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Y5Buddy’s Portable WiFi Device Makes Travelling with Internet Super Easy

Portable WiFi that travels with you



Staying connected is always a hassle if you’re a frequent traveller. I love travelling but staying contactable and having access to the internet can be so troublesome. After multiple times switching out my SIM card, paying for excess data and trying to understand the myriad plans each country’s telco offers, it got to a point where I decided that surviving without any connectivity was better. 

On our recent trips to Indonesia, I was fully prepared to unplug – which isn’t a bad thing because you can fully focus on soaking up new experiences. However, we had the privilege to use Y5Buddy’s portable WiFi device on our trips. There was no turning back. It’s light, portable internet wherever you go.

Here are some reasons why.


1. It is extremely convenient



There’s no need to change out your SIM cards and no need to bother understanding dodgy short-term plans or pre-paid cards. It’s as easy as connecting to WiFi, just that you can put this small device in your pocket and bring it anywhere you go!

Oh, it also provides unlimited bandwidth. Say goodbye to crazy data roaming charges forever.


2. It keeps you connected


The moment your airplane touches down, you’re connected and can tell your loved ones you’ve arrived safely. 

We were also able to upload photos on social media instantly wherever we were, allowing us to share those special moments with our friends and family in real-time. No need to wait to go back to the hotel to use the WiFi, long after the euphoria of the moment has passed. 


3. It aids your travelling



Internet access was so valuable to us because we planned our trips entirely from scratch and with our Y5Buddy, we could access Google Maps and search for directions online.


4. It’s great for groups


It’s great for sharing in big groups. Up to 10 people could connect to the portable device at once, which allowed for easy sharing of important information. This also made it far cheaper than each of us having to buy an individual SIM card.


Renting your Wifi device



To rent a portable Y5Buddy WiFi device, you just have to make a rental reservation online at You can choose to pick it up or have it delivered by courier to you the day before you depart. 

Y5Buddy will charge you only for the duration of your trip. You will return the device the day after your travel either by dropping it off at the office or calling for a courier pick up.

Rates per day differ depending on which country you travel to but most destinations like Japan, South Korea and Thailand fall under S$12 a day. 

Check out Y5 Buddy here!

Thank you Y5 Buddy for making our Indonesian travels so much easier! Curious to find out what we got up to?


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This post was brought to you by Y5 Buddy.