Woman Spots Bike Thief, Takes Him Down In Spectacular Flying Tackle

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Woman takes down bike thief with flying tackle

As unfortunate as it might be, no country is without crimes, and Vietnam is no exception. Thieveries, in particular, are still a common issue, particularly in big cities.

But time and time again, law-abiding citizens have proven that unpleasant outcomes await those who seek to benefit themselves off of other people’s properties. In the case of this bike thief, he not only left empty-handed, but also probably with some bruises after a brave woman felled him in a spectacular flying tackle.

Below is some footage of the event.

The woman ran out bare-footed and knocked the thief down with a kick

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Video credit: Kênh 14

Since last weekend, a video has been going viral on Vietnamese Facebook groups and making headlines on several new sites.

Recorded by the security camera in front of a house, it shows two masked men driving a motorbike to the building’s entrance. There, the man on the backseat hopped down, entered the building, then took out another motorbike from inside. It was apparent a bike theft attempt.

bike thief tackle 2
Video credit: Kênh 14

But just as the thief was prepared to drive away on the stolen bike, a young woman ran out bare-footed and, in a breathtaking motion, performed a flying kick that sent him tumbling down to the ground.

With his attempt thwarted, the thief hurriedly ran away. The woman tried to give chase, but was seemingly unsuccessful.

Regardless, her action has earned her praises from thousands of netizens.

The incident happened at a food shop in Saigon

As Zing News reported, the incident happened at a food shop in Saigon’s District 1. The heroic woman seen in the footage was a cashier there. The timestamp on the video shows it was the evening of 23rd June.

Speaking to Zing, she said in the heat of the moment, she simply acted on a whim, without giving it much thought. She also shared that she had practiced martial arts since her middle school years.

It would seem her years of training came in handy in an emergency.

Take good care of your belongings in public places

While we commend the woman in the video for her brave action, let’s not forget that it’s not always a good idea to tackle thieves and robbers head-on, for your own safety.

It’s better to avoid getting yourself into a thievery attempt in the first place by taking steps to protect your belongings. A U-lock, for instance, can go a long way in deterring potential lawbreakers from targeting your bike.

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Cover image adapted from Kênh 14

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