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Pet accessories in Singapore

16 Places To Buy Pet Accessories In Singapore To Spoil & Dress Up Your Furkids

Pet accessories in Singapore

Most of us consider our pets as part of our family. It’s no surprise then, that we’d be more than willing to splurge on pet accessories to spoil our furkids. Besides, it’s hard to resist aesthetic and quirky toys, clothes and furniture that bring joy into our pets’ lives. 

If a bulk of your paycheck tends to go to your pets, check out this list of places to buy pet accessories in Singapore:

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– Toys –

1. Furball Collective – Local food-themed squeaky toys

Pet accessories Singapore - Furball CollectiveImage adapted from: &

Singaporeans are foodies at heart, and it’s only fitting that we want to share our love for local dishes with our furbabies. Enter Furball Collective’s food-themed squeaky toys, plushies and beds. 

They have a modest collection of items, but their drool-worthy Curry Fish Head Pet Bed Set ($59.90) is worth a shoutout. Else, let your pooch sink its teeth into an assortment of local kueh ($12.90 each). 

Furball Collective website

2. Sneaky Whiskers – Hand sewn catnip toys

Pet accessories Singapore - Sneaky WhiskersEach toy is hand sewn in colourful and quirky graphic fabric
Image adapted from: @sneakywhiskers & Sneaky Whiskers

Catnip is usually a fail-proof way to keep your cat entertained without much effort on your part. For colourful kick toys stuffed with catnip and silvervine, check out Sneaky Whiskers’ bolsters (from $11.90) and onigiris ($8.90). They also have an array of Japanese-inspired collars, bows and bandanas for your feline friends. 

Sneaky Whiskers website

3. Ginger & Bear – Plush sets for doggos 

Ginger & Bear plush set
Each bundle has around five squeaky plushies
Image credit: Ginger & Bear

For most “pawrents” out there, having just one toy for your furkids is never enough. If you’re looking for toys that match each other, Ginger & Bear’s sets of plushies will be a sight for sore eyes. They’ve got squeaky plush bundles (from $100) in themes such as beach day, movie night and festive seasons. 

Be sure to check out their wide array of bowls, collars, beds and harnesses as well. 

Ginger & Bear website 

– Tags & collars –

4. Fur and Bloom – Handmade hanbok & oriental collars

Pet accessories Singapore - Fur and Bloom
Image adapted from: @_meowtales & @nikki.pompom

Korean dramas are all the craze right now, so it’s only natural that our pets join us in the trend. Fur and Bloom has intricately-designed hanbok collars, as well as elegant kimonos and frilly capes (all from $22.90) for those who love to dress up their pets. 

They’ve also got collections of bows (from $8.90), scarves (from $19.90) and customised accessories.

Fur and Bloom website 

5. Avaloncraft – hand painted ID tags

Avaloncraft hand painted ID tag
Image adapted from: Avaloncraft

No pet owner would ever want to lose a furkid. That’s why ID tags are a godsend in the rare event they ever go missing. 

For personalised tags, look no further than Avaloncraft. They make hand-painted leather tags (from $36.08), along with an array of leather, wooden and acrylic tags. They also personalise pet collars (from $40.09) with your pet’s name or initials on it.

Avaloncraft website

6. Plus Accessories – Singapore NRIC for pets

Plus Accessories - NRIC for Pets
Image credit: Plus Accessories

It goes without saying that an NRIC is the best way to identify an individual – and the same can be said for our pets. Now, your furkids can have their own “Singapaw” NRIC thanks to the folks at Plus Accessories. They come in either wallet-sized NRIC cards ($23) or collar tags ($15). 

They can also plaster life-sized images of your pet onto pet-shaped pillows, for you to cuddle if your furkid isn’t the snuggly kind. 

Plus Accessories website

7. Pawcessories – Custom-made bows

Image credit:

Whether you’re looking for smart bows and ties for your furry friend, or simply enjoy dressing them up each day, Pawcessories will have your back. They’ve got a wide range of fancy bows and capes (all $20) you can customise in an array of fabrics and designs.

Pawcessories website

8 The Yarn Pooch – Yarn bows and bottle pouches

Pet accessories Singapore - The Yarn Pooch
Image adapted from: @the.yarnpooch & @the.yarnpooch

For a sweet touch to your doggo’s daily do, check out The Yarn Pooch. Besides cute handcrafted bows (from $20), they also have woven bottle carriers ($35). For your daily walks, their aesthetic yarn waste bags ($28) will help make cleaning up after your doggo much less unsightly. 

