Samsung Galaxy S22 Series 5G

Whether we’re using our phone to hop onto an online meeting or catch up on Netflix shows, most of us want things to load ASAP. That said, there’s nothing more frustrating than encountering a hang when it’s T-minus 1 minute to your meeting, and your device just isn’t behaving. 

For those on a lookout for something with a mighty processor and all-day battery life that won’t fail you, you can now turn to the newly-launched Samsung Galaxy S22 Series 5G. On top of its solid 5G capabilities, nifty productivity and media specs, it now also comes in a range of chio colours.

Here’s what you can look forward to from various phones in the series, as well as the snazzy new Galaxy Tab S8 Series 5G

Samsung Galaxy S22 & S22+ 5G

Online exclusive colours – Graphite, Sky Blue, Cream, Violet

samsung galaxy series 5g s22 22+ series 5g
Violet and Graphite are some of the online exclusive colours for the Galaxy S22 and S22+.
Image adapted from: Emma Milk Tea, Ur Review Buddy

If you’re thinking of picking up the Galaxy S22 and S22+ 5G smartphones, you’ll find that there are 4 colours per model to choose from in-store, such as Green and Phantom White. Those making their purchase through Samsung’s online store, however, will be able to choose from 8 colours in total, inclusive of online exclusive options Graphite, Sky Blue, Cream, and Violet.

Split-screen video calls – Host viewing parties & multi-task during meetings

samsung galaxy series 5g s22 s22+ series 5g google duo
You can screenshare YouTube videos or Netflix shows in a Google Duo call. 

Host a catch-up sesh on Google Duo with your LDR partner or friends studying abroad where you can binge on K-dramas together till the cows come home. It also makes it less of a hassle when you need to take video calls on the go, while still accessing other apps.

Night photography – Crisp photos even in low-light conditions

samsung galaxy series 5g nightography
Night or day, the Galaxy S22
Series 5G phones serve to capture quality photos. 

Anyone who’s tried taking phone pics when it isn’t bright and sunny knows that low-light photography can be a real struggle. Whether you wanna document your romantic meal at a dimly-lit restaurant or snap a pic with your mates after an evening hangout, you need a phone that can be camera-ready both indoors and outdoors – no matter the lighting conditions.

samsung galaxy series 5g nightography
Easily achieve the #hypebeast street shot even in low-light conditions.

For your next social media update, take advantage of the Galaxy S22 and S22+ 5G’s snazzy Nightography function that’ll get you those cool night shots which will be anything but blurry. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G & S Pen

Online exclusive colours – Graphite, Sky Blue, Red

samsung galaxy series 5g sky blue s22 ultra series 5g
The Galaxy S22 Ultra
5G in Sky Blue and its colour-matched S Pen.
Image adapted from: Brooke Archer

Similarly, the Galaxy Ultra 5G also has a range of online exclusive colours too. These include a pastel Sky Blue, a grungy Graphite, and a bright Red for extra huat. Each of them even has a coloured S Pen to match. Like the Galaxy S22 and S22+ 5G, you’ll only be able to access these exclusive colours when you purchase from Samsung’s official website.

High-speed multitasking to up your productivity

Life in Singapore tends to move pretty quickly, and we often have to enter octopus mode and juggle a bunch of tasks all at once. Equipped with a bespoke processor and the signature S Pen, the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G is a speedster of a phone that can handle multi-screen use and won’t have you rage-quitting during games either. 

And just like the Galaxy S22 & S22+ 5G, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G also boasts a powerful battery and Nightography, making it a nifty companion for documenting late-night activities with friends.

Galaxy Tab S8 Series 5G – Productivity on the go

samsung galaxy series 5g galaxy tab s8 ultra series 5g
The Galaxy Tab S8
Series 5G supports multi-screen displays to let you take notes, watch videos, and check your emails all at once.

For those who need more screen space to get work done, you’ll want to go for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G. The 14.6in screen is about as big as your regular laptop, providing plenty of space to multitask across up to 4 apps

You must be wondering, having multiple apps running on the same screen would jam up any device. Well, you won’t have to worry about lag of any sort with the Galaxy Tab S8 Series 5G because it’s armed with a processor fast enough to keep up with back-to-back meetings, or watching lectures while at your favourite cafe.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S22 Series 5G – Exclusive colours online

samsung galaxy series 5g

While you’re checking out the exclusive colours online as well as universal shades like Burgundy and Pink Gold, every device purchase from now till 14th April 2022 will also get you an e-voucher of up to $250.

You can then use these credits to cop other Samsung products, like Galaxy Buds and other accessories for your new phone – from cases and protectors to additional adaptors. 

Gadgets and gizmos these days are evolving way beyond our imagination, treating us to tech that helps us accomplish tasks more efficiently. As our telcos expand their network range, it’s also time for us to hop aboard the 5G train and upgrade to the Galaxy S22 Series 5G devices.

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This post was brought to you by Samsung.
Cover image adapted from: Emma Milk Tea

Photography by Alvin Wong. 

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