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best gifts for men

11 Best Gifts For Men That They’ll Confirm Use, Don’t Have To Keep The Receipt For Refunds

Gifts for men

The dad who already has everything he wants, the friend or brother who keeps his wishlist frustratingly ambiguous, or the partner who goes “aiya, anything also can” – it’s admittedly a struggle to find the perfect gift for your special guy. Before you give up and purchase a gift card, we’ve rounded up 11 best gifts for men that you can consider.

And we’re not just bombing any ol’ suggestion here – we’re basing them on personality types so you can easily streamline a suitable gift for him. Keep reading to find out more:

1. One Deodorizer Bag – For the #fitspo gymmers

He’s been working out that physique to turn that bod from dad to daddy. But all those reps at the gym have worked up a pong that you, unfortunately, have to deal with when he gets home. Colognes and body sprays can only do so much to mask the smell. If you really want to get to the bottom of the stink, get him a One Deodorizer Bag ($38) instead.

one deodorizer bag
Image credit:

Sweaty clothes and shoes go straight into the bag once the gym session is over. Then the bamboo charcoal and minerals woven into the bag’s material work to remove moisture to prevent bacteria growth that causes you to go P.U.

one deodorizer bag
Image credit: One Sports

The bag even comes scented, which imparts a fresh smell even on worn gymwear. Plus, the bag lasts 2 years without needing a wash.

2. Themed LEGO set – For the young at heart

best gifts for men - lego set
The LEGO Space Shuttle Discovery set for aviation fans.

If matching mini brick pieces and clicking them in place is right up your man’s alley, consider getting him a themed LEGO set. There’s a slew of collections which you can pick based on his favourite video game, movie franchise, or superhero. 

best gifts for men - lego set
DC lovers can snag the Batman and Joker portrait. 

Potterheads can go for the Harry Potter collection, or you can browse the Star Wars series that feature the likes of Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder, R2-D2, and the Darth Vader helmet. There’s truly no age limit when it comes to LEGO – there’s even a designated LEGO store for adults in Funan. 

3. DIY mechanical keyboard – For the gamers

best gifts for men - mechanical keyboard
Mix and match keycaps to get a unique colourway. 

If your giftee spends hours on end slaying on Valorant, then mechanical keyboards will make a fab gift. More specifically, customisable ones so they can DIY it according to their favourite colours and materials. And just like building a LEGO set, there’s a certain satisfaction in building your own gear – so let them assemble the keyboards themselves. 

best gifts for men - mechanical keyboard
There are a bunch of
mechanical keyboard shops in Singapore, and you can explore ones such as Fantech or Antidote Studio where there are plenty of circuit boards, keycaps, and cables to choose from. And hey, you can also join in on the fun in building the keyboard for a wholesome activity together. 

4. All-in-one bags – For the travellers

best gifts for men - all in one bags
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This one’s for the jetsetter – be it for business or leisure. If you have a brother or dad who lives out of his suitcase, they’ll appreciate multi-functional bags which they can haul on flight during their travels. One such option would be the Quiver 13L Sports Bag ($107) that has a built-in toiletry compartment, a card slot in the strap, and an adjustable side pouch. 

best gifts for men - decathlon kipsta backpack

There’s also the more affordable Riley backpack ($39.20) from American Tourister that’s just as stylish and functional. Or get the lightweight Kipsta 17-litre Backpack ($9) from Decathlon which has a separate shoe compartment if they’re bringing it to the gym. This way, they’ll always have a small piece of you with them. 

5. Smartwatches – For the fitspo

best gifts for men - smartwatches

Smartwatches might just be every man’s favourite tech toy. It’s practical for everyday use, elevates any outfit, and brings convenience to one’s life. It’s especially useful for gym folks, as it can track health-related data such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels so they are well informed on their wellness status.

There’s a tonne on the market ranging from the Apple Watch Series 8 to the Oppo Watch. Depending on your budget and preference, you can find a suitable one that best fits his lifestyle.  

