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15 Popular Singapore Dating Places From The Past And Their Modern Day Equivalents

Hip Dating Spots Back in the Day


Before Resorts World Sentosa, before world-class shopping at Orchard Road, and before Marina Barrage, where did our parents and grandparents go to paktor? It may be difficult for us millennials to conjure an image of a fun date without glitz, grandeur and advanced technology, but this list of 15 paktor places of SG past will show you how it was done.

These places will leave you craving to recreate dating experiences of the past. And don’t worry – we’ve got that covered as well! Here are a few creative date ideas that parallel local favourite paktor spots of the past.


1. Visit an Amusement Park


PAST: Great World Amusement Park 


b2ap3_thumbnail_great-world-at-kim-seng-road-1950-wk_sm.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_great-world-1969_sm.jpgSource: National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

Our grandparents didn’t need the glitz of Universal Studios to keep them entertained. Known locally as Tua Seh Kai in Hokkien, Great World was one of the three main amusement parks in Singapore during the 30s to late 70s along with New World and Gay World. This was before even the time some of our parents dated!

Picture old-school funfairs with warmly-lit Ferris wheels, bustling bazaars, circus freak shows and vintage carousels. It was under such a charming atmosphere that our grandparents fell in love.


PRESENT: Universal Studios Singapore


b2ap3_thumbnail_Universal_Studios_Singapore_Logo.jpg Source

As much as we want to experience such lovely old-school charm, how can we complain about lack of great dating spots when we have Universal Studios here on our shores? USS is the go-to place for couples seeking thrill and entertainment.

The grand atmosphere permeates the entire compound, and the different themed worlds transport you and your partner to another place and time. This sense of adventure is perfect for budding romances to flourish!


2. Catch a Romantic Flick


PAST: The Cathay Theatre


b2ap3_thumbnail_cathay-cinema-and-hotel-1954.jpgSource: Powehouse Museum Collection

It was at The Cathay where your grandpa could bring your grandma to an air-conditioned cinema with armchairs, for the first time! After World War II, The Cathay was the first cinema to show American and British films. In the 50s and 60s, the studios were churning Mandarin, Malay and Cantonese films at a rapid pace, providing non-stop entertainment for local lovebirds.


PRESENT: GV Gold Class



The cinematic experience has evolved so much over the years that previous generations may have a hard time believing it. Now, you and your partner can be pampered with wine, fine delicacies and embroidered wool blankets as you rest on your velvet seats and enjoy a movie in near complete privacy. There is even a waiter to attend to your every need!


3. Bowl Him/Her Over


PAST: Old Queenstown Bowl and Theatre



According to my friend’s dad, this place used to be the social hub for youths and families living in the area during the 80s. There was a bowling alley, a KTV and a cinema, and the building was always bustling with activity during its glory days. There was no better place to ask your neighbourhood sweetheart out for a date than here.


PRESENT: Cosmic Bowling



Bet our grandparents never knew that bowling could turn this psychedelic. Cosmic bowling is fun, exciting and invigorating. Take your date bowling in the dark and she’s bound to be impressed by your creativity!


4. Catch a Movie Beneath the Stars


PAST: Jurong Drive-in


b2ap3_thumbnail_drive-in.jpgSource b2ap3_thumbnail_jurong-drive-in-cinema-at-yuan-ching-road-1971.jpgSource

Many of us wish that this was still here today. The first, and to date, only drive-in in Singapore, Jurong Drive-in could accommodate 900 cars and 300 people in its open walk-in gallery. The popularity of this drive-in during its glory days in the 70s is nearly incomprehensible as thousands thronged to catch Bruce Lee in his latest action movies.

The privacy of being in a car also allowed for couples to sneak a kiss or two during the screenings, so cheeky boys must have loved bringing their dates here!


PRESENT: Films at the Fort




Sure, it’s no swanky drive-in, but open-air movie screenings at Fort Canning are romantic too! Every year in August, Fort Canning screens movies every night for a few days. This year, from 1-10 August, Films at the Fort will be screening the likes of Pretty Woman, Rush and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So pack a bottle of champagne and some sandwiches made with love, and surprise your date with tickets to Films at the Fort!


5. Watch a Light and Water Show


PAST: Sentosa Musical Fountain



Sentosa’s Fountain Display Show that ran through the 80s and 90s was inspired by the magnificent water dances of the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas. In the 90s, laser animation was introduced, making it a spectacular show that dazzled many on their dates.


