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Comic books easily invoke a strong feeling of nostalgia for many of us. Simply flipping through the yellowed pages of my Archie comics collection takes me back to being an excited 9-year-old who brought them everywhere. Ultimately, the joy of finally holding a long-awaited comic in your hands or building up your collection piece by piece isn’t replaceable by a few swipes on your phone. 

Here are 7 comic book stores in Singapore that’ll bring a blast from the past, with both vintage and newly-released titles. 

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1. Ana Book Store – secondhand bookstore at Orchard 

ana book store singapore
Image credit: @wanradya

You may have heard of Ana Book Store, the last secondhand bookstore along Orchard Road. Going viral after a customer tweeted about its affordable prices, this bookstore is filled to the brim with stacks of pre-loved books and limited editions of collectible comics.

ana book store singapore
Image credit: @jiji3497

Unlike most comic book stores that categorise their comics according to genre or alphabetical order, Ana Book Store has vintage comics from the 80s lying everywhere. While it might take some time to go through the tower of comics amongst other books on the floor, the experience of finding “the one” to take home will definitely make it all worth it!

Address: Far East Plaza #05-01, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213
Telephone: 6737 2385
Opening hours: Mon to Sat 12PM to 8PM | Sun 1PM to 6PM

2. Absolute Comics – themed board games

absolute comics themed board games
Image credit: @plazasingapura

Beyond old figurines and issues, Absolute Comics brings in frequent comic shipments based on the latest trending TV series and movies, such as Adventure Time comics and themed board games like Star Wars Monopoly

absolute comics adventure time
Image credit: Absolute Comics

Open since 1991, Absolute Comics also offers action figures to build your collection and apparel like hoodies to represent your fandom wherever you go.

absolute comics spiderman
Image credit: @professor_spidey

Address: 68 Orchard Road, #B1-17, Plaza Singapore 238839
Telephone: 6333 3193
Opening hours: Daily 11AM to 9.30PM

3. Evernew Book Store – clearance rack with items at $2 and below

evernew book store Image credit: Evernew Book Store

Evernew Book Store lives up to its name with its seemingly endless shelves and baskets of books. While the large collection may seem intimidating at first sight, their books are all categorised by genre for you to easily find what you’re looking for.

evernew book store comicsImage credit: Evernew Book Store 

Even after 30 years, this quaint store still charms with its old-school comics like Archie and Garfield. Before you leave, don’t forget to take a quick look at the clearance counter outside for comics going at $2 or less!

evernew book store archie comics
Image credit:

Address: #01-07, Bras Basah Complex, 231 Bain Street, Singapore 180231
Telephone: 6338 1753
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 11AM to 7.30PM | Sun 11AM to 6.30PM

4. Comics World – new stock every Wednesday

comics world
Image credit:

Comics World ensures that comic fans are never out of the loop. Religiously posting their extensive lists of new shipment stock every Wednesday on their website, fans can stay updated to know what’s available each week and when to drop by.

comics world
Image credit:

This store also has a huge supply of limited editions and rare old comics that’ll guarantee envious looks from all other fans.

Address: 35 Selegie Rd, B1-22, Park Lane Shopping Mall, Singapore 188307
Telephone: 6339 6413
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 12PM to 8PM | Sun 1.30PM to 6PM

5. GnB Comics – hosts regular events for comic fans

GnB comics
Image credit:

In the world of comic books and fandoms, there’s nothing better than finding friends that share the same love and passion as you. Comic Book Movie Night, Free Comic Book Day and Batman Day – these are just a few community events that GnB Comics hosts regularly to help you find your kindred spirits.

GnB comics
Image credit:

Riding on fan-favourite Netflix shows like The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things and Bob’s Burgers, their selection is perfect to feed your obsession as a dedicated fan. If you prefer lighter reads, comics like Monsters, Inc. and The Simpsons are available too. 

GnB Comics also hosts Instagram giveaways for free movie passes, so keep your eyes peeled whenever they’re up for grabs!

Address: Kitchener Complex #02-38, 809 French Road, Singapore 200809
Telephone: 6837 2280
Opening hours: Mon & Tues 12PM to 7PM | Weds 12PM to 9PM | Thurs to Sat 12PM to 8PM | Sun 12PM to 6PM

6. Wonderific Comics – pre-orders for newest releases

wonderific comics
Image credit:

Hidden amongst the vibrant nightlife of Holland Village is Wonderific Comics, a shop with exclusive copies of comics for diehard fans. Boasting variants like Deadpool and Cosmic Ghost Rider, every issue is printed with unique cover art that’ll have you glowing with pride to own.

wonderific comics spiderman collection
Image credit:
Wonderific Comics

Pro tip: Pre-order online through Wonderific Comics’ Google form that’s released from time to time here, so you won’t have to fight with others to take your new “baby” home!

Address: 211 Holland Ave, #03-24, Singapore 278967
Telephone: 9005 0731
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 10AM to 6PM | Sun 12PM to 6PM

7. Rent N Read Book Centre – specialises in Japanese manga and Chinese comics

rent n read book centre
Image credit:
Rent N Read Book Centre

Catered to avid fans of Chinese comic books, Hong Kong comics and Japanese manga, Rent N Read Book Centre homes shelves of these goodies to pick from. Available for rental or sale, the comic books are incredibly affordable from as low as $2.

rent n read chinese comics
Image credit:

Owned by a friendly and welcoming old couple, this shop is great to hang around and ask any questions you might have about the wide variety of comics available. 

Address: Blk 416 Bedok North Ave 2, #01-23, Singapore 460416
Telephone: 6443 9006
Opening hours: Mon, Weds, Fri & Sat 3PM to 9PM

Bookstores in Singapore

With people ditching physical copies for e-books nowadays, slowed business or even closure of some comic book stores in Singapore isn’t a rare sight. Even so, it’s safe to say that those still standing are precious time capsules that’ll continue to provide little joys to all comic book fans.

Even if you aren’t an avid reader of comics, visit these 7 comic book stores in Singapore to find games and merchandise of your favourite TV series or movies! 

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