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8 Places To Get Jigsaw Puzzles Online In Singapore For Brain Teasing And Family Bonding At Home

Where to buy jigsaw puzzles in Singapore

jigsaw puzzle singapore cover image

The sudden Circuit Breaker has forced all of us to stay home with our families, for better or worse. But instead of getting cabin fever and into petty arguments, make the most of all this time at home to get some overdue quality family bonding in. And one way to do so? Good ol’ jigsaw puzzles.

Not only do they require plenty of brain power, but they will help improve your communication skills with each other as well. Here’s 8 places to get jigsaw puzzles online, delivered right to your doorstep for your next game night indoors.

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1. Perfect Fit – free shipping with minimum spend of $100

perfect fit singaporeImage credit: @perfectfitsg

With 2 physical stores in Singapore, Perfect Fit is the largest jigsaw puzzle retailer on our island. They have a wide range of puzzles you can choose from, from 20-piece ones for junior ages to a whopping 4000-piece puzzle that will have you cracking your brain for days. Checkout a couple of them in your online cart and get free shipping when you hit a minimum of $100.

guestbook puzzle

Guestbook puzzles are also available
Image credit: Perfect Fit

For something unique, they have guestbook puzzles – wooden pieces in the shape of hot air balloons or trees where people can write heartfelt messages on each piece. They may not require racking your brains much to solve,  but you can always KIV them for a future birthday party or wedding reception. 

Get it here.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle World – Spongebob & Studio Ghibli 3D puzzles

studio ghibli puzzleImage credit:

If you’re looking for classic jigsaw puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzle World will have no shortage of that. But if you want your puzzles to go beyond a brain-teasing session and serve further purpose, they’ve also got a 3D jigsaw puzzle flower pot with 80 pieces. It’s even designed with imagery ot Totoro, perfect as a gift for that Studio Ghibli-obsessed friend. 

spongebob puzzle
A 3D Spongebob Squarepants puzzle
Image credit: lytravelling

For the young ‘uns, their range of 3D puzzles also includes designs of Spongebob Squarepants and Doraemon. These are typically straightforward to complete with much less pieces than a usual jigsaw puzzle, but they also double up as a new display figurine for your room.

Get it here.

3. Toytag – kid and pet-friendly educational puzzles

pet friendly puzzleImage credit: @service_chef_ramsey

Pet lovers will definitely get a kick out of attempting the puzzles from Toytag – there are Dog and Cat versions of a 1000-piece puzzle that showcase the different kinds of breeds for each. They come complete with adorable illustrations and a poster to help you along in case you’re at a loss for finding a fit.

But if man’s best friends aren’t quite your thing for puzzle choices, there is an easier 500-piece puzzle that rewards you with knowing different kinds of coffee upon completion, or a simpler alphabet puzzle for younger age groups.

Get it here.

4. Photobook Singapore – personalised puzzles with various templates

customised puzzleImage credit: @kate_insigne

To boost your family bonding experience, explore Photobook Singapore’s range of templates where you can customise a family photo and make your very own unique jigsaw puzzle! Choose from either converting a full photo into your next weekend activity, or have it accompanied with a border with designs ranging from Disney’s Frozen, Tsum Tsum and Barbie. 

You can also choose what size you prefer: Landscape, Portrait or Square. Frame the completed puzzle up once it’s done and hey, you’ve got a new family photo display to add to your collection.

Get it here.

5. Typo – double-sided Harry Potter & Disney Princesses puzzles

disney princess puzzleImage credit: Cotton On

Jigsaw puzzles are great fun, but sometimes they leave you with a “what’s next?” after you finally complete it. Typo’s jigsaw puzzles offer you a 2nd round at them, since their puzzles are double-sided with a whole different picture on the flipside.

harry potter puzzleImage credit: thenineties.wardrobe

Their designs also feature Disney Princesses and Harry Potter, which let’s admit, appeal to both kids and adults.

Get it here.

6. Lazada – kid-friendly puzzles from as low as $4.90

kid puzzlesImage credit: Lazada

Whether you’re going for a challenging brain teaser for adults or a kid-friendly game, Lazada has it all. Brownie points for their cheap prices that start from as low as $4.90.

Their 60-piece wooden puzzles boast up to 28 designs of various fairy tales, nursery rhymes and childhood fables. Don’t fret about it’s safety or convenience either – the pieces are made of wooden fibre that is 100% non-toxic and have curved edges so they don’t accidentally hurt your kiddo. It also comes packaged in a storage tin box so you can store it in a jiffy!

Get it here.

7. Printcious – customisable puzzle for gift ideas

jigsaw puzzle giftImage credit: @printcious

As its name suggests, Printcious lets you print almost anything you want into a gift, including jigsaw puzzles. If you’re planning to make one for your S/O, dial up the romance factor up a notch and print your couple selfie on a heart-shaped puzzle for $29.20.

If your anniversary is coming up or it’s your partner’s birthday but you can’t head out for a romantic date, this will come in perfect as a last-minute surprise. Plus, they currently have a 50% off promo and free shipping islandwide.

Get it here.

8. Natures Collection – animal-themed with up to 500 pieces

3d puzzlesImage credit: @puslemette

Binge-watched Tiger King on Netflix and fell in love with the majestic cats? Yeah, us too. If you have a soft spot for the animal kingdom, Natures Collection specialises in animal-related products

Their range of jigsaw puzzles include collaborations with National Geographic, and include 3D lenticular puzzles that feature the animals “moving” when you look at the completed piece from different angles. 

Get it here

Where to get jigsaw puzzles in Singapore

family jigsaw puzzle
A family with their jigsaw puzzle display at home
Image credit:

Staying positive when being cooped up at home is vital for our mental health, and finding activities where every family member can get involved is one way we can pass the time until the Circuit Breaker period finally ends.

Jigsaw puzzles aren’t just a childhood game, they can also be a whole lotta fun for adults too. With communication, cooperation and patience, your family will be so focused on completing puzzles that you might even forget about heading outdoors altogether.

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