also have colour dye, dental, and pet boarding services.

Grooming services: dogs 

Address: 445 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758403
Opening hours: Wed – Mon 9AM-6PM (Closed on Tue)
Telephone: 6853 7549


Bonus: Awesome Pawsome – mobile groomers who make home visits 

Pet grooming in Singapore - Awesome Pawsome
Things you need to provide for home grooming: an electrical outlet, water point, shampoo, and towel.
Image credit: Awesome Pawsome 

Those who aren’t keen on travelling are certain to enjoy Awesome Pawsome’s home grooming services. These mobile pet groomers will make house-calls – especially beneficial for pets with separation anxiety since there’s zero waiting time. There’s also a reduced risk of catching fleas of illnesses from other pets! 

Basic Grooming for small dogs start from $70 while you can also select individual services, such as Tooth Brushing ($15) and Flea & Tick Treatment (from $50)

Grooming services: dogs and cats 

Opening hours: 9AM-7PM, Daily
Telephone: 9117 1087 (Book for appointments)


Pet grooming in Singapore

When our pets have tangled knots and muddy paws – you know it’s time to bring them to a pet groomer. Whether it’s for a basic grooming sesh or special spa treatment, these pet groomers in Singapore will clean your pet up so they look picture-perfect. 

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