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7 Best Bluetooth Trackers & AirTag Alternatives From $9, Including Options For Android Users

Best Bluetooth trackers in Singapore

Chances are, we all know someone who’s always scrambling for their wallet or their keys. Once again, they’ve managed to misplace something. Instead of turning out the house, it might just be easier to attach Bluetooth trackers to the items for easier hunts. 

They say prevention is better than cure, and a Bluetooth tracker will do just that in helping you keep tabs on your belongings before they go missing. Besides the ever-popular AirTags, here are 7 affordable Bluetooth trackers suitable for both iOS and Android users.

But first, how do Apple’s AirTags work?

While they may not be the OG Bluetooth tracker, AirTags have quickly become a must-have for techies after its entrance into the Apple ecosystem. 

apple airtagsPrecision Finding tells you exactly which direction to go and how far you are from your item.
Image adapted from: Apple

The mechanics aren’t complicated as they tap on Apple’s Find My network, which can be used to track our iPhones, AirPods – anything Apple really. Find My network actually makes use of other iPhones in the area to help with pinpointing the exact location of the AirTag, giving it unlimited range. 

One major downside though is that the AirTags are restricted to Apple users, so those with Android phones will have to look for alternatives. 

Price: S$45/1 piece, S$149/4 pieces
Subscription: None
Range: Indefinite due to Find My network
Compatibility: iOS only

Find out more about Apple AirTags.

1. Tile Mate – Free 1-year premium subscription

tile mate bluetooth tracker
Image credit: @tile

One AirTag alternative for Androids is the Tile Mate. Shaped like a square tile, the Mate weighs only 6g, barely adding any additional weight to your keys or bags. Tile’s trackers work on a subscription basis, and new customers can score a free premium plan for the 1st year

The premium subscription comes with a warranty for your Mate and access to its location in the past month. Otherwise, it’s perfectly fine to skip the upgrade and stick to the free base plan for essential services like a “last-seen” map location and using your phone to ring the tracker.

Price: US$24.99/1 piece (~S$34.63), US$47.99/2 pieces (~S$66.49), US$69.99/4 pieces (~S$96.97)
Subscription: Premium plans available from US$2.99/month (~S$4.14)
Range: Up to 76m
Compatibility: Tile app is available for iOS and Android.

Find out more about Tile.

2. Tack GPS – SG-made tracker with unlimited range

tack gps trackerImage credit: Tack GPS

Weighing 30g, Tack GPS’ trackers were built for heavy-duty work. This is the brainchild of a local startup and uses a rechargeable battery, which helps with reducing electronic waste from replacing dead batteries. 

Upping the ante on tracking range is their Hybrid Tracking Technology. Beyond Bluetooth, Tack has also incorporated WiFi and GPS, as well as local telco Singtel’s network into ensuring the Tack GPS provides accurate location data. 

You’ll be able to snag the device from either the Tack GPS website or from Shopee, where the latter typically has promos and vouchers to knock a couple of dollars off the near-S$100 tracker. 

Price: S$96.30 on Shopee
Subscription: From US$2.99/month (~S$4.14)
Range: Unlimited due to Hybrid Tracking Technology
Compatibility: TackGPS app is available for iOS and Android.

Find out more about Tack.

3. Chipolo ONE Spot – Taps on Apple’s Find My network

chipolo one spotImage credit: Chipolo

Chipolo’s ONE and ONE Spot are close dupes of AirTags with their small, circular body. Apple users looking for a cheaper alternative can go for the ONE Spot which works on Apple’s Find My network. Like the AirTags, Chipolo’s trackers will also withstand splashes of water, should your tagged item get caught in a downpour. 

Android folks can pick up the Chipolo ONE and pair it with the dedicated Chipolo App. When regular beeping gets boring, the Chipolo App lets you change the ringtone of the ONE tracker for more pleasant or blaring chimes. 

Price: From €25/1 piece (~S$36.56), €75/4 pieces (~S$109.67), €105/6 pieces (~S$153.53)
Subscription: None
Range: Up to 60m
Compatibility: Chipolo app is available for iOS and Android.

Find out more about Chipolo.

4. Galaxy SmartTag+ – Switch on home appliances remotely

galaxy smarttag+ bluetooth trackerImage credit: Samsung

On the flipside, Samsung Galaxy has its own exclusive Bluetooth tracker. The Galaxy SmartTag+ has all the snazzy features that AirTags do for iPhones like its own Galaxy Find Network for extending search range, and AR Finding for leading you to your lost-and-found. 

