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best massage chairs

11 Best Massage Chairs In Singapore With Unique Functions & “Aesthetic” Designs That Aren’t Too Bulky

Best massage chairs in Singapore

Whether you’re a certified “millennial auntie” or are experiencing the results of hunching over a computer, you’ll agree that a good massage is heaven sent – more so if you can get one at your every whim. 

That said, while owning a massage chair might seem like a hefty purchase, having your very own “masseuse” at home can help alleviate body aches so you don’t turn into the hunchback of Notre Dame. From gaming massage chairs to sleek foldable ones, here are some of the best massage chairs in Singapore that may be worthy of an investment:

1. Miuvo MiuJoy – Modern design with chic pastel colours

miuvo miujoy
The Miuvo MiuJoy in mint green won’t clash with your abode’s interior design.
Image credit: Miuvo

Homeowners who want a minimalistic massage chair can check out the Miuvo MiuJoy ($2,299) to relax after work. With a compact shape that only takes up 0.82sqm that comes in 2 chic colours – mint green and blue grey – you won’t have to worry about it being too bulky in the space.

It has 6 different programs like sports recovery and waist care, plus you can select options from 6 different styles of massage like shiatsu or rolling, so your body’s knots and sore muscles will be gone in no time.

The massage chair also boasts features that will make your session comfortable. Think an extendable footrest that’s handy for taller folk; zero gravity recline to feel like you’re on cloud nine; and bluetooth speakers so you can listen to some soothing tunes while getting kneaded.

Get the Miuvo MiuJoy massage chair.

2. EMPIRE Massage Chair – Affordable full-body chair

best massage chairs - EMPIRE
Image credit: EMPIRE

You might recognise this brand from local celebrities’ IGs – and there’s a reason for its popularity. The sleek EMPIRE Massage Chair (from $1,399) is a compact yet powerful number that covers the entire body with life-like massage techniques. Be it stiff necks, back pains, and sore feet  – this chair will soothe all your aches without having to break the bank.

Save yourself a trip to Bangkok with the EMPIRE PRO ($1,999) as the chair has a Thai Stretch Mode that’ll bring relief to your aching muscles. It also has a zero gravity mode, alleviating any discomfort you’ve had on your back. And whether you’re fun-sized or long-limbed, the AI body scan will help determine the key massage points. 

Get the EMPIRE Massage Chair.

3. Gintell S3 SuperChAiR – Has voice control functions

gintell s3 superchair
You can also connect your phone to the chair’s Bluetooth speakers.
Image adapted from: @aslovelyhomey

If you’ve grown reliant on virtual assistants Siri and Alexa, you’ll appreciate the Gintell S3 SuperChAiR. Simply say the magical words “hey Gintell” and the chair will switch on. You can also use the voice control functions to switch between the 15 massage programmes or enable the zero gravity option for a weightless massage. 

If you’re sharing the chair with family, you can use the memory programme and save your preferred massage settings. And while this is an older model in the SuperChAiR series, it’s considerably more affordable with the similar functions as the newer releases. Platforms like Shopee are also selling them at a discount from $1,988 (U.P. $5,600)

Get the Gintell S3 SuperChAiR

4. OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair – Built-in Bluetooth speakers

Any gamer will know that it takes time and commitment – a.k.a plenty of sore backs to be the reigning champion. The OSIM uThrone Gaming Massage Chair ($849) combines both the benefits of a gaming chair and massage chair, so you can multitask and get rid of nasty neck kinks while annihilating foes. 

Best Massage Chair - OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair
Image adapted from: @rolandseh via Instagram

Not only is this chair ergonomically designed, but it also features 360° massage rollers that mimic human-hand massage techniques to your neck and shoulder. It also has 3 massage programs – Energize, Neck & Shoulders and Lumbar – specifically made to target tenseness and help relieve aches. 

Not forgetting the importance of sound when gaming, the chair is also furnished with 2 superior Bluetooth speakers so you can catch the footsteps of enemies sneaking behind you. 

Best Massage Chair - uThrone S Gaming Chair with Customisable Massage
uThrone S Gaming Chair with uCozy 3D.
Image credit: OSIM 

For a lower-priced option, OSIM also has the uThrone S Gaming Chair with Customisable Massage (from $399) that allows for customisable add-ons, like the uCozy 3D or uLumbar. There’s also a Marvel edition ($649) that features fan favourites Spider Man, Captain America and Iron Man, so do give the OSIM official store a call if you’re planning to drop by to pick out your favourite design.

Get the OSIM uThrone Gaming Massage Chair

5. Novita Foldable Massage Chair B3 – Sleek foldable design

This one’s for those who may not have a ton of space at home for bulky massage chairs. 

Best Massage Chair - Novita Foldable Chair B3
Image credit: Novita 

The Novita Foldable Massage Chair B3 ($699) is a compact massage chair that offers versatility in storage with its foldable options, so you can still enjoy a massage experience from the comfort of home.

It features 6 types of massage programmes that use the classic kneading and tapping massage motion to target sore areas from your neck to your lower back. Paired together with those are a dual massage roller mechanism, high frequency vibration massage and heat therapy option to further help release muscle tension.

Get the Notiva Foldable Massage Chair B3.

6. OGAWA Genix Full-Body Massage Chair – Cradles you to sleep

Next in the list is the OGAWA Genix Full-Body Compact Massage Chair ($2,980), that features special functions that’ll not only soothe body aches but will also help put you to sleep. 

Best Massage Chair - OGAWA Genix Full-Body Chair
Image credit: OGAWA

While it is smaller in size, it has a comprehensive 1.26M massage L-Track that fully covers all problem areas from your neck to lumbar. 

