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Influential Brands 2018

Let’s face it: as women, we enjoy all sorts of shopping. From window shopping to online shopping, there’s nothing like the rush of excitement when we make a new purchase – whether it’s something frivolous like a coveted eyeshadow palette or practical like supermarket groceries.

But now, with Influential Brands’ market research, we know for sure what our favourite brands are. Having conducted in-depth surveys with more than 4,000 consumers across 7 Asian countries, these are several of our favourite brands that made it to 2018 Asia’s Top Influential Brands:


1. Sephora – Beauty Retailer


Influential Brands 2018 - Sephora

It’ll be tricky finding a girl who doesn’t like Sephora: with aisles filled with lipsticks and cult beauty products, it’s pretty much a haven for all beauty junkies. No doubt it’s on Influential Brand’s list of women’s popular brands – it’s the most convenient place for us to get our makeup fix.

Their customer service is also stellar, with helpful sales assistants at every corner offering useful beauty tips and advice. For those who make a beeline straight to Sephora, here are 10 Sephora-specific shopping hacks to try.

Influential Brands 2018 - Sephora

Image credit: Sephora


2. Chow Tai Fook – Premium Jewellery


Influential Brands 2018 - Chow Tai Fook

Image credit: @chowtaifookmoments

Fact: all girls like jewellery. That’s why we’re all curious to see who cinched the top spot for Premium Jewellery. They’ve got 2 winners here: our own Lee Hwa Jewellery and Hong Kong’s jewellery retailer Chow Tai Fook, known for their sparkling diamonds and gemstones. Notably, they’re always on top with the latest trends with quirky pieces like their Disney Tsum Tsum and Marvel ranges.

Influential Brands 2018 - Chow Tai Fook

Image credit: Chow Tai Fook


3. NTUC FairPrice – Supermarket


Instead of saying we’re off to the supermarket, we say “eh, let’s go to FairPrice” – that’s how instantly recognisable NTUC FairPrice is as our go-to grocery shop. As our most popular supermarket, since it stocks everything from fresh seafood to addictive snacks, FairPrice must also be applauded for their top-notch customer service.

It’s already such a household name, but they’re is still constantly trying to find better ways to serve their customers.

Next time you’re at FairPrice, see if you can find these 10 hidden products!

Influential Brands 2018 - FairPrice

Image credit: FairPrice 


4. Huawei – Mobile Phone


Influential Brands 2018 - Huawei

Huawei offers mobile smartphones that are both affordable and decked out with the latest tech –  being chosen as Influential Brands 2018’s top Mobile Phone brand rightfully recognises them for all they’ve done in the tech sector. With phones like their Huawei Mate Series and Huawei P Series, the mobile’s sharp photography specs almost put them in the realm of a DSLR.

As Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Business Group Mr Cheng Jiangfei says, “We believe in creating meaningful innovations for everyone with our dedication to technological excellence”.

Influential Brands 2018 - Huawei

Image credit: Huawei 


5. Pet Lovers Centre – Pet Services & Products


Influential Brands 2018 - Pet Lovers Centre

Those of us who have pets know that Pet Lovers Centre has practically everything our furry friends need, from a ready supply of pet food to dog training equipment. They’ve been around since 1973, providing us with a ready supply of pet food and affordable pet essentials.

And they evidently care about the pet-owner experience: some of their branches are decked out with specific themes so it’s a joy to shop at, like VivoCity’s Caribbean Island-themed The Pet Safari.

Influential Brands 2018 - Pet Lovers Centre

Image credit: Pet Lovers Centre 


6. Pokka – Non-carbonated Beverage


Influential Brands 2018 - Pokka

POKKA Green Tea is a drink we all grew up, known and loved for its refreshing notes of jasmine. As our favourite non-carbonated drink brand, POKKA understands us inside-out and knows that we like having an array of choice. Besides the classic Jasmine Green Tea, they also have flavours like Peppermint Green Tea and Honey Green Tea.

Influential Brands 2018 - Pokka

Image credit: POKKA 

Read more about what goes on behind the scenes at POKKA here!


7. Rasel Catering – Caterer


Influential Brands 2018 - Rasel Catering

Image credit: @raselcateringsg

For all our dinner party needs, Rasel Catering always delivers. They’ve been around since 1997, serving up a range of local classics like Nonya laksa and beef rendang. Whether it’s for a full-blown birthday bash or upcoming Christmas festivities, they offer a trusty catering service that’s sure to please all guests.

Influential Brands 2018 - Rasel Catering

Image credit: Rasel Catering 


8. LiHO – Lifestyle Tea Beverage


Influential Brands 2018 - LiHO

Everyone in Asia laps up their bubble tea, almost like water. There’s plenty of competition from other bubble tea vendors, but LiHO was chosen by female shoppers in Asia as the most popular bubble tea brand. You have to admit: they’re always one step ahead of the game with their inventive flavours and constant BBT promos.

Influential Brands 2018 - LiHO

Image credit: LiHO 


9. Canon – Camera


Influential Brands 2018 - Canon

Image credit: @chrisboz.films

Canon is one of the major players in the camera market, and now, one of Asia’s top Influential Brands. We can trust them to offer us quality cameras – they’re constantly working on the latest imaging tech. With a range of amateur and professional cameras, there’s a good reason why all female shoppers are eyeing Canon for their next camera.

Influential Brands 2018 - Canon

Image credit: Canon 


10. Gardens by the Bay – Tourism Attraction


Influential Brands 2018 - Gardens by the Bay

When you think of Singapore’s top tourist attractions, of course Gardens by the Bay comes to mind. But GBTB isn’t just a mere attraction – as a brand that’s been thoughtfully curated and planned, it’s an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

GBTB often holds seasonal themed events like the current Christmas Wonderland displays.

Influential Brands 2018 - Gardens by the Bay

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay 


11. ERA – Property Agency


Influential Brands 2018 - ERA

Once we grow up into full-fledged adults, one of the first things we do is to buy our own home – usually with the help of ERA. After all, it’s one of the biggest property agencies in Asia. Since ERA prides themselves on the highest professional values, you can be sure that their agents will lend a trusty listening ear when we need to solve any housing issues.

Influential Brands 2018 - ERA

Image credit: ERA


12. No Signboard Seafood – Seafood Restaurant


Influential Brands 2018 - No Signboard Seafood

Image credit: @eatwithrobin

When our national dish is Chilli Crab, you can be sure that Singaporeans have a hearty love for all things seafood. Female shoppers in Asia have voted for their favourite Seafood Restaurant – ending with the conclusion that No Signboard Seafood is the most popular.

They first opened as a tiny hawker stall along Mattar Road but has since expanded their brand islandwide – it’s a combination of warm service and tasty seafood that got them so far.  

Influential Brands 2018 - No Signboard Seafood


Celebrating Asia’s Top Influential Brands in 2018


Influential Brands 2018

Influential Brands is a consumer insight driven awards programme that offers a platform for brands to celebrate their achievement. In line with the 6th edition of 2018 CEO Asia Summit’s theme Women in Leadership and Technology, they’ve surveyed more than 4,000 female consumers across 7 countries in Asia, within the age group of 26 to 50 years old.

In painstakingly covering over 100 categories, ranging from F&B to financial services, 2018 Asia’s Top Influential Brands recognises the Top Brands as favoured by women in Asia.

The study conducted by Influential Brands is purely consumer driven, and Top Brands are selected by consumers through their perception and preferences. In seeking to identify consumer preferences, behaviours, and values, Influential Brands seeks to understand how the dynamic environment affects consumer experience throughout the purchase journey.

For more information, like and follow Influential Brands on Facebook for more updates.

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