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Bird Gets Caught In Mouse Trap, Dad Gives Son A Crash Course In Pet First Aid

Dad teaches son to rescue an injured bird from a mouse trap

Teaching our children to be kind to animals is a key step in nurturing compassion in them. From telling kids not to pull animals’ tails to showing them how to pet animals properly, there are many ways we can share how to care for creatures both big and small.

For this dad in our story who happens to be a doctor, the lesson he gave his 4-year-old son when he saw a trapped bird involves rescuing animals and giving them first aid when they are injured.

A little bird was caught in a mousetrap

bird rescue
Image credit: Tung Dinh

In a heartwarming post on a Facebook group Cháo Hành Miễn Phí on 11th May, Facebook user Tung Dinh shared his son’s very first lesson on animal rescue.

That fateful morning, while it was still early and he was half-asleep, he heard his 4-year-old son crying for help from the garden.

“Daddy! Hurry up. There’s a bird that needs saving. It got trapped in a mousetrap and can’t fly anymore,” the boy begged in a tearful voice.

As Tung ran down to evaluate the situation, he saw a little bird stuck on a mousetrap in his garden. As the little one lay on its side, his son had already burst into tears of pity for the bird.

Feeling touched yet amused at his son’s reaction, he decided that it was time that his son learned some pet first aid skills.

Dad taught son to rescue the bird from the trap

Image credit: Tung Dinh

For a start, he taught his son to carefully apply a cloth soaked in hot water on the trap to make the glue on the trap melt. Once the glue was removed, he asked his son to gently touch the area where the bird was stuck, to alleviate its pain.

After the bird was liberated from the trap, the dad gave his son the task of caring for the bird.

bird rescue
Image credit: Tung Dinh

Responsibly and tenderly, the little boy nursed the bird until it fully recovered and flew back to the sky. 

“There you go. I have nothing to teach you my son, but love and decency.” Tung Dinh said in his caption, which rounded out this beautiful story he shared.

We need to teach children to respect animals

There’s just something about animals that triggers an emotional response from us. A chubby cat in a GIF can brighten our day, while a stray dog who roams the streets can bring tears to our eyes. Intelligent and faithful, animals can even help us guard our homes or bring joy to our gardens.

In exchange for the unconditional love and emotional support that animals give us, we should offer them care and safety. That’s why this story teaches us that our kids are never too young to begin caring for animals.

We can start by leading by example, and helping them protect and look out for the little critters, in their own small ways.

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Cover image adapted from: Tung Dinh

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