Those who crave undisturbed rest will appreciate the Cradle Mood, which activates a soft rocking motion. There’s also the Zero Gravity Mode, which as the name suggests, gives you a weightless sensation to ease tight muscles. 

Best Massage Chairs - OGAWA Master Drive A.I Chair

If you’re looking to splurge and upgrade, OGAWA also has the Master Drive A.I. massage chair that you can invest in. This futuristic chair has A.I. TCM health scans, customisable features, and massages and voice control activations

Get the OGAWA Genix Full-Body Compact Massage Chair

7. IUIGA Full Body Massage Mat – Can use on any chair & bed

Should you wish for the benefits of a massage chair but are unable to fully commit to purchasing one, you can check out the IUIGA Full Body Massage Mat ($299) as an alternative. 

Best Massage Chairs - IUIGA Full Body Massage Mat
Image credit: IUIGA

The Full Body Massage Mat is easy to set up and store. With its foldable feature, you can choose to use it while sitting on your couch for a sofa massage or even lying down on your bed.

It uses kneading and vibrating massage techniques, and you can select one of the five massage modes and your preferred intensity using the plug-in remote control. 

Get the IUIGA Full Body Massage Mat

8. MiuDelight Mini Massage – Costs less than $1,000

You don’t necessarily have to set aside a four-figure sum to own a massage chair. Opt for the MiuDelight Mini Massage ($999), an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on its quality. 

Best Massage Chairs - MiuDelight Mini Massage
Image adapted from: Miuvoshop

Despite its small stature, the MiuDelight Mini Massage offers a comprehensive massage all the way from your neck to thighs. It uses a combination of the tapping and kneading technique to target body aches, alongside dual airbags at the hip and bottom that boosts circulation.  

You can also select the restorative heat therapy for your back which, ladies, is a life-saver when you’re on your monthly cycle. 

Get the MiuDelight Mini Massage Chair

9. OSIM uDiva 3 Massage Sofa – Smaller size stature to save space

Occupying only 0.69sqm is the OSIM uDiva 3 Massage Sofa ($2,899), an option you can consider if you don’t want your massage chair to take up too much space.  

It comes with a detachable small side table that swings in or out the side, so you can place your iPad and simultaneously catch up on Netflix shows while enjoying a massage. 

Best Massage Chairs - OSIM uDiva 3 Massage Sofa
Image credit: OSIM 

It can also transform 8 different ways to become a lounger or recliner, depending on your preference. You can choose from 6 different pre-programmed massage options via the uDiva 3 app, or customise the massage intensity, techniques, and adjust the rollers to your liking.

Best Massage Chairs - OSIM Smart DIY Massage Chair
Image credit: OSIM 

As an alternative for those who do not have space for a full-sized OSIM massage chair, there’s also the OSIM Smart DIY Massage Chair (from $999) that includes the uJolly 2 Smart Back Massager and uSqueez 2 Smart Leg Massager, so you can have the versatility to turn any sofa chair into a massage chair.

Get the OSIM uDiva 3 Massage Sofa

10. Ergoworks Compact Massage Chair – Aesthetic design

While some bulkier massage chairs may not be the best fit for your home aesthetics, the Ergoworks Compact Massage Chair EWZG6000 ($3,999) has a less in-your-face massage chair design that looks like a regular recliner. 

Best Massage Chairs - Ergoworks Compact Chair
Image credit: Ergoworks 

Made with atas genuine leather alongside Birchwood accents, this luxury massage chair incorporates 8 airbags that inflates and deflates periodically to massage any throbbing pain via air spa therapy. The Heating option allows you to access the heat stone therapy that soothes aches while relaxing the body.

Additionally, the chair also features the One-Touch Zero Gravity mood – which enables you to recline without putting stress on your spine. Fun fact: NASA deemed this position as the ideal position for launching astronauts in a space capsule.

Get the Ergoworks Compact Massage Chair

11. OTO Capsule – 5 massage programs

For those looking for multiple massage techniques, consider investing in the OTO Capsule ($1,799)

Best Massage Chairs - OTO Capsule
Image credit: OTO

You can choose from five built-in massage programs – the Swedish massage, Thai massage, Chinese massage, stretch mode and sleep mode. To detect the user’s physical dimensions and body contours, the OTO Capsule uses the 2 Dimension Intelligent Body Scan with G-SENSOR alongside the 3D Smart Chip to accurately massage key points of the body.  

The chair also offers a 45°C Heat Therapy for your soles in its chair’s foot massager, so you can give your feet some TLC after a day out and about.

Its 4 built-in castor wheels make it easy for when you’re cleaning and have to move the chair, and its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music via the concealed surround sound speakers. 

All pre-orders of the OTO Capsule will also entitle you to a free OTO Wonder Spin (WS-900) Handheld Massager worth $148

Get the OTO Capsule

Bonus: AIBI Vita Chair – Exercise while sitting down

Best Massage Chairs - AIBI Vita Chair
Image credit:

While the AIBI Vita Chair ($5,980) isn’t marketed as a massage chair, its functions might be soothing to some. 

The Vita Chair helps you exercise without having to do anything but sit. It has a Whole Body Vibration programme that kicks your metabolism into gear, while its Whole Body Periodic Acceleration function rocks you to sleep. 

Get the AIBI Vita Chair

Best massage chairs to invest in

With massage chairs at home, you’ll be able to get those knots and tension sorted out in the privacy of your abode. 

While it’s common for us to experience back pains and stiff necks, it shouldn’t be an issue that we ignore. Aside to massage chairs, here are some other solutions to consider for your bodily aches: 

Cover image adapted from: Novita, @rolandseh via Instagram
This article contains partial partnership content. However, all opinions are ours.
Originally published on 18th February 2022. Last updated on 18th August 2023.