What makes the SmartTag+ stand out from the AirTag is its in-built button, which can be used to switch on eligible household appliances like lights and aircon while you’re still on the way home. 

Price: $56
Subscription: None
Range: Up to 120m
Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy devices only

Find out more about Galaxy SmartTag+.

5. Baseus Intelligent T2 – Lightweight tracker under $10

baseus intelligent t2
Image credit:

Known for their power banks, Baseus covers all bases in the gadget arena with their Intelligent T2 Bluetooth tracker. It’s also the lightest piece of tech on the list as it weighs only 5g. When the battery’s flat, pop the case open to replace the CR2032 battery, which you can readily find at minimarts. 

For under S$10, it’s a nifty tool for tagging all your knick-knacks. Through the Baseus Smart app, Android users will be able to pair up to 4 Intelligent T2 trackers while iPhone users can link up to 6.

Price: S$9.39
Subscription: None
Range: Up to 30m
Compatibility: Baseus Smart app is available for iOS and Android.

Get the Baseus Intelligent T2 from Lazada.

6. Orbit – Waterproof & doubles as a selfie remote

orbit key bluetooth tracker
Image credit: Orbit

Featuring a sleek, satin finish, Orbit’s collection of Bluetooth trackers is sure to be a chic addition to your loose essentials. The Orbit Keys come in 12 colours including Rose Gold, Azure blue, and Gun Metal black to match your desired aesthetic. 

orbit collection of bluetooth trackersThere are also card trackers that fit in your wallet and attachments for spectacles.
Image credit: Orbit

Besides being a cute keychain, you can also use the button on the Orbit Key as a selfie remote to snap photos or start recording a video when your phone is set up far away from you. The tracker’s also made to withstand strong jets of water, perfect for trips to the likes of Wild Wild Wet

You’ll be able to nab the Orbit tracker from its website for US$24.99 (~S$34.63), but it’s also available on Shopee and Lazada for S$49 should you want to ride on in-app promos. Challenger ValueClub members are able to score the Orbit Key at a discounted price of S$39.

Price: US$24.99 (~S$34.63)
Subscription: None
Range: Up to 30m
Compatibility: Orbit app is available for iOS and Android.

Find out more about Orbit.

7. Smatrul Bluetooth Anti-Lost Finder – Use to find devices

smatrul bluetooth tracker
Image credit:

Those on a budget can pick up the Smatrul Bluetooth Anti-Lost Finder. It’s an inexpensive alternative to the Apple AirTags while still fulfilling the requirements of a basic Bluetooth tracker. The tracker works 2 ways – to track your tagged item and to ping for your phone – all with a click of a button. 

Users can also adjust the ringing volume via the Tuya Smart app – so the device won’t shriek in a library, but would be loud enough in a crowded eatery. 

Price: S$8.99
Subscription: None
Range: Up to 80m
Compatibility: Tuya Smart app is available for iOS and Android.

Get the Smatrul Bluetooth Anti-Lost Finder from Shopee.

Bonus: Petkit Fit 3 – Collar tracks pet’s activities like eating & sleeping

petkit 3 collar bluetooth tracker
Image credit:

It’s hard work to keep up with our precious pets that are constantly on the move. Luckily for paw-rents, Petkit has Bluetooth tracker collars. These come in 4 sizes from 16cm55cm in diameter for any size of canine or feline. 

For pup collars, it has an extra silicone cover to protect the device from liquid if the doggo gets too excited while lapping up water. Pet parents can also track their pet’s activity through the Petkit app. This includes sleeping, eating, and exercising so owners can know what their furkids are up to while they’re away. 

Price: From S$14.39
Subscription: None
Range: Up to 15m
Compatibility: Petkit app is available for iOS and Android.

Get the Petkit Fit 3 from Shopee.

Keep tabs on your belongings with Bluetooth trackers

Gathering up all our knick-knacks and even our frisky furries is a task now made simple by these affordable Bluetooth trackers. These are useful especially if you’ve got a knack for misplacing your belongings, it’s as easy as pinging the tracker from its dedicated phone app to quickly locate them.

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Cover image adapted from: Shopee, Chipolo, Orbit