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8 Best Exercise Bikes For Spin Workouts & Leg Day To Burn Calories At Home

Best exercise bikes in Singapore

We’ve all heard the saying, never skip leg day. And with a reliable exercise bike at home, you won’t have to. It’s not just about the legs, of course, exercise bikes are also great for cardio workouts, as well as exercises that strengthen your core and back muscles. 

If you’re looking to do seated workouts at home, this list of best exercise bikes in Singapore will help you narrow down your choice. 

P.S. All of these come with screens to monitor your time, distance, speed and calories burnt.

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1. DeskCycle 2 – Portable cycling under your desk

best exercise bikes in Singapore - DeskCycle 2
Image credit: DeskCycle

For many of us, work rules the day, so we’re more than familiar with never having enough time to go to the gym. If you can relate, the portable DeskCycle 2 ($501) will be your saving grace. Simply pop it under your desk and cycle away while you power through the 9-to-6 grind. 

This design is also suitable for elderly folk or those undergoing physical therapy, as it can be used in front of an armchair or sofa – perfect for those who are unable to prop themselves up on a conventional exercise bike. It’s said to be quiet and smooth, so you won’t bother your family members or office mates while stealing a workout at your seat.

Resistance settings: Eight intensity levels

Get the DeskCycle 2

2. Xiaomi Yesoul M3 – Compact with built-in tablet

Xiaomi Yesoul M3
Image adapted from: Shopee

One common problem many of us have in Singapore is that we never seem to have enough space at home. That doesn’t mean an exercise bike can’t fit into your living room layout, especially if it measures just 0.5sqm. 

The Xiaomi Yesoul M3 ($673) is a compact bike that doesn’t skimp on gym-worthy features, including a water bottle holder for you to hydrate while you’re in the zone. It comes with a 10.1-inch touch screen for you to monitor your workout stats, which includes free access to online spin classes in Mandarin. 

Resistance settings: Eight workout modes including fat burning, relaxing and music-themed.

Get the Xiaomi Yesoul M3

3. OTO Row Bike – Rowing function for arm day

OTO Row Bike
The OTO Row Bike is designed to strengthen your neck, back and shoulders.
Image credit: Carousell

Exercise bikes primarily work your legs and thighs, but for those who do higher intensity workouts like spin classes, you’ll need a good one to target those core and back muscles. 

For an all-in-one bike that’s relatively affordable, go for the OTO Row Bike ($398, U.P. $498). It’s highly-rated among reviewers at 4.9/5 stars on Lazada, and as its name states, you can do both cycling and rowing workouts to train your entire body. The bike’s foldable and can easily be wheeled away when you need to stow it. 

Resistance settings: Nine intensity levels

Get the OTO Row Bike

4. X6 Exercise Bike – Yoga ball for working out abs

X6 Exercise Bike
Image credit: Lazada

This one’s for those who could use a break from conventional gym equipment. The X6 Exercise Bike comes with a yoga ball for a seat, so your home cardio workouts are doused with a little extra challenge. It’s meant to mimic a horse riding experience and allow you to literally add some bounce to your workout to tame your abdominal muscles.

It’s not without other conveniences, of course – this recumbent bike is also foldable for easy storage, and comes with a pretty affordable price tag of $199.  

Resistance settings: Adjustable to suit your preference

Get the X6 Exercise Bike

5. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike – Affordable option with backrest

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike
Image credit: Marcy

Besides cardio workouts, recumbent bikes with backrests are great for those who may have trouble mounting regular exercise bikes. The Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike ($281, U.P. $352) is an affordable option for beginners who prefer more relaxed workouts. 

Its side handles allow you to support yourself while you work those legs, while its LCD monitor has large wordings so you can easily view your progress while leaning back.

Resistance settings: Eight intensity levels

Get the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

6. Desk Stationary Exercise Bike – Portable with a desk

Desk Stationary Exercise Bike
The desk portion comes with a cup holder
Image credit: Lazada

If there’s anything that’ll help you get your money’s worth, it’s purchases that come with handy dual functions like this quirky Desk Stationary Exercise Bike ($295, U.P. $591)

Perfect for those who lack space for a home office and workout area, this exercise bike comes with a desk that can fit a laptop so you can use it for work and workouts. In case you get bored of your view, simply wheel it over to another part of your house for maximum productivity. 

Resistance settings: Eight intensity levels

Get the Desk Stationary Exercise Bike

7. Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike – Gym-worthy bike

Best exercise bikes Singapore -Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike
Image credit: Amazon

This one’s for those who need a heavy-duty exercise bike for daily workouts. Rated highly among international reviewers, the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike ($432, U.P. $490) looks like it could belong to any condo or public gym. It comes with anti-slip cage pedals, a large LCD monitor, and a water bottle holder. 

Those who prefer to multitask by watching Netflix, listening to music, or following online exercise bike workouts will find its built-in iPad holder useful too. 

Resistance settings: Adjustable to suit your preference

Get the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike

8. AIBI Gym Recumbent Bike AB-B165R – comes with workout presets

Best exercise bikes Singapore -AIBI Gym Recumbent Bike AB-B165R
Use preset workouts instead of manually adjusting your cycling intensity
Image credit: AIBI

AIBI is another name that’s popular among gym equipment enthusiasts. Their Gym Recumbent Bike AB-B165R is on the pricier side ($1,388) but that’s because it comes with 12 preset workout programmes. Set timed goals or select a cycling intensity that suits you. 

All members of your family, young and old, will find its adjustable seat and backrest useful too. But if you don’t need back support for cardio workouts, opt for the similar Tunturi Exercise Bike Performance E50 ($1,188). It’s an upright bike with 21 workout programmes to deliver a more intense workout.

Resistance settings: 24 intensity levels

Get the AIBI Gym Recumbent Bike AB-B165R or Tunturi Exercise Bike Performance E50

Exercise bikes for home workouts

Busy bees who don’t have time to head to the gym, or simply favour working out at home may want to consider a reliable exercise bike. As this list goes to show, there are plenty of options to suit your needs, whether you prefer relaxing rides, or high-intensity spin workouts. 

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The products have been ranked in terms of features and price from sources and reviews online.
Cover image adapted from (L-R):, @moments.with.liv.and.isla
Originally published on 28th October 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 21st October 2021.