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mechanical keyboard shops in singapore

10 Mechanical Keyboard Shops In Singapore So You Can Get The “Thock” While Typing

Where to buy mechanical keyboards in Singapore

It’s easy to see why mechanical keyboards are so popular. The clicky and “thocky” ASMR sounds coupled with responsive typing make them stand out compared to your run-of-the-mill keyboard. Those who spend all day writing or gaming on their keyboards will no doubt appreciate a keyboard that feels good to type on.

But with all the different types of parts to procure, not to mention the cheem terminology, it’s easy to be overwhelmed especially if you’re unfamiliar with the hobby. Thankfully, there are many who take pride in their craft and are willing to help you take the first step. Here are 10 mechanical keyboard shops in Singapore.

1. MASH – DIY your new mechanical keyboard on the spot

mash singapore mechanical keyboard shops

Not only can you get a custom PC from Aftershock, but you can now also get a custom mechanical keyboard from their partner MASH at their showroom. Here, you can pick out all the parts your heart desires from the keyboard design to the switches and even the keycaps and put it all together on the spot at their assembly zone.

mash singapore

With plenty of stock available in the store, you can walk home with your new keyboard immediately after and put it to work.

Read more about our experience at MASH and Aftershock’s new showroom.

Address: 994 Bendemeer Road, #05-07, Singapore 339943
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11.30am-8pm | Sat 12pm-6pm (Closed on Sundays)

MASH website

2. Mecha – Test over 80 kinds of switches in person

mecha store singapore

Keyboard switches are not made the same, and how they feel when you type is one of the most important considerations when getting a keyboard. To make your decision a lot easier, you can pop by Mecha’s store at Ann Siang to check out the difference in over 80 types of popular switches.

Not only can you test how they feel under your fingers, but they also have a suite of assembled keyboards in different form factors and materials that you can try typing on to see which tickles your fancy the most. 

Additional services provided: Keyboard assembly, keyboard modification and repair, switch lubricating and filming, and stabiliser tuning.

Address: 12 Ann Siang Road, Level 3, Singapore 069692
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 12.30pm-8.30pm | Sat-Sun 12.30pm-4.30pm (Closed on Mondays)

Mecha website 

3. LandingPad – Custom commissioned keyboards from $100

landingpad mechanical keyboard shops in singapore
Image credit: LandingPad

Most mechanical keyboard enthusiasts will tell you that building a keyboard is part of the reason why they invest in the hobby. However, not all of us have the time to sit and patiently put in switch by switch, which is where vendors like LandingPad come into play. 

You can commission them to build a keyboard for you starting from $100. All you have to do is to let them know your budget, your desired keyboard size, and if you have any specific switch or keycap design you want. They’ll handle everything else from procuring the parts to assembling the board for you.

If you’re unsure of what to get, you can book an appointment to visit their showroom and figure out which switches let you type the most efficiently.

Additional services provided: Keyboard assembly, switch lubrication and filming, stabiliser tuning, and soldering and desoldering boards.

Address: 67 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub Block 67 #08-04, Singapore 408730
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 3pm-8pm | Sat 3pm-7pm (By appointment only. Closed on Sundays & Mondays)

LandingPad website

4. iLumkb – One stop shop for premium keyboard kits

ilumkb satisfaction75
The Satisfaction75 board with GMK Demon Sword keycaps will set you back almost $1,000, but it’s worth the pretty aesthetics.
Image credit: @ilumkb_

As you dive into the rabbit hole that is the world of mechanical keyboards, it’s only a matter of time before you come across high-quality boards with a price tag to match their premium build. Those who have the disposable income to splurge on a fancy keyboard can check out iLumkb’s store.

They are one of the few vendors in Singapore that bring in keyboards from independent designers. From the Satisfaction75 keyboard kit (from $738) that boasts an OLED screen to the aluminium-built Primus keyboard (from $639), this is your chance to score one of these niche products without breaking the bank in the aftermarket.

iLumkb website 

5. Monokei – Creative keyboard designs & chic accessories

monokei hidari
The Hidari keyboard has a Southpaw layout which places the number pad on the left hand side.
Image credit: Monokei

Mechanical keyboard design and manufacturing isn’t just limited to the big players. Some like Monokei help lift up smaller designers who want to get their creative boards out into the world. The Southeast Asian brand is responsible for interesting and uncommon designs like the Hidari keyboard ($750). 

Made in collaboration with keyboard designer Thesiscamper, the board sports a unique Southpaw layout which has the number pad placed on the left hand side instead of the usual right side. 

kaban carrying case monokei
The Kaban carrying case comes in shades of pink, green, purple, blue, and grey.
Image credit: Monokei

Apart from limited production runs, Monokei also sells a bunch of chic accessories like the Kaban carrying case (from $35). This lets you protect your keyboard from external elements. It also looks better when you want to bring your keyboard from your home to your office.

