New LEGO Botanical Collection sets

Plants. You either love them or hate that you can’t keep them alive for more than 5 seconds. If you resonate with the latter, not all hope is lost. Sure, artificial plants exist, but nothing’s quite as special as the LEGO Botanical Collection.

Following its recent Singapore skyline set, LEGO will be releasing 2 new sets in its Botanical series: the Succulents and Orchid sets. Green fingers not needed.

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Intricate potted orchid set

lego botanical collection orchid set
Image credit: LEGO

Vanda Miss Joaquim might be serving looks IRL, but LEGO’s latest Orchid (10311) kit is here to give her a run for her money. Complete with a light blue pot that can comfortably sit on a side table or display shelf, this set can easily be mistaken for the real deal at a quick glance.

lego orchid set
Image credit: LEGO

One thing that stood out to me while unpacking the building kit were the random “plant bits” that came along with it – I’m talking stray roots, tendrils and messy soil. These parts truly make the orchids look extra authentic, mimicking the natural growth process of a real plant.

Customisable succulent plants

lego succulents set
Image credit: LEGO

You’d think succulents are easy to care for, but don’t be fooled. I tried having one once and it did not end well. But good news for me and other hopeless plant parents out there – the Succulents (10309) set requires zero maintenance and care besides regular admiring. Light misting? Who is she?

succulents lego set
Image credit: LEGO

Basically 9 mini plants in one, each mini succulent comes with its own “pot” that you can either assemble together or display individually. You can mix and match the placement of each plant as you wish, making this a highly customisable set.

lego succulents
Image credit: LEGO

The set comes with 3 instruction booklets, so sit the fam down for a relaxing group activity to unwind together. Once complete, the ensemble display measures 13cm x 17cm x 17cm – nothing that takes up too much space.

New LEGO Botanical Collection sets launching 1st May 2022

new lego botanical collection
Image credit: LEGO

In case you needed an excuse to get your hands on the new Botanical building sets, Mother’s Day is around the corner – so skip the conventional flower bouquets and surprise mum with these blooms that won’t be wilting anytime soon. Though, TBH, we won’t blame you if you’d like to keep these for yourself – sorry mum!

lego Orchid (10311)
The collection takes on a more sophisticated look compared to the usual building sets.
Image credit: LEGO

Both the Orchid and Succulents sets will be retailing at $79.90, and can be bought from any LEGO Certified Store, major retailer, as well as official stores on online platforms such as Shopee, Amazon, and Lazada from 1st May 2022

Besides these, the Botanical Collection has other fun kits you can put together, such as the Bonsai Tree and Flower Bouquet sets. For more updates, follow the LEGO Singapore’s Facebook page.

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