Breakfast For Champions


“The early bird catches the worm” is a saying I’ve grown to hate, especially when it means the food I’m craving won’t be available for perpetual latecomers like me. Many eateries seem to take joy in torturing us with their breakfast timings, dangling the promise of hotcakes before us, then snatching it away when we arrive a minute past noon.

All too often, I’ve rushed down only to have the menu change right before my eyes. Should we be deprived of our perfectly toasted bread and fluffy pancakes just because we can’t wake up on time? I don’t think so – which is why I hunted down 24 places in Singapore that serve all-day breakfasts. You’re welcome.


1. Prive Bakery Cafe


b2ap3_thumbnail_prive-bakery-accidentalepicurean.jpgSource: accidentalepicurean

Unfortunately, Prive’s all day breakfast ends at 5pm daily. But the prettiness of the location and the heavenly milkshakes are reason enough to close one’s eye. Their breakfast options consist of French Toast, Pancakes, Sausage Bruschetta and more. Fret not if you can’t make it before dinner time but still want some form of breakfast food – they’ll still have sandwiches and pies. 

Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, S098382


2. Arbite


b2ap3_thumbnail_arbite-eerietoe.jpgSource: @eerietoe

Surprise your tastebuds here where some of the classic breakfast staples come with an Asian twist. Instead of boring old French toast with ham and cheese or fruits, Arbite serves Liu Sha French Toast – matcha soaked brioche with salted egg custard. The desserts also come with a local twist, featuring Horlicks Panna Cotta and Gula Melaka Tiramisu. Prices range from $9-$17.

Address: 66A Serangoon Garden Way, S555962


3. Artichoke Cafe & Bar


b2ap3_thumbnail_artichoke-cheese-jam-crunchybottoms.jpgSource: crunchbottoms

Serving Middle-Eastern food with a twist, this cafe is perfect if you’re tired of typical brunch food. Bjorn Shen, the head chef, takes quality and creativity seriously, and many of their ingredients are home-grown. The Lamb Shakshouka ($25) is a must-try, and for those who like a bit of everything, the Brunch Mezze Platter has a mix of ingredients that changes regularly.

Weekend brunch: 11am-4pm

Address: 161 Middle Road, Sculpture Square S188978


4. Baker & Cook


b2ap3_thumbnail_bakerandcook-miss_neverfull.jpgSource: @miss_neverfull

Opened by New Zealand celebrity baker Dean Brettschneider, every single one of Baker & Cook’s artisan bakery products are handmade. Besides baked goods, they also have pancakes, granola, spanish omelettes and more, though not all items are available for the all day breakfast. For those with a sweet tooth, they have a huge range of cakes, sweet breads, and tarts for you to enjoy after your hearty brunch.

Address: 77 Hillcrest Road, S288951


5. The Bravery


b2ap3_thumbnail_bravery---sgfoodonfoot.jpgSource: sgfoodonfoot

Opened by the same people behind The Plain, the coffee here is easily better than most served at cafes. Simple fare like pancakes, sweet porridge with milk, fruits and nuts, and sandwiches are the order of the day here. While the metal seats are cold, the food is homely and comforting, given the free wifi, it’s a good place to hang out. 

Address: 66 Horne Road, S209073


6. Carpenter and Cook


b2ap3_thumbnail_carpenter-and-cook---burpple.jpgSource: Peter Wong

A haven for antique lovers, Carpenter and Cook combines a vintage home store with an artisan bakery. Offerings that are baked in-house daily include savoury brioche breads and quiches, and tarts and cakes for those with a sweet tooth as well! If the furniture catches your eye, most of it is for sale so feel free to browse. They also have a selection of homemade jams, granola, and marshmallow for you to takeaway.

Address: 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06 S598120


7. Cedele


b2ap3_thumbnail_cedele-aromacookery.jpgSource: aromacookery

Known for using all-natural ingredients, Cedele is one of the healthiest options on the list. They have branches all over Singapore, and their breakfast items include eggs, pancakes, and a rosti breakfast set. They also have baked goods, cakes, and ice cream for those who want something to snack on.

Address: Multiple locations. Check them out here.


8. Choupinette


b2ap3_thumbnail_choupinette-smileybrows.jpgSource: @smileybrows

Situated in a nook next to Coronation Plaza in Bukit Timah, this eatery specializes in French cuisine, and has baked treats too. I only wish I’d known about it back when my school was within walking distance of the place! The Eggs Benedict is the dish most raved about here, with buttery Hollandaise sauce and perfectly toasted bread. The meals all come in sets here, and for $3 more you get a glass of juice or a hot drink (hot chocolate, coffee or tea).

Take note, not everything is available all day here – some dishes stop being served at noon, like the french toast and kids’ set.

