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Student Caught Having Sex During Online Class, Apologizes To His Classmates

Student has sex during online class

All schools in Ho Chi Minh City have been ordered to stay physically closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, most teachers and students have switched to holding online classes. 

Although this method is convenient, many students are still trying to get used to the new learning platform. Online learning has also led to rather awkward situations for some university students.   

For the university student in this story, his online learning experience couldn’t get any more traumatic when intimate moments between him and his girlfriend were broadcast live during the class. 

Here’s what happened.

University students’ sexual acts were broadcast live during online class

sex during online class
Image credit: Lao Dong

A short clip that surfaced on social media a few days ago, depicted an online class by a university in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the clip, a student was captured having an intimate moment with his partner during the class. 

sex during online class
Image credit: Lao Dong

Shocked by what was happening, a lecturer was heard complaining, “What do you think you are doing? In physical classrooms, you make out with your girlfriend. Now that we’re in an online class, you have sex. My hands are tied.”

Only when the lecturer started speaking did the student realize that his activity was being seen by everyone in the group chat. Immediately, he put on his clothes and turned off the camera.

What happened in the class was, without a doubt, an agonizing experience for every participant.

Before long, the footage of the incident was leaked and resurfaced online.

The student apologizes to his classmates

According to Lao Dong, the student sent an apology to his teacher and classmates after the incident. He expressed his distress upon finding out that the footage captured had been circulated widely on the Internet.

To prevent the situation from getting out of hand, the university has called on netizens to stop sharing the clip.  

It’s illegal to share such videos without consent

There’s no denying that what the student did during his online class was wrong. However, that doesn’t justify the continued transmission of the private video. Besides, he has already apologized for his actions.

According to Vietnam’s laws, it is a crime to share intimate photographs and videos of people without their consent. If found guilty, citizens can face up to 3 years’ jail for the act.

We’re sure that the students involved have learnt their lessons from the incident and hope that the case is resolved soon.

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Cover image adapted from: Lao Dong

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