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lazarus island activities and attractions

First Look At Lazarus Island’s New Sea Sports Centre & Mini-Mart, Beachfront Glamping Opening Soon

Lazarus Island activities & attractions

Yes, there’s an array of things to do in Singapore. From visiting the newest cafes and restaurants with your partner to hitting up the best bars with your besties, the list goes on and on. But beyond our beloved Little Red Dot, there are other nearby islands to explore, including Lazarus Island

Just a short 30-minute ferry ride from Singapore, the island is known to be the ideal getaway from the concrete jungle. Aside from the sandy beaches and clear waters, the place has since upped its game and become home to new attractions – including tiny houses for short vacays and a watersports centre where you can run wet and wild at. 

Tiny, tiny houses in a big, big world

tiny away escape

Team minimalist, where ya at? Tiny Away Escape by Big Tiny is where you can go to experience living in a container-style cabin that’s roughly 150-175sqft in size. We know that sounds ridiculously small, but we had the chance to visit the houses in person and it’s more than enough room. Trust us. 

Currently, there are 5 units available for booking, and each differently themed according to various eras in Singapore. Think chic British colonial, retro 1980s, and the modern 2000s. 

tiny away escape cabin room

Step inside the house and be greeted by the kitchenette … and the living room, and bedroom as there are no doors that separate the spaces. Except for the bathroom door, of course. 

tiny away escape kitchen
Biodegradable shampoo and body wash are provided too.

Despite its small size, the houses are each fitted with a portable stove, microwave, refrigerator, toaster, and sink so you can have homecooked meals during your stay. 

The kitchen island serves as your makeshift dining table where you can feast your heart out. There’s also the option to chill on the couch and cuddle up with your loved ones. And did we mention the huge TV screen? It’s installed on the wall opposite the couch, perfect if you plan on having some late-night Netflix time. 

tiny away escape bedroom

You won’t be sleeping on a little janky mattress here, no. Expect a good night’s sleep with the comfy bed and pillows provided – the bed easily fits 2 adults so you won’t have to squeeze at night. It’s also next to the floor-to-ceiling window, allowing you to wake to soft sunlight in the mornings. 

tiny away escape exterior

Speaking of mornings, there’s a little patio outside every house. You’ll find a table and chairs for you to hang out on, while enjoying the surrounding greenery as you sip on your morning coffee. Ultimate vibes.

lazarus island boardwalk
The gorgeous view from the houses. 

Big Tiny is all about being eco-friendly, so they’ve designed the cabins to have solar panels on the roof. This is where the houses get their power and energy from. There’s also a food biodigester in every unit which guests can use to turn their food waste into compost within 24 hours. 

Go waterbiking & stand-up paddle boarding

Lazarus Sea Sports Centre
Spot the khaki-coloured sea sports centre.

Gone are the days where there was nothing to do at Lazarus Island but suntan at the beach. Lazarus Sea Sports Centre by Camelot has opened its doors to the public, and we’re in for a treat. 

The place is home to non-motorised watersports such as waterbiking ($44), stand-up paddle boarding ($27), kayaking ($27) and aqua yoga ($44). Why non-motorised, you may ask? This is in an effort to preserve the ocean, with minimal disruptions to the seabed and marine life. 

Lazarus Sea Sports Centre
Lockers are available at the centre at $5 so you can store your belongings.

Whether you’re a pro or newbie at these sports, the friendly staff will guide you through the basics during the pre-activity briefing. They’ll teach you how to put on your life jacket, adjust the paddle stick, and inform you on the do’s and don’ts while you’re out at sea. 

Lazarus Sea Sports Centre life jacket

Cue Barney Stinson’s (from HIMYM) favourite line – “It’s time to SUIT UP!”. 

Lazarus Sea Sports Centre stand up paddle boarding

Admittedly, I don’t have the best balancing skills in the world. But after a couple of attempts, I managed to stand up on the paddle board and confidently manoeuvre it for a few rounds. So if I can do it, so can you. 

Lazarus Sea Sports Centre waterbiking

Waterbiking – it’s like attending a spin class, but on water. 

Stock up on grub at the new convenience store

Sol Convenience Store

You’re probably hungry after all that paddling. Or, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of lugging your food from home to Lazarus Island, Sol Convenience Store by Bespoke Dining Club is your best solution. 

Sol Convenience Store

This newly opened store is a short walk away from the Tiny Away Escape houses, and you can identify it by its bright blue exterior. 

Sol Convenience Store

You’ll find a slew of items here, including basic necessities like wet wipes ($2), toiletries ($5-$7), and sanitary pads ($8)

Sol Convenience Store

The store also sells toys like kites (from $10), floats ($10), and sandcastle building tools ($10) so you can keep the little ones entertained. 

Sol Convenience Store

Snack monsters have a bunch of options to choose from: the store has chips, sweets, chocolate, and ice cream. Drinks are also sold here. This includes mineral water, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages for those planning a mini party. 

Sol Convenience Store

There are microwavable meals too, like the self-heating Haidilao hotpot ($7.50) and cup noodles if you can’t be fussed to cook. No judgement, we get that you’re on holiday. 

Sol Convenience Store
The Cheese Platter (right). 

You can order cooked food like the seafood mac and cheese ($8) or Kurobuto pork banger and mash ($7) here as well. These are crafted with local produce, and curated by chef-owner Samuel Quan who’s worked at famed places like Les Amis and Joel Robuchon. You know your tummy will be well satisfied. 

Take a ferry to Lazarus Island & check out the new attractions

jetty at sentosa cove

If you’re absolutely dying for a vacation, but on the fence about booking a flight ticket to say, Korea or Japan, consider an island getaway to Lazarus Island instead. You’ll be thoroughly entertained with the activities available, and you’ll get to experience living in a tiny home too.

P.S. We’ve also gotten news that glamping will be available on the island too. Set to open in December 2023, Into The Woods will have 9 glamping tents set up by the beach. Each tent will comfortably fit up to 4 adults. Time to hit up your pals for a fun time in nature!

How do you get to Lazarus Island?
Take a 30-minute ferry ride from Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island. From St. John’s Island, walk 15 minutes along the boardwalk to get to Lazarus Island. 

Do you need a passport to enter Lazarus Island?
No, you do not need a passport. 

Are there toilets at Lazarus Island?
No, there are no toilets at Lazarus Island but there are toilets at St. John’s Island. 

Book a ferry to Lazarus Island

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Photography by Liu Xing Ying.
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