The Yarn Pooch website

9. Josiemamasews – handmade waterproof bandanas

Josiemamasews dog with leash and bandana
Image credit: @josiemamasews

Josiemamasews is an Instagram store that sells handmade waterproof bandanas ($20), bows (from $5) and collars ($35) for cats and dogs. You’ll be contributing to a good cause by shopping here, because part of their sales goes to the shelter Save Our Street Dogs.

Josiemamasews website 

– Harnesses & leashes –

10. Rein – Stylish leather leashes

Pet accessories Singapore - Rein leather leash and mah jong tiles
Rein’s goods are locally handcrafted
Image adapted from: @rein_sg & @rein_sg

Think of luxury accessories and leather often comes to mind. The same can be said for pet accessories, and you can get in on this at Rein. Not only do they have customisable collars (from $32.90) and leashes (from $64.90), but they also have mahjong tile tags ($37.90) to match. 

Rein website

11. Boss and Olly – Gradient-coloured leashes

Boss and Olly rainbow leash, bow and bandana
Image credit: @boss.and.olly

If you’re one who cannot turn a blind eye to aesthetic accessories, you’ll want to give Boss & Olly a good browse. Known for their ombre rope leashes (from $65) that come in rainbow colours, they have a range of equally striking waterproof collars (from $40) and bandanas ($25). 

Boss & Olly website

12. Hello Furry – Colourful graphic harnesses

Hello Furry colourful harnesses
Image adapted from: @hello.furry & @hello.furry

Pets bring lots of colour into their owners’ lives, and if you want a literal reflection of that, go for the colourful harnesses (from $16.50) from Hello Furry. Their graphic designs are aplenty, and you can find everything from food prints to floral motifs. Pair them with vibrant bows (from $9.60) and bandanas (from $15) for a dressy day out. 

Hello Furry website

– Furniture –

13. So Fur So Good – food-themed litter boxes & beds

So Fur So Good food-themed furniture
Image adapted from: @sofursogood & @sofursogood

This is for all cat and dog owners who love all things cutesy. So Fur So Good has a wide range of playful pet furniture to add some aesthetics and quirkiness into your home. They carry fruit-themed covered litter boxes ($145), catnip toys (from $10) and scratchers (from $10) for you to create a colourful playground for your kitties. 

So Fur So Good website

14. Paper Carpenter – Dragon playground & MRT for cats

Paper Carpenter Toa Payoh dragon playground
Their products are made from recycled and chemical-free cardboard
Image credit: Jessica Fang

Cat owners can relate to this: buy toys for your cat, and it’ll probably prefer the box it came in. With Paper Carpenter’s cardboard playgrounds, you can get the best of both worlds. The best part is, they take after local icons such as MRT carriages ($28), a HDB block ($32) and the Toa Payoh Dragon Playground ($42). 

Paper Carpenter website

15. DreamCastle – Cooling dog beds

DreamCastle cooling dog bed
Image credit: DreamCastle

Singapore has two types of weather: hot and hotter. If your furkid often gets antsy during the day, you’ll want to invest in a cooling bed (from $125) from DreamCastle for them to snooze peacefully. You can purchase extra sheets (from $39) as well, to change up the look of your doggo’s corner from time to time.

DreamCastle website

16. Ohpopdog – reversible beds with matching bowls

Pet accessories Singapore - Ohpopdog
Image adapted from: Ohpopdog & Ohpopdog

For those who can’t resist having matching sets of furniture and accessories, Ohpopdog might just have you covered. Their Heritage collection is inspired by the Nyonya shophouses of Joo Chiat. Get a set of non-slip bowls ($23) and beds (from $70) for your furkid, along with matching hoodies for dogs ($40) and shorts for owners ($31).

Ohpopdog website

Aesthetic & fun pet accessories in Singapore

Pet accessories don’t just have to comprise streamlined collars and rubbery chew toys. With this list of shops, you can spoil your furry friends with items that also please the human eye. After all, our furkids deserve the best.

While you’re at it, check out:

Cover image adapted from:, @sofursogood and @_meowtales