Nature resorts near KL city

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If you have already been to Johor Bahru 13809 times, and are looking for a new affordable getaway spot near Singapore, Kuala Lumpur is a good idea for your next reality escape.

Nested right next to the bustling city is a large rainforest dotted with affordable retreats priced from as low as $11/night per person. These places are relatively unknown – even to locals. All of the ones listed below are suitable large groups so you can head down for some fun family time, or a budget weekend trip with your friends!

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1. Enderong Resort – gigantic wooden bungalows with hiking trails nearby

Enderong Resort is on a different playing field from the rest with its humongous Enderong House, which may as well be called a mansion. We’re talking a 3 storey bungalow that can fit up to 28 people.

Enderong Resort - Enderong House

Image credit: @jiengalacticpresident 

This is a superb spot for birthdays, wedding parties, bonding trips; basically any large group gatherings you can think of.

Enderong House bedroom

Image credit: Enderong Resort

Inside, floor to ceiling windows in the bedrooms give you panoramic views from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

But it isn’t just go big or go home with this resort as they have smaller Twin Rooms priced from RM370 (~S$120)/ night that are suitable for cosy couple trips.

 Enderong Resort pool

The swimming pool appears connected to the large pond beside it. Image credit: Enderong Resort 

If you are looking to build up some sweat, there is a hiking trail right next to the resort and trekking tours available that you can sign up for.

Before heading up, remember to register your vehicle with the resort as Enderong sits in a private estate and security is tighter there.

Enderong Resort
Distance from KL: 45 min
Price: from RM108 (S$36) per person, per night for Enderong House.
Wifi: Available
Address: Lot C21, Persiaran Enderong, Jalan Tanarimba Pine, Tanarimba, Janda Baik, Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang Darul Makmur

Disclaimer: Enderong house, Annexe hall and annexe rooms will be closed for upgrading until August 2018

2. The Glasshouse @ 325 – panoramic rainforest views with floor-to-ceiling windows

The Glasshouse @ 325

Image credit: @mytravelguide 

The Glasshouse @ 325 gives you the feeling of being encompassed in nature without the mozzies and summer heat. With floor to ceiling windows stretching across two storeys, you get to marvel at the vast wilderness in the comfort of an air conditioned room!

The Glasshouse @ 325 balcony

Image credit: @zuraposdzi 

If even that isn’t enough, step out into the balcony where you get to see the vast rainforest lying below you! Full blown panoramic view, check.

The Glasshouse @ 325 bedroom

Snuggle up in this lush “treetop” bedroom. Image credit: darentimes

There’s also no need to chiong in to chope the best rooms here – the architects made sure to give each of its cosy four bedrooms a great view of the woodlands around.

The Glasshouse @ 325
Distance from KL: 50 min
Price: from RM107 (~S$36) per person, for 15 people
Wifi: Available
Address: Kampung Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia

3. Bamboo Village – a throwback with kampung-style huts

This kampung-style retreat is a throwback to the olden days, and it’s so authentic that you’ll hear chickens crowing every morning.

Bamboo Village

Image adapted from: Kameel Ispha

If you’re coming in a large group of around 12 people, stay in the Bird of Paradise Bungalow RM390 (~S$130) / night, where the cost for each person works out to be S$11 per night. This bungalow blends straight into the jungle with its rattan walls and traditional gabled roofs lined with tree vines.

Bamboo Village bedroom

Image credit: Bamboo Village

There are regular beds available, but if you are looking for a little twist, opt for the roll out mattresses!

Bamboo Village job

Image credit: Murujan

Other than with ringgit, you can pay for your stay in another way: Bamboo Village runs a Workaway-like scheme where you can actually choose to work and stay there for free.

They also take the kampung life very seriously there, so keep in mind that air conditioners or hot water aren’t available – it’s just purely you and nature.

Bamboo Village
Distance from KL: 30min
Price: from RM 33 (S$11) per person, min 12 people
WiFi: Available
Address: Jalan Pelangi 5, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia

4. Twinkle Villa – cosy hidden treasure in the forest

Hidden by towering trees and accessible only by short pathway leading into the forest from the main street, the rustic-modern Twinkle Villa is the very definition of a hidden treasure.

Twinkle Villa building

Image credit: Twinkle Villa

Twinkle Villa kitchen

Open concept kitchen and dining room in Twinkle Villa. Image credit: Twinkle Villa

The entire building is tastefully decorated with framed paintings and nature inspired sculptures, giving this place a tingle of class and modernity. If you appreciate the fine arts, this might be the retreat for you.

Twinkle Villa bedroom

Image credit: Booking

Twinkle Villa living room

Image credit: Twinkle Villa

Inside, the walls are lined with bricks and decorated with wooden furniture, creating an uber cosy vibe. The large windows and open spaces also ensure maximum natural lighting during the day.

