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13Units Hong Kong Cafe

This Mahjong-Themed Cha Chaan Teng Cafe In JB Has Free Mini MJ Tiles To Collect With Every Drink

13Units Hong Kong Cafe In Johor Bahru, Malaysia

We’re all about whimsical themed cafes – we’ve got colour-themed cafes, unique “2-in-1” cafes, and even a Harry Potter-themed cafe for every aspiring wizard. And if you have a passion for all things mahjong, then 13Units Hong Kong Cafe might just be your new haven.

This Hong Kong-style new cafe in JB serves ultimate retro vibes with its old-school decorations and mahjong elements. Here’s huats available:

Old-school Hong Kong cafe with mahjong decorations

mahjong decorations
Image adapted from: @hey.sharlottek0h & @shervinsk47 via Instagram

Step into the 2-storey cafe and you’ll instantly be transported to Hong Kong from the early 2000s. It’s almost as though you’re on set for classic films like Fat Choi Spirit and House of Mahjong – you know, the Hong Kong mahjong-based movies usually played on TV during Chinese New Year.

True to the cha chaan teng style, there are vintage posters of Hong Kong actors and actresses plastered on the wall. You’ll notice that some of their light fixtures are in the shape of mahjong tiles too – a cute nod to the mahjong concept.

cha chaan teng
Image credit: @jacco730 via Instagram

Aside from the clean white dining tables and chairs, you can opt to dine on mahjong tables. But this time, you’re not limited to just 4 pax per table. Here’s your chance to reenact thrilling scenes from Hong Kong movies and pretend you’re Andy Lau.

Image credit: @jacco730 via Instagram

Mahjong maniacs can mosey on over to the small retail section at the corner of the cafe. They sell mahjong-themed merch such as t-shirts, cups, jewellery, and even Rubik’s cubes. This is how you say you love mahjong without actually saying you love mahjong.

What to eat & drink at 13Units Hong Kong Cafe

Baked Macaroni
Image credit: @fodevarer via Instagram

Moving on to the food. The menu consists of classic Hong Kong F&B, such as the Baked Macaroni (RM18.80, ~S$5.40), Wanton Mee Soup (RM13.80, ~S$3.96), and Char Siew Rice (RM18.80, ~S$5.40) if you’re looking for a substantial dish.

13Units Hong Kong Cafe Polo Bun with Butter
Image adapted from: @shervinsk47 via Instagram

Alternatively, those looking for a lighter snack can consider the Polo Bun with Butter (RM6.80, ~S$1.95), Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun (RM5.80, ~S$1.67), or the iconic Bubble Waffles (from RM6, ~S$1.72) AKA egglets.

13Units Hong Kong Cafe HK Silk Milk Tea
Image credit: @pfionpkokop via Instagram

Quench your thirst with their wide selection of beverages. Options include the HK Silk Milk Tea (from RM6.80, ~S$1.95), Fatt Choi Milk Tea (RM7.80, ~S$2.24), and Yuan Yang (from RM6.80, ~S$1.95). The cafe owner shared that they use the time-honoured hand-pulling tea method, and they do not reuse or dilute any of the tea leaves.

And if you look closely, you’ll notice that there are mahjong tiles in each drink. Every milk tea comes with an edible “mahjong tile” that’s made from ice, and each cold beverage comes with a free mini mahjong tile to add to your collection.

How to get to 13Units Hong Kong Cafe?

There are 2 locations in Johor Bahru – Nusa Sentral and Danga Utama. The Danga Utama outlet is more mahjong-centric, while the other outlet features simpler decorations.

The Nusa Sentral outlet is a 25-minute drive from Tuas Checkpoint and a 35-minute drive from Woodlands Checkpoint. On the other hand, the Danga Utama cafe is a 33-minute drive from Tuas Checkpoint and a 27-minute drive from Woodlands Checkpoint.

Pong, chi & hu at 13Units Hong Kong Cafe

If you’re already an expert when it comes to complicated mahjong rules, take it up a notch and impress your mahjong kakis with this mahjong-themed cafe. You’ll be able to scratch that mahjong itch, while indulging in yummy Hong Kong street food at an affordable price. It’ll be one of those JB cafes worth crossing the border for.

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Cover image adapted from: @fodevarer & @pfionpkokop via Instagram