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ARK11 cover

There’s A New Spaceship-Themed Nightclub In Orchard Central With Star Wars Vibes & Robot Bartenders

ARK11 – Spaceship-themed nightclub in Orchard 

Singapore has you covered with a squad of thriving nightclubs. There’s Berlin-inspired underground Drip, Vegas-hailed Marquee, and cult fave Zouk – among dozens of others. 

There’s now a spanking new destination to get lit till late. The new ARK11 nightclub is bringing a slice of Star Wars to our shores with its spaceship-inspired interior, augmented reality visuals, and a bar helmed by robots.

Party inside a spaceship-inspired nightclub

It’s not even fair to think of this as just a nightclub.

ARk11 - AI bar

In all honesty, ARK11 looks more like a giant theme park meets a sci-fi movie set that also happens to have DJs spinning sick beats from dusk to dawn. Located inside Orchard Central, the spaceship-lookalike nightclub is decked out in galactic decor. 

It all starts at the entrance that’s been designed to look like a spaceship hatch. Hover your hands over a small button, and the doors will open, leading you through a futuristic tunnel. 

Inside, muted grey furniture and metal carpentry take centre stage, with faux windows looking out at the “hyperspace highway”.

TBH, it reminded us of Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). That’s because the concept was dreamt up by the same folks behind USS. 

Get drinks from an AI-powered bar

ARK11 - bar

Here’s a familiar scene an experienced clubber would be familiar with: standing at the bar, waving your hands to get the bartender’s attention, and shouting your order over the loud music. 

Unlike other joints, the bars at this spot will be helmed by robots. In phase 2 of the club’s opening, planned for the end of this year, you’ll be able to order your drinks online instead of queueing up at the bar. 

ARK11 - menu

Go hard or go home by ordering the Flaming Lamborghini ($38), a cocktail OGs will be familiar with after one too many nights clubbing at Jiak Kim Street. It’s a chaotic concoction of sambuca and Kahlua set on fire, with other liqueurs poured into the glass while you’re drinking from it. Otherwise, play it safe-r with a Long Island Iced Tea ($20) or house pours ($15)

Mechanical beating heart & space capsule-inspired tables 

ARK11 - beating heart
I’m no organ donor but I’d be happy to give you my heart.

A super cool feature at ARK11 is its centrepiece: a massive mechanical heart sculpture that pulses to the music. It’s also located right next to the bar, which makes for a good conversation starter if you’re trying to talk to the super chio girl or abang sapau next to you. 

Are you an alien? Because you abducted my heart.

I’m sure we all have friends who will go “eh how? want to open table?” 

Well, they’ll be happy to know that these aren’t just ordinary tables. They’re designed to look like you’re sitting in a space capsule. The tables are located right next to the dancefloor, so you can simply pop in and out as you like. 

Besides the untz untz tunes, there are also super cool laser displays and “fireworks” at the DJ booth. 

In terms of music, ARK11 has a lineup of international and local DJs playing mostly EDM. 

How to get to ARK11? 

Unlike some other clubs in Singapore that are sibei far from public transportation, it’s easy to get to ARK11. So those who are dressed to the nines in heels don’t have to worry about crossing bridges to get to the club.

Orchard Gateway - Ark 11

From Somerset MRT Station, head to the “Orchard Gateway” exit and take the escalator up to the 1st floor. You’ll then arrive at Orchard Central. Alternatively, if you’re coming by bus or car, just head into the mall entrance in front of the traffic junction opposite Emerald Hill. 

 Then, head towards Henri Charpentier, where you’ll find a lift up to level 11

At level 11, walk past Armoury, a vibey restaurant known for its craft beer and steak and head out towards the glass doors. From there, turn left and you’ll arrive at the mothership. 

Add ARK11 to your weekend plans

ARK 11 tunnel

ARK11 is completely out of this world and as wild as you’d hope, but a themed nightclub is always welcome in our Lion City. We don’t know about you, but we’re guessing it’ll be super popular for Halloween this year. So dress up in your fanciest AI-core outfit and hit up this cool new spot. 

Find out more about ARK11


Pre-sale: $35/lady | $45/gentlemen
Door: $40/lady | $50/gentlemen

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181 Orchard Rd, #11 - 01 / 02, Singapore 238896
Opening Hours:
Tuesday Closed Show More Timings

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Photography by Hui Wen Chan.
First published by Samantha Nguyen on 1st August 2023. Last updated by Dewi Nurjuwita on 3rd October 2023.