Cool offices in Singapore

Getting to roll out of bed and immediately start work is one of the perks we miss most about constant WFH-ing. But WFO days are made that much better when there are perks that make you want to head back to the office. And no, we don’t just mean free snacks in the pantry.

From a crypto library to built-in esports arena for employees, we checked out these 6 cool offices in Singapore that might make you want to update our resumes ASAP.

1. Coinhako – NFTs on display & crypto library

Step into the Coinhako HQ and you’ll instantly know that you’re at the epicentre of all things crypto in Singapore. The biggest giveaway? Crypto-themed artwork displayed around the office. 

coinhako nft artwork

Many of these pieces are actually digital NFTs that have an IRL counterpart, like a print or sculpture that can be collected too.

mini crypto library in coinhako office

There’s even a mini office crypto library for employees to brush up on their crypto knowledge. Whether it’s looking up common cryptocurrency terms or understanding how blockchain works, there’s bound to be a book that will answer your questions. On top of that, Coinhako also pays for Coursera and Udemy courses for its employees looking to upskill.

cool offices - oculus headsets in coinhako

It’s not all work here of course. The Coinhako office has an inclusive work environment that encourages interdepartmental bonding. After-work hangs are a common occurrence, with all departments joining in for dinner and drinks on Fridays.

During the day, you can even catch staff from different departments taking a break by playing VR games together on the Oculus headsets placed near the pantry.

coinhako pantry snacks

If employees need some me-time to recharge, they can head to the 14th-floor pantry as well. The chill-out area has beanbags to relax in, and charging ports in case phone batteries are out of juice.

2. Grab – IG-worthy photo spots

grab office escalators
The escalators leading up to the office.

When it comes to showcasing your branding, Grab has it down to a science, its HQ in one-north is no exception. The bright green of the Grab logo is unmissable, and it’s something you’ll be spotting frequently at the Grab office

grab neon lights

But don’t think for a moment that the green will be overwhelming. It’s actually tastefully done and eye-catching enough that you’ll want snapshots of the place on your socials. 2 spots you’ll want to take #OOTDs at are the escalators leading up to the office and the Grab green alleyway lit up with neon signs.

cool offices - lazada sky garden
Take a chill pill at the sky garden.

As with most hip offices these days, Grab also strives to strike a work-life balance for its employees by providing areas of play for days when employees are hitting red on the stress meter.

grab gym and yoga studio

Head down to the pantry for a round of foosball and the lush sky garden if you’re in need of a breather. After work, employees can even sign up for free exercise classes at the gym and yoga studios.

3. Lazada – Hot-desking in themed areas

cool offices - lazada hot desk
Void deck-themed work area.

Hot-desking isn’t a new concept, but at Lazada’s Bras Basah office, this isn’t confined to your usual tables and chairs. Here, employees get their choice of working at a traditional office space or opt for something more unconventional, like mosaic-tiled stools and tables you would find at a HDB void deck.

lazada office quiet pods
Talk as loudly as you need – these soundproof booths will ensure no one outside will be able to hear your conversations.

Around the Lazada office, you’ll also find diner-style seats to share with your teammates, and standing desks if you’ve been on your butt all day. Where privacy is concerned, say for a client meeting, there are also soundproof cubbies to keep agenda details under wraps.

r&r area in lazada office

The shopping platform’s HQ is fitted with areas for rest too. Take a break at the wellness rooms that are split for male or female use. Each cubicle here has dimmable lights for those who need a nap on the plush armchair.

4. Secretlab – Built-in esports arena

With its reputation as a company for gamers, it only makes sense that the Secretlab office would be themed around esports. One of its coolest features? An esports arena for competitive play.

cool offices - secretlab esports gaming arena
Esports gaming arena.

Yep, they have an entire room decked out with esports equipment, like desktops and monitors, complete with Secretlab gaming chairs. There’s even a viewing gallery, so you can follow along competing teams, even if you’re not playing. Good news for the public, this arena is not just staff-only. Gaming companies looking to hold tournaments can book this place too.

stress test machine in secretlab office
Stress test machine.

Another place open to the public is the product showroom out front, where you can test out Secretlab chairs before carting them out online. If seeing is believing for you, you can even subject your choice of chair to a stress test machine. It mimics years of wear and tear, after which, you’ll be able to examine the fabric with a microscope to see the damage – if any – done.

5. Amazon Singapore – Mini cafe with giant board games

As one of the biggest MNCs in Singapore, it’s no surprise that the Amazon Singapore office would be one of the largest too. Standing at 100,000sqft right in the heart of the CBD, the massive space has all the makings of a Silicon Valley command centre.

cool offices - amazon lounge
Choose to lounge or hold a meeting at these open spaces found all over the office.

It’s all about building team spirit for Amazon’s employees, where work and meeting areas are kept open to allow for ease of communication. 

Then there are the multiple entertainment features like billiards, foosball, electronic darts, and ping pong all housed in one giant game room.

amazon office game wall

Even the walls have been designed to encourage collaboration. Larger-than-life sized games of Scrabble, snakes & ladders, and chess can be found on the walls for a little braintease in between meetings.

mama room in amazon office
The mother’s room has a mini fridge to store breast milk.

There are thoughtful additions to the workspace too, such as private rooms for mummies who may need to pump in the middle of the day. Kiddos are welcome to stay as well, with plenty of diaper changing stations so bums stay fresh throughout the day.

6. TheSmartLocal – Dedicated studios for shooting

cool offices - thesmartlocal

We couldn’t leave this list empty without plugging our own TheSmartLocal office at Kallang Bahru. As a multimedia publication, TSL’s HQ has been designed to include many cool spaces for different departments to work together.

tsl editorial team
The Cyclorama studio where these fab 12 took their team pic.

Fans of ours might already be familiar with our studios where we film videos for our TSL YouTube channel and take lifestyle photos for our articles. For more formal shoots, we even have the Cyclorama which has an all-white floor and background for a sleek look.

thesmartlocal office pantry

The TSL office is home to our sister sites like Eatbook, MSNews and Zula too. We may not work together often but mealtime is when you’ll see everyone hang out at the pantry together. Our large communal dining space allows for the whole squad to sit, eat, and trade stories.

Work in a cool office like Coinhako

If you’ve wanted to work in one of the above offices, now’s your chance to, because Coinhako is open for hire with close to 30 positions available.

You don’t even need to have an extensive background in crypto to apply either. There are roles in marketing and HR available. Plus, training is provided to new hires to keep them up-to-date with the industry.

Fresh grads looking to get their foot in the door in the crypto industry are welcome to apply for internship programmes as well. These will have you working closely with your HOD to get hands-on experience dabbling in crypto, and how it can apply to backend engineering and venture capitalism projects.

Whether you’re a young crypto devotee looking to enter the industry or a fintech expert looking to join a growing fintech company, Coinhako might just be the place for your next career move.

Find out more about jobs at Coinhako here

This post was brought to you by Coinhako.

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