Photography competition by Olam International and Eco-Business

Photography competition - Olam International

Image adapted from: Eco-Business

Starving polar bears, wildfires in the Arctic, and vanishing coral reefs – we’ve heard it all before. We all know that our world’s going through a constant state of turmoil, and climate change is at the very crux of the matter. But with Olam International’s ‘Re-imagining a Brighter Future’, a global photo challenge, every budding photographer can try tackling climate change by inspiring others to take action.

While we’ve seen many devastating images of climate change, we’ve yet to shed light on climate action. Whether it’s electric cars, recycled objects, or sustainable buildings, submit your photo to help re-imagine a brighter future. Enter by 7 October 2018 and you could win either a GoPro Hero 6 or a 5-day photo safari trip to Africa!

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‘Re-Imagining a Brighter Future’ – photography contest


Win a 5-day photo safari tour in Ghana, Africa


Olam photography competition - rooftop garden

A rooftop garden in the middle of Salzburg city.
Image credit: Eco-Business

Submit a photo that captures a solution on climate change for a chance to win a 5-day photo safari tour in Ghana, Africa – it’s open to all ages! The winner will be led on a tour of Olam’s climate-smart cocoa projects, meet local farmers, and enjoy a 2-night stay at The Royal Senchi – a luxury resort that’s right by the river.

For your selected entry, there’s no need to be overly technical: photos are judged based on their emotive value – how inspiring they are in getting people to take action, and how much meaning there is behind a simple shot.


Win a GoPro Hero 6 with Re-imagining A Brighter Future (Youth Category)


Olam photography competition - wind turbines

Wind turbines in the midst of a sunflower field.
Image credit: Eco-Business

Singapore’s undoubtedly an urban jungle, but we have plenty of hidden greenery and sustainable initiatives. From green buildings like PARKROYAL on Pickering to farm-to-table cafes like Open Farm Community, our entire city’s already filled with inspiration for climate action.

But not all of us know this.

Through the power of photography, one memorable photo can spark change and help turn the tide on climate change. For everyone aged 25 and under, submit an entry and you might win a GoPro Hero 6 (worth $600).


  • Photo needs to be accompanied with a short title and caption detailing:
    • Location it was taken
    • Why the situation needs re-imagining
    • How it is being re-imagined
    • What the expected impact is
  • For the Youth Category, entrants must be 25 years or younger

Submit an entry here.


Olam’s ‘Re-imagining a Brighter Future’ photo challenge


Olam photography competition

Image credit: Olam International

From dry spells across Southeast Asia to the increasing pollution of cities like Hong Kong and Bangkok, you can’t deny that climate change is close to home – and it’s certainly hitting us hard. Thankfully, Olam International has partnered with media publication Eco-Business to rev us up for a much-needed and long overdue lifestyle change.  

Whether it’s a field of wind turbines you passed while backpacking in Europe, or an eco-friendly hotel draped with foliage, capture and submit it to Olam’s ‘Re-imagining a Brighter Future’ photo challenge. And of course, entering means you’ll get a chance at winning a GoPro Hero 6 or 5-day photo safari tour in Africa.

Olam photography competition - judges

 Image credit: Eco-Business

The expert judging panel to impress is: United Nations Environment Ambassador Nadya Hutagalung, National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan, Co-Founder & Group CEO Olam International Sunny Verghese, and Managing Editor Eco-Business Jessica Cheam.

Have you got a photo that questions the devastating effects of climate change, sparks the need for change, or starts the much-needed conversation on climate change? Then you’ve got a winner, right there. But whatever it is – it’s up to you how you re-imagine a brighter future.

Find out more about Olam International’s ‘Re-imagining a Brighter Future’ photo competition here!

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