The Best Hot Dogs in Singapore



Most people choose burgers over hot dogs, as they feel that hot dogs don’t justify the similar price tag they would pay for a burger. The worse thing that can happen is shelling out a hefty sum and ending up with an unsatisfying hotdog. No more tears. This guide will ensure you never go through that again.

A good hot dog can hold its own against the very best burgers, so you just need to know where to find them.

What makes a brilliant hot dog to me is that the dog cannot be overcooked – the skin has to be crispy and bursts open to release a mouthful of sinful goodness into your mouth. The bun also has to be freshly toasted and generously topped with delicious beef con carne. It doesn’t matter if it creates a huge mess – it will all be worth it. 


Our ultimate hot dog guide takes you to 13 of the best American-style hot dogs we have around Singapore. However, we also added just ONE European sausage because it was just too good to miss. 

American Hot Dogs vs European Hot Dogs

There is a very distinct line that draws a difference between American style hot dogs and European sausages. The American style dogs come loaded with toppings, from chili con carne, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, caramelized onions and dressed with thick yellow mustard. The European style dogs (aka Ikea hot dogs) on the other hand, are more simply topped with just a choice of chili, ketchup and/or mustard. 

Here we go! 


1. Roadhouse



Roadhouse is one of the more popular eateries for diners who travel up luscious Dempsey Hill. Whether it’s for a romantic dinner date or early weekend brunch, Roadhouse always draws a decent crowd. Having visited Roadhouse previously to try their more renowned food such as their Eggs Benedict, this is a hot dog that we knew we had to try.


This is easily one of my favourites from this guide, with a generous serving of succulent minced beef and jalapenos over a dog that gives a delicious crunch at every bite. The bun was nicely toasted and complemented the lovely dog within it. A must try.

Fun Fact: We already featured Roadhouse in our free flow food guide for their truffle fries. We featured again in in our food challenge guide where you get to eat for free if you can finish their $58 six patty Wagyu beef burger in 20 minutes. And no, we don’t have any business relationship with them, they just have very clever marketing concepts!

Damage: $18
For more information on Roadhouse, click here.


2. Big Bern’s Botak Jones



Botak Jones started out way back in the early 2000s, and has since invaded most of our heartlands. In a good way of course. Bringing us solid American comfort food in steaks, burgers and hotdogs at affordable prices, there is no reason why we shouldn’t love this chain. (Check out that MASSIVE burger on top, it was as big as my face)


While the other hotdogs are nothing to shout about, a must try here is the Chili Dawg, which is topped with Botak Jones’ famous Whoopass Chili Con Carne and crunchy fresh diced onions. This dog is also decent in size and fills you up to the brim, although it comes at a relatively hefty $19 price tag. I devoured every single inch of it on my own, and still wanted more. 

Damage: $19
For more information on Botak Jones, go here.


3. The Brat



Conveniently located at the basement of Plaza Singapura and next to Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, The Brat has been running for a good chunk of the past 8 years. They have a variety of different hot dogs, burgers and even wraps. The staff working there were really friendly as well, they offered us good suggestions based on what we liked, and even turned special lights on for us to take pictures! 


The greatest thing about this famous hot dog stand is that it’s cheap compared to the other hot dogs you will find anywhere else. At just $7.50, you can get a good sized hot dog all topped with cheddar cheese, chili beef, sauerkraut and even mushrooms. Some may argue that the bun isn’t the best, but I feel that it’s worth the really low price you pay for it. 

Damage: $8
For more information on The Brat, go here.


4. Fat Boys


While most people go to Fat Boys for their famous burgers, many miss out on the classic Stiffee Foot-Long that is just as good as the burgers that Fat Boys serve up. b2ap3_thumbnail_hot-dog-21.jpg

As its name suggests, the Stiffee Foot Long is literally a foot long. And at just $14, this baby is well worth the money, size-wise.Topped with caramelized onions, delicious tomato dressing and crunchy taco strips, I was pleasantly surprised when I sunk my teeth into this one. The dog was a tad over-cooked and didn’t have the crunch that I usually like, but it was good enough for me.