Address: 607 Bukit Timah Road, S269708


9. Club Street Social


b2ap3_thumbnail_clubstreetsocial-suchafatty.jpgSource: suchafatty

This place gives a Manhattan studio apartment vibe, chic and different from other hipster cafes. It serves the usual fare of eggs and paninis, but one dish that called out to me was the Truffle Toast. With runny yolk akin to lava cake or liu sha bao, and the aromatic truffle flavour that we love so much, the Truffle Toast is impossible to resist.

Their Nutella Bread and Butter Pudding sounds tempting too. With such photogenic food and free wifi, this cafe is practically screaming at you to Instagram away!

Address: 5 Gemmill Lane, S069261


10. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


b2ap3_thumbnail_cbtl-idiva.jpgSource: idiva

I used to look right past the breakfast menu and make a beeline for the drinks and cakes every time I stepped into a Coffee Bean, but I’ve since had a change of heart. Staple items like Eggs Benedict and Pancakes and the Ultimate Breakfast Platter make for a promising menu, but the best part is that they all come with a choice of coffee or tea, and there are free refills till 11am every day.

Address: Multiple locations. Check them out here.


11. Common Man Coffee Roasters


b2ap3_thumbnail_common-man-coffee-roasters-topoftherainbow.jpgSource: topoftherainbow

I love the decoration of Common Man Coffee Roasters, from the imposing statues guarding the entrance to the brightly lit interior with bar seating. Famous for their cold brews, the coffee is made by people passionate about the process, from the roasting and grinding processes to the brewing. Their Organic Eggs Benedict comes with tender beef cheek, and they also do a Turkish Breakfast Platter, complete with olives and hummus.

Address: 22 Martin Road, #01-00 S239058


12. Epicurious Cafe


b2ap3_thumbnail_epicurious---yebber.jpgSource: yebber

Breakfast is available here from 9am-5pm. Voted as having the Best Breakfast in Singapore by Time Out Singapore in 2008, they serve breakfast burritos, pancakes, and French toast. Everything here is made from scratch. Fans of Dr Seuss, relive your childhood with their Green Eggs and Ham ($16), which is seasoned with basil pesto for the colour and earthy flavour.

While their outlet at Rail Mall has closed as of 2013, they remain in business at Quayside.

Address: 60 Robertson Quay, #01-02 The Quayside, S238252


13. Food For Thought


b2ap3_thumbnail_foodforthought-thewildfleur.jpgSource: @thewildfleur

Food For Thought promotes and supports different charity causes, with the current one aiming to raise funds to build a well for Living Water International. The menu has cute reminders about their causes, with little notes like “While you enjoy the free flow water, you may choose to make a donation of $2 which will bless an African with the same privilege for one year.” 

Try the pancakes. Topped with fresh cream and gula melaka syrup for a uniquely Singaporean touch, you can choose from a variety of toppings like banana, dark chocolate, granola, and more. 

Address: 8 Queen Street, S188535 / 1 Cluny Road, Tanglin Gate #B1-00, S259569


14. The Garden Slug


b2ap3_thumbnail_gardenslug-qootjoo_20150205-094919_1.jpgSource: @qootjoo

One of the best-kept secrets in the East, this ulu cafe has something for everyone. Besides sharing platters, and vegetarian options for every course, they also offer gluten-free and vegan breakfasts. Health nuts can knock themselves out eating here! Of course, they do have the standard fare of pancakes, and scrambled eggs. Another happy fact: they have free wifi and nett prices.

Address: 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau #01-59/61, Bright Centre


15. Hatched


b2ap3_thumbnail_hatched-eatfish93.jpgSource: @eatfish93

No breakfast is complete without eggs. So what better place to go than one that specializes in eggs? Located right outside Holland Village MRT station, Hatched is a breakfast place you won’t have to trek long distances for or worry about parking. Whether you like your eggs poached, scrambled or sunny-side up, at Hatched, you’ll be well taken care of.

Address: 267 Holland Avenue, S278989


16. Kith Cafe


b2ap3_thumbnail_kith-cafe-kithsingapore.jpgSource: @kithsingapore

Most of the all day breakfast at Kith is only served till 5pm except for their sandwiches, which are served all day. Their other dishes include muesli, toast, mixed fruit salads, sweet corn omelettes, and a vegetarian breakfast set for those who like their greens. With three easily accessible outlets in Singapore, Kith Cafe is a good option if you want a hearty breakfast without breaking the bank.

Address: Park Mall, 9 Penang Road, #01-01E / Watermark at Robertson Quay, 7 Rodyk Street, #01-28 / Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove, 31 Ocean Way, #01-08


17. November 8 Cafe and Company


b2ap3_thumbnail_november-8-j.jophy_20150205-095240_1.jpgSource: j.jophyjee

Known for their quality coffee, November 8 also has a selection of all day breakfasts. Instead of going to Marche when you’re craving for rosti, you now have a new place to try! Besides their Potato Rosti, you can have an order of November Egg, Big Breakfast, or Waffles Breakfast. Open till midnight daily, you can even have breakfast food for supper here.