You can book the rooms individually or rent the whole villa to own the entire space for a night or two. The Twinkle Villa can house up to 13 people in its 4 bedrooms.

Twinkle Villa
Distance from KL: 45 min
Price: from RM245 (S$115) per person, for 13 people
Wifi: Available
Address: Lorong Sum Sum 2, Kampung Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia

5. Anani Villa – zen treetop retreat with yoga sessions

Anani Villa yoga

Image credit: @ananivilla 

If you’ve been feeling stressed, doing yoga atop the Pahang Rainforest ought to relax that wound-up mind. Occasionally, Anani Villa offers overnight yoga packages where you can rid off any tension in your system with a group of like-minded people – beginners are welcome!

Anani Villa bedroom

Junior Suite for four. Image credit: Booking

But it is not just yoga that makes the villa a calming retreat. Anani Villa also has their design all set to zen with its minimalist layout, simple geometric furniture and monochromatic color scheme.

Anani Villa lounge

Lounge in their cosy open air communal lobbies. Image credit: @lim_kok_kuan 

They offer three types of dormitories – with 8 to 16 beds in one room – from RM100 (S$35) as well as suites that are priced from RM320 (S$107) for two.

Anani Villa Waterfall Abseiling

Image credit: Anani Villa 

Aside from relaxing yoga, the resort provides activities for your adrenaline junkie side too. Hop on an ATV and rumble through the surrounding jungle from RM50 (~S$17) or, if really want to soak in nature, go for Waterfall Abseiling from RM150.00 (~S$50).

Anani Villa
Distance from KL: 45 min
Price: from RM100 (S$35) per person.
Wifi: Available
Address: Lot 280, Jalan Tanarimba Sum Sum, Kampung Janda Baik, 28750 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia

6. Balik Kampung Villa – rooms with private infinity pool and gazebo

Don’t be put off by its name. Unlike the usual kampung affair, Balik Kampung Villa will give you a luxurious experience as each room comes with a private infinity pool and gazebo that faces the Hulu Langat Rainforest.

Balik Kampung Villa private infinity pool and gazebo

Image Credit: Balik Kampung Villa

Balik Kampung Villa pavilion

Image Credit: Balik Kampung Villa

Their furniture and layout is inspired by the Bali culture; meaning a spacious and airy living space. In fact, their smallest villa is more than three times the size of your regular HDBs!

Balik Kampung Villa bedroom

Cosy bedroom with mahogany furniture and a four poster bed. Image credit: @deeecupps 

As a cherry on top, there’s a secret waterfall nearby that only people in the area know about. Try asking the staff at Balik Kampung to find out where it is!

Balik Kampung Villa
Distance from KL: 35min
Price: from RM227 (~S$76) per person, for 3 people
Wifi: Available
Address:  49, B52,Batu, Jalan 17, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia

7. Templer Park Rainforest Retreat – container rooms and infinity pools 

Templer resort infinity pool

Image credit: @mrsgracechew 

Templer Park Rainforest Retreat hits all the latest trends with its stylish container rooms and infinity pool overlooking the surrounding Kanching Rainforest.

Templer Park Rainforest Retreat container hotel

Image credit: Templer Park Rainforest Retreat

Templer Park Rainforest Retreat Villa bedroom

Villa bedroom. Image credit: Templer Park Rainforest Retreat

Each room in the container house is spacious and can fit up to seven people. For in-room entertainment, you can request for a projector – available F.O.C – and hold a cosy movie night with your roommates.

Templer Park Rainforest Retreat Villa bedroom

Image credit: Templer Park Rainforest Retreat

This resort sits on spacious, elevated land, and it makes full use of its vantage with gazebos and hammocks where you can get a game of carrom going with your vacation buddies in front of a stunning view.

Templer Park Rainforest Retreat Kanching Waterfalls

Image credit: @mandaisme

If you manage to pry yourself away from the cool pool waters, delve further into nature by exploring the nearby attractions. Kanching Waterfalls and Selayang Hot Springs are just a 5 and 15 minute drive away respectively.

Templer Park is one of the closer resorts to the city, and this gem is slowly but surely being uncovered by travellers, so make sure you get there before the crowd hits!

Templer Park Rainforest Retreat
Distance from KL: 30min
Price: RM167 (S$56) per person, for 6 people
Wifi: Yes
Address: 22, Jalan 3/2, Templer Height, Templer Park, 48000 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia

Have a luxurious nature retreat in Kuala Lumpur

If you are looking to escape from the concrete jungle into an actual ones, Kuala Lumpur is where you’ll find your sweet escape. With huge resorts than can house your entire gang of kakis, there’s no way anyone would be left out.

These nature-immersed vacation spots are relatively unknown – at least for now – so check them out while they’re still under the radar.

P.S.: Even if you’re looking for a “detox” from the city, we know wifi is very essential, so don’t worry – while these places are off the beaten track, they’re certainly not off the grid.