PRESENT: Crane Dance @ RWS



Now, THIS is what I call spectacular! Every evening at the Sentosa waterfront, lovers will be able to feast their eyes on this astounding light and water show. The Crane Dance tells a story of two mechanical cranes, whose love for one another transforms them into real birds with beating hearts. If this doesn’t make your partner’s heart flutter, I don’t know what will!


6. Grab Some Satay


PAST: The Satay Club



The Satay Club that our parents and grandparents know and love was located in the Esplanade park, shrouded by big, shady trees. Throngs of people frequented this open-air hawker centre, and It was a great spot for the cash-strapped Singaporean to bring his date to without being looked down upon.

If a man brought me to watch rows of hawkers grill my satay in front of me, I’d say yes to another date for sure!


PRESENT: Satay by the Bay



The attempt to emulate the old Satay Club has led to the birth of a classier, cosier, open-air food court by the waterfront of Gardens by the Bay. The various satay stalls come in the form of push-carts, retaining a fragment of that old-school vibe. The sweet aromas of grilled meat and peanut sauce permeate the air, guaranteeing you and your date a night to remember.


7. Embark on a Resort Getaway


PAST: Golden Palace Holiday Resort Tampines


b2ap3_thumbnail_golden-palace-resort2-1971.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_golden-palace-resort-1971.jpgSource: National Archives of Singapore

Golden Palace was the go-to place for food, drinks, music, parties, boating, fishing and picnics for youths in the 60s-70s. It had everything from restaurants to chalets to nightclubs, all of which were regularly filled to the brim. This sounds like an idyllic holiday resort – perfect for fostering that budding romance!


PRESENT: D’Kranji Farm Resort



This is the closest thing to a pastoral, rustic getaway in Singapore now. Nestled in the Kranji countryside far from Singaporean civilisation is D’Kranji Farm resort. There are 5 hectares worth of farms to explore, cosy wooden chalets, prawning and a seafood restaurant.

If you know your partner adores the peace of a kampong-like setting, you know the place to suggest for the next date!


8. Visit a Water Theme Park!


PAST: Big Splash


b2ap3_thumbnail_big-splash-1976.jpgSource: National Archives of Singapore

Big Splash holds many memories for my parents. My dad used to bring my mom here for some splashing good fun, and he wasn’t the only one – it was a very popular dating spot among fun-loving couples.

Apart from the 85-metre long waterslide, said to be the longest and highest in the world at that time, Big Splash boasted an open-air theatre, restaurants, food kiosks and an arcade. No wonder this was where all the young lovers flocked to!


PRESENT: Adventure Cove Waterpark



Adventure Cove is the new and greatly improved Big Splash of today. Couples, friends and families alike flock here to quench their thirst for thrill, swim with the fish in Rainbow Reef, or play with the stingrays at Ray Bay.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and have never been on a date to Adventure Cove, it’s time you dropped some hints to your partner!


9. Get Up To Something Fishy


PAST: Van Kleef Aquarium



Opened in 1955, this was Singapore’s first public aquarium and one of my parents’ favourite dating spots. With nearly 6,500 fishes of more than 180 varieties, the aquarium attracted swarms of tourists, families and couples. The star attraction was the swamp tank of the mudskippers which are only found in Southeast Asia.

With such a myriad of aquatic life, it’s no wonder this aquarium came to be known as the best in Southeast Asia at that time, and that the young men would flock here with their dates in an attempt to impress and fascinate.


PRESENT: S.E.A Aquarium @ RWS



Oh, how times have changed. Now, you can even hold your own grand wedding in our local aquarium! All my mermaid fantasies are coming true with the Ocean Gallery S.E.A Aquarium wedding packages. But before we think so far ahead, this aquatic wonderland is a magical place for a date.

With marine life from the Strait of Malacca to East Africa, a date here is sure to wow your partner!


10. Boggle Your Mind


PAST: Haw Par Villa



Haw Par Villa is one scary place – perfect for boys who want to show off their manliness to impress the girl. With its horrific depictions of Chinese Folklore’s 10 Courts of Hell, this place was bound to send shivers down couples’ spines, giving the perfect excuse to hug each other tighter.

There used to be a slow boat ride through the 10 Courts of Hell, a thrilling flume ride through a mountain and down a river, and an amphitheatre that showed plays. Though Haw Par Villa isn’t as exciting today, it’s still an intriguing place with heavy wafts of mystery and horror hanging in the air.


PRESENT: Trick Eye Museum



Yes, I know this place isn’t eerie or grotesque like Haw Par Villa, but Trick Eye Museum is still an interesting feast for the eyes. With more than 80 optical illusion paintings, you and your date are bound to have have a mind-boggling adventure as you immerse yourselves in this world of 3D art.