Monokei website 

6. Pantheon Keys – Accessories to upgrade your existing keyboards

pantheon keys cables
The coiled cables from Pantheon Keys.
Image credit: Pantheon Keys

No keyboard is complete without accessories to accompany the kit. From aviator cables to aesthetically-pleasing desk mats, Pantheon Keys has all the things you need to achieve the perfect setup.

Their selection of cables (from $39.90) are coiled to keep your table tangle-free and treated to prevent fraying and the usual wear and tear. They also designed a couple of batik-themed, water-repellent desk mats (from $28.90) for the Asian representation in an industry where minimalism is king.

batik print desk mats mechanical keyboard shops in singapore
The Batik-print desk mats.
Image credit: Pantheon Keys

FYI: Pantheon Keys also sells pre-lubricated switches so you hear less scratchy noises whenever you type. However, these are available in limited quantities only, so do check their Pantheon Keys store page to see what’s in stock.

Additional services provided: Switch lubricating and filming.

Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark Lobby B #05-19A, Singapore 408564
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 2pm-6pm (By appointment only on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays)

Pantheon Keys website 

7. qwertyqop – Popular Carousell store turned e-commerce business

qwertyqop quartz switch
qwertyqop’s original Quartz switches are made in a beautiful pink hue.
Image credit: @qwertyqop_

With a solid 4.98/5 rating across 240 reviews on Carousell, it only made sense that the people behind qwertyqop turned it into a full-fledged e-commerce business. They specialise in a variety of niche-but-accessible keyboard parts, including their own Quartz switch ($9 for 10) that was designed in-house.

Additional services provided: Keyboard assembly, switch lubrication and filming, stabiliser tuning, keyboard repairs, and soldering and deslodering boards.

qwertyqop website

8. k.techs – Over 10,000 5-star reviews on Shopee

k.techs keyboard lubricant
Lubricating your keyboard’s switches will provide a smoother typing experience and lessen the scratchy sounds.
Image credit: @k.techs_

If your mind is set on building and assembling a keyboard yourself, you’re going to need some tools to make the process as smooth as a linear switch. 

One place you can get almost all the parts you need – think tweezers, brushes, lubricants and lubricating stations – is k.techs. While they have an official online shop, you can also check out their Shopee page which boasts over 10,000 5-star reviews.

Those who really want to go all out with the modifications can also find things like springs and foam pieces that are meant to alter the sound of the board.

Additional services provided: Keyboard assembly, and switch lubrication and filming.

k.techs website

9. Kwertie Keys – Hand-crafted artisan keycaps

kwertie keys whale keycap
A keycap made from resin to depict a whale swimming in an ocean.
Image credit: @kwertiekeys

The baseline of customising a mechanical keyboard is picking out all the different parts yourself. Then the next step for enthusiasts, albeit optional, is to start collecting hand-crafted artisan keycaps to elevate the look of your keyboard. Kwertie Keys is a local vendor that has one-of-a-kind keycaps that are all individually made.

kwertie keys koi keycap
You can have a mini “koi pond” right the escape key of your keyboard.
Image credit:
Kwertie Keys

As with custom things, these artisan keycaps cost their worth. Simple designs like a dragon fruit can cost $19 per key, while more intricate resin productions can start from $39 per key. If your keyboard has RGB back lights, do check to make sure you’re getting a keycap that will let the light through.

Kwertie Keys website

10. Requiem Cables – Made-to-order USB cables for your keyboard

requiem cables
A coiled cable will reduce the odds of any wires getting tangled on your desk.
Image credit: @requiemcables

In a time when everything is going wireless, it’s nice to see that mechanical keyboards are one gadget that still requires a cable. Yes, this includes Bluetooth keyboards because how else are you supposed to charge the battery? If a simple cable doesn’t fit your desk’s aesthetics, you can get Requiem Cables to design one that fits right into your workstation.

requiem braided cable
A braided cable can add some oomph to your desk.
Image credit: @requiemcables

A straight cable starts at $35 for a basic double-sleeved design, while coiled cables start at $55 for a similar design. You can even get a braided cable with 4 different colours for $60.

Requiem Cables website

Mechanical keyboard shops in Singapore

It doesn’t matter if you’re an office worker or a hardcore gamer who plays Valorant all day long. Mechanical keyboards will bring your typing and gaming experience to the next level, and your fingers will thank you for the upgrade from a laptop’s membrane keyboard.

If you’re not sure where to get started, the folks from these 10 mechanical keyboard shops in Singapore will be more than delighted to help you. Otherwise, you can also check out these affordable Bluetooth mechanical keyboards too.

Cover image adapted from: @themechastore