Best pillows in Singapore

Most of us don’t realise how important pillows are in helping us have a good night’s sleep – until we kena that one budget-hotel pillow that leaves us tossing and turning all night. Though they all look similar on the outside, pillows come with a variety of fillings that provide specific functions to help you sleep like a baby. 

From pillows with in-built cooling gel pads to contour pillows that are ergonomically designed to support your neck, shoulders and back, here are the 8 best pillows in Singapore you should consider if you’re struggling to get your much-needed beauty sleep.

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1. IKEA KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic Pillow – With a cooling gel layer

best pillow singapore - ikea memory foam pillow with cooling gel layer
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A clammy neck and a sticky face in the middle of the night is a common first world problem for prudent individuals who only rely on a fan at night to keep themselves cool. If you’re one of them, then investing in the IKEA KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic Pillow might just revolutionise your sleep. 

The secret? A layer of cooling gel hidden beneath the surface on one side of this memory foam pillow. For additional air circulation, the pillow is perforated so it’ll keep you dry even on the warmest nights. Bonus points go to the foam that’ll contour to your body to give you an even weight distribution – a godsend for those with chronic back and neck issues.

Price: $59
Type: Memory foam, gel

Get the IKEA KLUBBO SPORRE Ergonomic Pillow

2. SOMNI Medium Firm – Quilt pockets to maintain fluffiness

somni quilt pillow
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Plopping onto your pillow after a long day at work is arguably one of the most shiok feelings ever, but nothing quite takes the wind out of our sails like when the pillow slowly deflates into a flat pizza crust. For the ideal amount of support, the SOMNI Medium Firm Pillow strikes a balance between fluffy and firm.

Using quilt pockets and a light and fluffy microfiber fill, the pillow mimics the plumpness and airiness of real down pillows, without you blowing a hole in your wallet. Unlike most other pillows, the Somni uses gussets a.k.a. dividers on the sides that allow it to hold its shape and provide better spine and neck support.

Price: $39.90
Type: Microfiber

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3. Mediflow Water Memory Foam – Adjustable firmness

mediflow's option uses water and memory foam to provide a customised sleeping experience
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Water pillows have long been on the market, but are highly underrated as some have the misconception that these can cause motion sickness. And while it’s normal to envision a case of water, they aren’t like that at all. 

The Mediflow Water Pillow Memory Foam has a water reservoir wrapped in hypoallergenic polyester fibres making it firm to the touch but “actively responsive” to any tossing to give you optimal support throughout the night. The best part is that you can adjust the height of the pillow based on the amount of water you put in. 

Price: $155
Type: Water-infused memory foam

Get the Mediflow Water Pillow Memory Foam

4. Little Zebra Latex Health – Double-sided for back & side sleepers

best pillow singapore - little zebra double sided pillow for back and side sleepers
Image credit: Little Zebra

If you’ve ever slept on anything latex, you’ll know why these products fall on the pricier end of the spectrum. The Little Zebra Latex Health Pillow is a 100% latex contour pillow that is both soft and firm, designed to prop your neck up and keep the whole body in a neutral and relaxed position.

It comes highly recommended for back and side sleepers and promises to alleviate neck aches. You might be forking out a small fortune for this pillow, but you’ll be getting your money’s worth out of it in terms of durability as latex holds its form much better than other materials.

Price: $198
Type: Latex

Get the Little Zebra Latex Health Pillow

5. AKEMI Medi+Health Bamboo Charcoal Pillow – Anti-allergenic & odour-free

best pillow singapore - charcoal odour-free pillow
It also has a hydrogel pad layer to keep you cool at night
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For those ultra-sensitive to dust mites and are always sniffling into the night, the AKEMI Medi+Health Bamboo Charcoal Pillow protects against allergens that irritate the nose. Pillows absorb plenty of sweat and other substances, but you don’t have to worry about any musky smells as the charcoal in this pillow will keep it moisture- and odour-free.

The 160+ 5-star reviews on Shopee speak for themselves.

Price: $37.05
Type: Memory foam

Get the AKEMI Medi + Health Bamboo Charcoal Pillow

6. Dunlopillo Super Comfort Contour Massage Pillow – Neck support

dunlopillo massage neck pillow
Image credit: Lazada

As far as pillows with neck support go, the Dunlopillo Super Comfort Contour Massage Pillow tops the list. With its unique ridges and contours, this pillow provides a massaging effect and offers enhanced support for your head, neck and spine. This option also follows the shape of your neck to prevent overnight neck aches.

The pillow sports a honeycomb structure to facilitate air circulation for cooler nights, and prevents moisture build-up leading to mould growth within.

Price: $168
Type: Memory foam

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7. Nile Valley Goose Feather Pillow – Hotel-grade softness

goose down
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We’ve got down alternatives, and now here’s the real deal – the Nile Valley Goose Feather Pillow that comes highly-rated for its luxurious comfort and fluffy texture. Filled with the softest, most delicate goose feathers, down pillows like this one are super soft, and are a staple in most usually found in top-notch hotels.

Though they’re usually not suitable for allergy-prone sleepers as feathers can trap pollen and allergens, this pillow is made of antimicrobial treated fabric, protecting you against dust mites and bacteria. Add on the fact that down pillows can easily last you a decade, whereas cotton pillows normally require replacing after a year or two.

Price: $79.20
Type: Goose down feathers

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8. AKEMI Sleep Essentials Microfil – budget option for stomach sleepers

akemi microfil
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Though sleeping on your stomach seems like the most uncomfortable position in the world, some people actually swear by it. But the problem is that stomach-sleeping may cause aches if your neck isn’t aligned with your spine. Thinner than most regular pillows, the AKEMI Sleep Essentials Microfil minimises the strain on your bed by ensuring your neck isn’t lifted too high.

Its ultrasoft microfiber filling also delivers a down-like pillow experience while staying lightweight. The best part – it costs under $20, and is the most affordable option on this list.

Price: $16
Type: Microfiber

Get the AKEMI Sleep Essentials Microfil Pillow

BONUS: Tempur Sonata – pregnancy pillow with curved support

tempur pregnancy pillow
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There’s an endless checklist of bodily changes expecting mothers toil to accommodate throughout the day, and bedtime is perhaps the most crucial. Highly recommended by experts for fetal development, safety and comfort for the mother, side sleeping can be enhanced with the Tempur Sonata Pillow.

Even so, side-sleeping constantly throughout pregnancy can quickly become strenuous, so getting a purpose-built pillow can do wonders for comfort throughout your term. It features a gentle slope that fits the contours of your neck and shoulders, making side-sleeping in the fetal position more comfortable. 

You won’t have to toss and turn with the huge bump at night, as it has a layer of cooling gel to reduce your body temperature. At $300, it’s a serious investment – but there are budget alternatives like the U-Shaped pillow that offers full-body support.

Price: $299
Type: Memory foam

Get the Tempur Sonata Pillow

Best pillows in Singapore to sleep on

Without a doubt, one of the best feelings in the world is plopping onto our pillows after a long, busy day. With about a third of our day spent asleep, we wouldn’t want to compromise on a lacklustre pillow that offers no support and might even cause long-term aches and pains. 

Whether soft or firm, cosy or cooling – regardless of what you look for in a pillow, these best 8 pillows in Singapore will cover every need and budget to get you sleeping like a log in no time. 

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The products have been ranked in terms of features and price from sources and reviews online.
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Originally published on 26th November 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 16th September 2021.