Damage: $14
For more information on Fat Boys, click here.


5. Hot Dogs Inc



Tucked deep in the corner of The Metropolis at North Buona Vista, Hot Dogs Inc is a small and quiet hot dog stand. They are basically a take-away place, with only a small seating space catering to 5 or 6 people. 


They serve up a variety of hot dogs. I tried the Chili Con Carne and Spanking Hot Chick, but would personally recommend the Chili Con Carne. Topped with mozzarella cheese, minced beef con carne and jalapenos, this was a real steal at just $7.50.

The Spanking Hot Chick was way too spicy for my liking, and the bun was just too weird for me. Looking at it I think there must be some sort of inside joke going on over there. Nevermind, get your mind out of the gutter!

Damage: Less than $8
For more information on Hot Dogs Inc, click here.


6. The Mad Men Attic Bar


b2ap3_thumbnail_MAD-19.jpegPhoto Source The Mad Men Attic Bar

The Mad Men Attic Bar is a lovely place to hang out for drinks after work. Packed by 7:30pm, it is advisable to make table reservations early if you wish to visit this popular bar tucked behind Boat Quay in the Raffles Place district.

b2ap3_thumbnail_MAD-24.jpegPhoto Source: The Mad Men Attic Bar

This place is famous for its affordable drinks and food, and you have to try their hot dogs. Served with delicious minced chili beef, crisp toasted bun and a side of crunchy string fries, I could have this every single day. But what makes this place so amazing is the ambience and the view. With a live band, extensive drinks menu (and affordable too) and sunset view overlooking the business district, it is no surprise that Mad Men is so well patronised. 

Damage: Less than $20
For more information on Mad Men, click here.


7. OverEasy


b2ap3_thumbnail_10575405_786439831412170_5012198672062388369_o.jpgPhoto Source: OverEasy

OverEasy is a popular hangout place for youngsters and the working class alike, having drinks after a long day or just chilling over the weekend. Located next to popular club The Butter Factory, many people actually have drinks at OverEasy before heading up to party.

b2ap3_thumbnail_10548975_784768071579346_5876259994637272300_o.jpgPhoto Source: OverEasy

The food here is of great quality as well, with the Truffle Mac and Cheese, Sliders and crunchy White Bait just a few of my favourites. The All-Beef Hot Dog here is pretty decent. Topped with Grilled Onions, hot BBQ sauce and cream cheese, every mouthful is heaven in your mouth with all the toppings complementing each other perfectly. Worth every single cent of the $18 you part with for this beauty. 

Damage: $18
For more information on OverEasy, click here


8. Hopdog



This has got to be a favorite for the party animals and is one of the best drunk food you can find at 3am in the bustling Clarke Quay nightlife. I have one or two hazy memories of the hot dogs here, so I decided that I should visit this place sober, for once. 


The food here is not photogenic at all, and it looks pretty wrong at some aspects, but taste wise they are actually pretty decent! With an extensive range of hot dogs and beers to go with your food, I was impressed when our food actually came. The toppings were generous, and all hot dogs actually come with a generous serving of nacho chips and cheese. I enjoyed my meal here and would recommend it to anyone in the area – drunk or sober. 

Damage: $12
For more information on Hop Dog, click here.


9. Blooie’s



Without a doubt, Blooies has the best hot dog on our guide. This picture doesn’t even do justice to how good this was. Blooies is an American Bar and Grill that was first opened in Singapore a good 10 years ago and now has 4 outlets across Singapore! The menu is extensive, with a whole array of drinks and burgers which have made them so famous. Service was great, and the staff even gave us a bowl of water for our dog!


This beauty was LOADED with thick and succulent beef con carne, with the melted cheddar cheese oozing out of the sides. The dog itself was grilled to perfection, while the skin burst at every bite to release delicious meat that wasn’t too salty as compared to most other places. This beautiful mess is a MUST TRY, you will not regret it. 

