Delivery rider reciprocates the kindness of strangers

The escalating COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s life, while also inspiring numerous charitable acts

From free groceries to free flight tickets, we have seen countless residents being the beneficiaries of compassionate gestures these days. Meanwhile, we have also encountered cases in which the takers step forth and become givers themselves.

The BAEMIN delivery rider in this story is a case in point. After receiving a goodie bag from a group of strangers, he immediately returned the favor

BAEMIN delivery rider receives gifts from strangers

delivery rider
Image credit: Lê Sắc

In a touching post on a Facebook group Cháo Hành Miễn Phí, Saigon resident Lê Sắc shared a memorable experience when he was committing a charitable act.

Together with his friends, the OP has been participating in a self-initiated volunteer group to help the underprivileged since the latest COVID-19 wave struck Saigon.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11AM, he and his associates would stand on Nguyen Oanh Street in Go Vap District to hand out free lunches to those in need.

Recently, while conducting charitable activities, Lê Sắc saw a BAEMIN delivery rider pass by. Without hesitation, he gave the rider a portion of a free meal and several face masks.

After receiving the gifts, the rider went his own way, and Lê Sắc continued looking out for the people who would need the goodie bag.

From a receiver to a fellow giver

delivery rider
Image credit: Lê Sắc

To Lê Sắc’s surprise, the rider came back to the charity post’s location about 5 minutes later. He gave them 6 cups of cooling drinks, which must have cost him more than the meal and face masks he received from them. 

The rider explained to the volunteers that it was their compassion that made him want to join the relief efforts.

Needless to say, Lê Sắc and his associates must have been deeply touched by a stranger’s robust appreciation for their compassion.

Volunteers get rewarded for their generosity

You may have heard of the saying “A act of kindness goes a long way.” 

This famous quote can’t be any truer in this situation, when a volunteer group’s display of generosity inspired a stranger to do the same.

While the volunteers’ generosity was heartwarming, the rider’s reaction was no less praiseworthy.

Not only did he lift the volunteers up with his sweet display of appreciation, but he also reminded all of us that it doesn’t take much to chip in for a greater cause. All it takes, is a generous heart.

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Cover image adapted from: Lê Sắc

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