Address: 11 Sin Ming Road, S575629


18. Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters


b2ap3_thumbnail_pacamara-gninethree.jpgSource: gninethree

Previously known as OZ Specialty Coffee, this cafe underwent a rebranding and is now Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, after the blend of El Savador coffee beans. With a minimalistic white and wooden themed interior, you now have the perfect background to Instagram your brunch.

People who frequented OZ Specialty Coffee will be pleased to know they have added many more brunch offerings, while still retaining their quality coffee. Items like Truffle Eggs Benedict, Red Velvet Pancakes, and Chocolate Challah, are some of the must tries. 

Address: 185 Upper Thomson Road


19. Pique Nique


b2ap3_thumbnail_pique-nique-debbbling_20150205-095241_1.jpgSource: @debbbling

A venture by Chef Pang Kok Keong (who also conceptualized Antoinette), Pique Nique offers different kinds of breakfast sets, like Sausage and Egg Gratin, Farmer’s Omelette, Long Island Breakfast and Norwegian Benedict. They also have a selection of macarons and ice cream profiteroles for you to indulge in and to finish off your breakfast on a sweet note.

Address: 391 Orchard Road, #08-05 Ngee Ann City Tower A, S238873


20. Antoinette


b2ap3_thumbnail_antoinette-epicureasia.jpgSource: epicureasia

With all day breakfast set menus including eggs, french toast, and blinis (French thick pancakes), there’s a huge variety of breakfast available daily at Antoinette. Have breakfast in style in their regal furniture and plush seats. The Scrambled Egg Gratin and Blinis with Blueberries and Maple Syrup (served with a side of creme Chantilly) sounds especially appetizing. Prices range from $12 to $24.

Address: 333A Orchard Rd, Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34, S238897 // 30 Penhas Road S208188 // 390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance #B1-08/10C, S238871


21. Strictly Pancakes


b2ap3_thumbnail_strictlypancakes---natashasafia.jpgSource: @natashasafia

I’ll never know how can anyone dislike pancakes. As Strictly Pancake’s name suggests, this eatery specializes in pancakes, both savoury and sweet. There are options to customize your pancake toppings!

I’ve read reviews saying this is overrated, but the fluffy, pillowy pancakes I’ve had say otherwise. If you’re getting the Druggie (pictured above), do share it, as it is sinfully good at first, but gets gelat after a few mouthfuls.

Address: 44A Prinsep Street, Prinsep Place, S188674


22. Symmetry Cafe


b2ap3_thumbnail_symmetry-oogiellen.jpgSource: oogiellen

Symmetry Cafe is the brain-child of the people behind Coastal Settlement, which explains why it is a forerunner in the Kampung Glam cafe scene. Using organic eggs and grass-fed beef justifies their items being more expensive than other cafes, with most mains costing at least $20.

The offerings are extensive and not the usual brunch fare, with items like Hickory Corned Beef and Hash, Flan, and Broccolini and Eggs. Despite being in operation for a few years, the snaking queues have yet to shorten, so be sure to make a reservation before going down.

Address: 9 Jalan Kubor, #01-01 S199206


23. Wheeler’s Yard


b2ap3_thumbnail_wheelers-yard-vincefurukawa.jpgSource: @vincefurukawa

Everyone knows about the iconic blue door that constantly appears on our Instagram feeds, whether for an #ootd or a group shot. But did you also know that Wheeler’s Yard serves all day breakfast? The usual breakfast platter and scrambled eggs are present, but for those who want something more Singaporean, they also have Ah Too Special Satay Chicken.

Don’t get your expectations too high for the food though – there’s a common consensus that visiting Wheeler’s Yard is more down to the ambience than the fare they serve.

Address: 28 Lor Ampas, S328781


24. Wild Honey


b2ap3_thumbnail_wild-honey---amalietan.jpgSource: amalietan

Wild Honey has the whole all-day breakfast concept down pat. Their breakfasts are inspired by different countries – England, Switzerland, Norway, and Australia. I’m not the only one who finds this place delicious, and with Wild Honey being a popular one in the brunch scene, be prepared to queue when you go down. 

Address: 333A Orchard Road, S238897 / 6 Scotts Square #03-01


Guilty Pleasures


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s not for nothing that How I Met Your Mother dedicated an entire episode to the mysteries and appeal of brunch. While I find some items overpriced, – $20 for eggs is ridiculous, however well done they are – I can’t help but fall victim to the charm of pancakes and scrambled eggs once in awhile. 

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