Power of the P10


We’ve seen some great battles in our time. 2007 saw Sony knock Nokia out with its Cyber-shot camera phones. Then came the age of Apple vs Android, with insults like “did you take that with a potato?” starting a longstanding feud we’re still living through today.

In its latest collaboration with the prestigious Leica, Huawei brings us the all-new P10 and P10 Plus camera phones. Leica cameras, known to be the best in the world – making the P10 a worthy contender that’s ready to take over the photography arena, one (mega)pixel at a time.

People, get ready for the ultimate showdown. We took 10 photographs with the Huawei P10 and compared it to Brand X – because it ain’t a showdown without some competition:


1. The light trail shot


Huawei P10:

Brand X:

Light Trail Shot Brand X

If you thought that Huawei was just another lao pok phone on the loose, think again. Compared to Brand X which leaves us with an oversaturated and overexposed mess, the P10 captures light trails for days.

All you’ll need to do is set the P10 to its long exposure Light Trail mode, which automatically adjusts the ISO and shutter speed needed for you to get the ultimate shot.


2. The light graffiti shot


Huawei P10:

Light Graffiti Mode Huawei P10

Brand X:

Light Graffiti Mode Brand X

Wan an, –  ‘good night’ in Chinese.

On your left you’ll see an admittedly hipster shot with words that seem to magically float in mid-air. And on your right, our photo minion who swore never to help us again after realising his light painting efforts were all for naught.

To replicate this, just grab a good source of light – like a flashlight – and begin ‘drawing’ in the air, and the P10’s Light Graffiti mode will work its magic!


3. The wide aperture shot


Huawei P10: 

Wide Aperture Mode Huawei P10

Brand X:

Wide Aperture Mode Brand X

P10’s wide aperture ensures that the subject of your photo takes centre stage, giving the background a nice artistic blur. You can even adjust the depth feel and focus according to your preference by playing around with the phone’s manual focus function.

Bonus: You can change what you want to focus on AFTER taking your photo.  

 Changing Focus Feature of the Huawei P10

Focussed on the wrong object? With just one click of a button, the accessible shutter icon on the top of the screen will save you from taking any wasted shots.


4. The portrait shot


Huawei P10:

Portrait Mode Huawei P10

Brand X:

Portrait Mode Brand X

The P10’s new portrait feature gave me some feels over how cool and vibrant it made me look. And then Brand X’s picture reminded me of the truth – the dull, flat truth.


5. The fast shutter shot


Huawei P10:

Fast Shutter Shot Huawei P10

Brand X:

Fast Shutter Mode Brand X

The P10’s fast shutter capabilities managed to capture the perfect moment.

We’ll admit, Brand X upped its game this time. But the P10 secured first place with its depth feel feature, which added a completely new dimension to this shot, with the model taking centre stage, adding to the x-factor of the picture.


6. The low light shot


Huawei P10:                                                                    

Night Mode Huawei P10

 Brand X:

Night Mode Brand X

P10’s night mode manages to retain more detail while keeping the image crisp with minimal noise. As for Brand X… well, a photo speaks a thousand words and given this image quality, we’d rather not say one.


7. The selfie shot


Huawei P10:

Selfie Mode, Huawei P10

 Brand X:

Selfie Mode Brand X

P10 stays vivid while Brand X, though not too bad, looks a little washed out.

Selfies are cute, until you zoom in and wished you never did in the first place. The P10 however, has a perfect selfie mode, which smoothens and fixes minor blemishes. It even comes with brighten and bronzer features for all your on-the-go contouring need.


8. The bokeh shot


Huawei P10:

Huawei P10 Bokeh Feature

 Brand X:

Bokeh Feature Brand X

Playing around with the P10’s wide aperture feature will leave you with a beautiful bokeh shot – no one will be able to guess that it was just traffic!


9. The panoramic shot


Huawei P10:

Panorama Feature, Huawei P10

Brand X:

Panorama Mode Brand X

Taking a panorama can result in a number of fails, but both P10 and Brand X faired well on this one. However, the P10’s photo stitch feels more seamless and consistent.


10. The silky water shot


Huawei P10:

Silky Water mode, Huawei P10

Brand X:

Long exposure water shot Brand X

The P10’s Silky Water mode specialises in long exposure water shots, which made our photo of MBS look like a pro shot. Rich colours meant no editing was required too.

Just like the Light Trail and Light Graffiti features, Silky Water comes with pre-prepared settings that’ll leave us with a flawless water shot – whether we’re noobs or not.


Huawei’s P10 – it’s worth a shot


Behind every great photograph, there’s an even greater camera – or in our case, a great camera within a smartphone. But when a phone has camera capabilities like that of the Huawei P10, we can’t really tell the difference.

Photo grid and functions of the Huawei P10

Together with LeicaHuawei takes innovation and camera tech to the next level. Equipped with Leica Dual-Camera 2.0 Summarit-H lenses with in-built Optical Image Stabilization, the P10 makes sure every shot is a darn good one. And armed with the Leica Summilux-H lens is the P10 Plus, which brings our photo-taking experience one step higher.

Huawei P10's Leica Dual-Camera 2.0 Summarit-H lenses

The phone is fitted with a front-facing Leica camera too – so rest assured, your selfie game is a notch above the rest.

And if you’re too busy trying to stretch your arm out as far as possible to fit all your friends in for a #squad shot, stop. It comes with an adaptive selfie feature, which automatically zooms out to fit a third person into the shot. Oh P10 – you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Huawei P10 Product Shot

Worried about the P10 running out of juice after a whole day of action? Don’t sweat it. A full charge of the P10 will last you 2 days of normal usage, and if you’ve no time to spare, a 30 minute charge will give you enough battery life for a full day of normal usage.

So keep your DSLRs at home – with Huawei‘s P10 in the picture, you’ll be shooting like a pro straight outta your pockets.

Find out more about the Huawei P10 here!

This post was brought to you by Huawei.