11. Feel the Sea Breeze in Your Hair


PAST: Clifford Pier



Through the 60s, the carpark at Clifford Pier was transformed into a hawker centre at night where local musicians and night owls would flock to. My dad reminisces watching ferries dock and sail away from the harbour with my mom, sea breeze rushing through their hair and distant honks of boats mingling with the bustle of the pier.


PRESENT: Singapore River



Having dinner by the Singapore River is the glitzy, modern version of having dinner at Clifford Pier. Dining by the quayside with your partner will allow the both of you to soak in the laidback, celebratory atmosphere as you admire the kaleidoscope of lights dancing on the river surface.


12. Hawker Centre Date


PAST: Orchard Road Carpark Hawker Centre



Affectionately known as Glutton’s Square, this hawker centre was one of the most popular and beloved makan places in Singapore in the 60s and 70s. Many young couples flocked here for a cheap and tasty dinner date, and the feasting could last up to 5am.

Imagine how fun it must have been! Winding your way through the labyrinth of wooden carts, sourcing for the best Hokkien Mee or bak kut teh, and savouring the night’s sweet moments over ice kacang.


NOW: Newton Food Centre



Fortunately, Singapore has managed to retain most of our hawker culture. Now, for an authentic hawker experience, we visit the likes of Chomp Chomp and Newton Food Centre.

While it is true that the disorder and chaos that gave Glutton’s Square its charm is long gone, at least your date won’t run the risk of an upset stomach – Glutton’s Square was notoriously unhygienic! The food at Newton Food Centre is still as good as ever, and with regular hygiene inspections, nobody’s complaining!


13. Dance the Night Away


PAST: Tea Dances @ The Golden Venus



Tea dances were all the rage in the 60s. It was here where youths congregated to dance, drink, and feast their ears on the latest rock, R&B and psychedelic tunes. It was a haven for music lovers and a breeding ground for local bands with big dreams. Bands would do their own renditions of all that was hot, from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Jimi Hendrix.

It may seem hard to believe, but due to the conservative lifestyle then, some of our grandparents had to sneak out to attend these tea dances. It was also here where some of our grandpas asked our grandmas to dance for the first time – and look where that has gotten them!





Zouk is our current party-goer’s paradise, where youths can let their hair down and immerse themselves in a night of worldly indulgence. With good music and a futuristic dance floor, Zouk is a prominent date spot for couples who know how to have their fun!


14. A Feast For Your Eyes


PAST: Tropicana


b2ap3_thumbnail_TROPICANA.jpgPICAS’ description: Owner of Tropicana Theatre at Scotts Road, S C Shaw (Shaw Sung Ching) overlooking The Orchid Lantern Room as the nightclub closed after 21 years of operation.

Source: National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

Tropicana was Singapore’s very first entertainment complex to feature a cabaret theatre, restaurants and nightclubs. Tropicana drew large crowds in the 60s and 70s with its vast array of performances, from flamboyant flamenco dances to jazz orchestras to Tony Martin. Even Frank Sinatra visited in 1971!

It was a classy place to bring a date, with tickets costing up to $85 which was a bomb at that time. If a man knew how to treat his lady, this was where he’d bring her.


PRESENT: The Screening Room



The Screening Room is a restaurant, cinema and rooftop bar all rolled in one. Feast on Middle Eastern food on the first level, enjoy a classic film as you lounge on a comfy sofa on the third, and finish off the night with a round of drinks on the roof overlooking the grand Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

An interesting place for a date if you ask me!


15. A Romantic Night at the Park


PAST: Kallang Park Fountain



This looks like a scene straight out of the cartoon TV series The Jetsons. Kallang Park was a popular spot among the locals living in the area, with its vast open spaces, playgrounds and sports facilities. I can already picture young lovebirds taking a nice evening stroll in the park, stopping to admire the view of this unique fountain as they revel in each other’s company.


PRESENT: Bishan-AMK Park



If you’re running out of ideas on where to go for a nice picnic date, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is a lovely spot. The Kallang River courses through soft patches of green grass and wildflowers, and you and your date can even have a try at fishing for guppies.

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Recreate the Memories


Now it’s time to grab your date and give her a grand time by recreating experiences of the past. Time has only made these modern parallels more attractive and entertaining than their historical counterparts, so dating can only get better from here!

We hope that this post has given you an interesting insight into Singapore history, while serving as inspiration for future dates. If we’ve missed any of your parents’ or grandparents’ favourite paktor spots, let us know in the comments below!


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