6. Bluetooth trackers – For the absent-minded

best gifts for men - bluetooth tracker
Image credit: Amazon

If you’ve ever gotten a text saying, “I think I lost my keys”, save yourself the anxiety and get a bluetooth tracker for your forgetful family member. Aside to the ones from big brand names like Apple and Samsung, you can also get affordable options from Shopee or Lazada that cost less than $10 each – perfect as a stocking stuffer.

These trackers are easy to use, plus they’re lightweight and compact. Link the tracker to house keys, car keys, or even pet collars so you can keep track of your valuables. And for parents, you can attach it to your kid’s backpack to stay on top of their whereabouts. 

7. Party games – For the host

best gifts for men - party games

We all have that one friend who always volunteers his house for gatherings – and we love him for it. While he contributes to the location, you can help provide the entertainment with party games which the gang can enjoy. Group games such as Unstable Unicorns (from $20) are guaranteed laughs, or the UNO All Wild! ($6.49) which is a twist to the classic card game.

There are also online alternatives like the Jackbox Party Packs ($17.99) – which, fun fact, happens to be theTSL Editorial’s favourite cohesion activity. And if you’re gifting these to a family member, who’s to say you can’t share and use it for your parties? It’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

8. Customised care pack – For the stressed out

best gifts for men - larq water bottle
Image credit:

Remember those care packs you used to get during exam hell weeks? These bundles of wellness can extend beyond school life, and you can send some TLC to your loved ones by choosing the items based on their personalities. For example, gym rats will appreciate the Larq Bottle ($159) which eliminates bacteria in the water. 

best gifts for men - comes in 3 flavours – banana, durian, and strawberry.

If the dark eyebags start to look like eye luggages, you’ll want to throw in a reusable eye heat pack (from $4.90). Complete your wellness hamper with healthy snacks like those from local brand ($3.80) to fuel them through long nights of mugging.

9. Grooming kits – For the dapper

best gifts for men - grooming kits
The Maca Root and Aloe set from The Body Shop.
Image credit: The Body Shop

While makeup is a necessity in every female’s vanity, shavers and shaving creams are a must-have in many guy’s daily routine. Go for an all-in-one solution and get a grooming gift set for him. 

Consider ones such as the Cella Milano Shaving Cream & After Balm Gift Set ($38), or The Body Shop’s Cool & Calm Shaving Gift ($60) that come with a shaving cream, post-shaving gel, and a brush. These sets have already been curated, so you won’t have to worry about getting each item individually.

best gifts for men - beard bib
Image credit:

As a gag gift – that may actually be hella useful – you can complete the ensemble with a beard trimmings catcher. Your man might feel a lil’ silly wearing the beard bib, but at least he doesn’t need to deal with a messy sink post-shave.

10. Sleepwear or loungewear – For the homebody

best gifts for men - sleepwear
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There’s no shame in sporting a ratty, holey pj set when lounging at home. But when you have to receive a delivery and you’re left scrambling for presentable clothes, that’s when you’d wish for a nicer set of home clothes. Do your giftee a favour and upgrade their wardrobe with swanky new sleepwear.

You can browse the organic cotton loungewear sets from SOJAO, or the men’s collection from local brand Rawbought – these are all comfortable and stylish loungewear which are outside-appropriate. If you’re shopping for your partner, you can also get matching pjs for yourself so that you guys are #couplegoals.

11. Bartender kits – For the party animal

best gifts for men - bartender kits

Whether he’s a professional bartender or simply likes DIY-ing his drinks, bartender kits make a great gift for those who adore their alcohol. You can get sets that include bottle openers, ice moulds, and decanters – such as the Cocktail Shaker Bartender Kit ($88.98).

There are also basic sets that include the alcohol too, like the Kilchoman Machir Bay With 2 Tumbler Glasses Gift Set ($169.90) from FairPrice so you’re basically good to go.

Consider these top gifts for men

Be it a birthday, an anniversary or a celebration of a milestone – there are plenty of occasions that call for gift-giving to every man in your life. Spoil your loved ones and get them these gifts that they’ll love and actually use. You can thank us later. 

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Original article published by Joycelyn Yeow on 9th December 2022. Last updated by Raewyn Koh on 20th December 2022.