Damage: $16
For more information on Blooies, click here.


10. Handle Bar



Handle Bar is a bikers bar tucked far far away at the tip of Sembawang. One of the most ulu places I have ever visited, don’t even try finding your way here if you don’t drive. Despite that, it is recommended to make reservations before coming here as it gets crowded during dinner time. This pays true testament to how delicious the food here really is. The Grilled Ribs were magnificent, Onion Blossom were out of this world and Jumbo Beef Dog was truly fantastic. 


The dog was big, really really big. This authentic American dog is topped with your own customization of pulled beef chili con carne, sauteed onions and cheddar cheese. This is one of the my favorite hot dogs in this guide, and definitely worth the far drive in. I am already planning my next trip there. Must try.  

Damage: Less than $20.
For more information on HandleBar, click here.

UPDATE: This Handlebar outlet has since closed down, but there’s another one at Gillman Barracks


11. Southwest Tavern



Southwest Tavern is another classic American Diner that prides itself as the best in the west. Serving up American comfort food in hot buffalo wings, thick cut steaks and mouth-watering burgers, they truly are a popular favourite and worth travelling to.

The Jumbo Beef Dog comes topped with a choice of chili con carne, bacon, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, mushrooms and caramelized onions. The dog was also done just the way I liked it, crunchy on the outside, which breaks to a flavorful mouthful of meat on the inside. Worth a try. 

Damage: $18
For more information on Southwest Tavern, click here.


12. 3 Buns Potatohead



Potatohead made its name as a popular beach club along the beautiful beaches of Bali, and I was actually fortunate enough to get to try their delicious food when I visited early this year. I was really excited to give Potatohead a try when they opened in Singapore, and although it wasn’t the same, I would still highly recommend it. 


The decor of 3 Buns Potatohead at Keong Saik is very quaint, and similar to many of the hipster cafes you find in Singapore. We ordered the famous Naughty Fries, Smokey BBQ Chicken Wings, and of course their hot dog, named the D.O Double G. 


The fries were the best fries I have ever eaten, and it really set the standard very high for the other food here. Topped with a cheesy chili sauce that I have never had before, it is really hard to put an explanation to it.

The wings were also well marinated and delicious, while the hot dog was pretty decent as well. Everything we tried came topped with fried onions – something I personally really love – which gave it a very asian twist to the food. Nevertheless, really good food, albeit at a relatively pricey cost. Worth a try.

Damage: $19
For more information on 3 Buns Potatohead, click here.


13. Swensens



I came to Swensens with no expectations at all for the Hot Dog. Having been to Swensens many times before, I never actually noticed the Hot Dog on the menu. The food has also always been decent, but never the best. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the Hot Dog here. It was very tasty, the bun was well toasted, and topped with delicious tomato dressing. At just $14 during lunch time, it also comes with any side on the menu. Definitely worth a try. 


Damage: $14
For more information on Swensens, click here.


14. Erich Wuerstelstand



Finally, our one and only European winner – and this guy has been around for the longest time. Now located in a coffee shop behind the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Erich’s Wuerstelstand has one of the best sausages I’ve tried. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, this one is definitely worth the calories. Small they might be, but I could easily have 10 of these. 


Erich Sollbock is a delightfully friendly guy. I spent about 10 minutes talking to him and learning from him the differences between American Hot Dogs and European Sausages. (He definitely takes a lot of pride in his European sausages!!) Localized after his many years here in Singapore, he interacts with his customers in the colloquial Singapore slangs and languages, which makes the dining experience with him a pleasant one. He bakes his different breads and muffins fresh on a daily basis, while his hot dogs are grilled to perfection. Must-try. 

Damage: $5
For more information on Erich Wuerstelstand, click here.


The Best Hotdogs in Singapore


This guide has taken me all over Singapore to find only the best hot dogs. I may now weigh 5 kilos heavier, but this American Classic never gets old, and I could continue to have one every day. Do let me know if you know anymore mouth-watering hot dogs that I could try and add to this list! 

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