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9 Things To Do In West Coast Park – Adventure Playground, Marshlands & Sunset Promenade

Things to do in West Coast Park

Have you been to West Coast Park before? 

A) Yes
B) No
C) There’s such a thing?

East Coast Park often gets all the glory. Its west-side cousin, on the other hand, is often dismissed as a tiny, ulu, and very much forgettable spot. If you don’t live anywhere nearby, chances are you might not have found a reason to visit. 

As an Eastie, I had zero clue where it was, much less what it had to offer. But as it turns out, the underrated gem of the West has a myriad of things to do in store. From quiet marshlands to a waterfront pizzeria, here are things you can do at West Coast Park:

How to get to West Coast Park?

The nearest MRT stations are Clementi on the East West Line and Haw Par Villa on the Circle line.

From Clementi MRT station, find the Clementi Stn Exit B bus stop and hop onto bus 201. Get off at Opp Waseda S Snr High Sch bus stop and walk southwards along West Coast Road for 10 minutes. You’ll need to cross West Coast Highway before you reach the park.

If you’re coming from Haw Par Villa MRT station, board bus 176 from Opp Haw Par Villa Stn bus stop. There are various points you can get off at, depending on which part of West Coast Park you plan to visit. West Coast Pk bus stop would be the most convenient to visit the whole park.

Does West Coast Park have free parking?

Alternatively, you could also drive to West Coast Park, which has free parking at Car Parks 2 and 3 daily.

1. Spot terrapins & herons at the Marshland Boardwalk 

West Coast Park - Marshland Boardwalk

Towards one end of the park is the Marshland Boardwalk, a tiny green sanctuary lined with a little lake and wooden path leading through. While not the largest, it looks like a section out of MacRitchie Reservoir where you can relax among the shade of the trees.

West Coast Park

For those interested in wildlife watching, come by in the mornings and keep a keen eye out. Species of birds such as White-breasted Waterhen, Striated Heron, and hornbills come by occasionally and are known to be more active around sunrise.

If you’re lucky, you may spot other animals such as otters, terrapins, and monitor lizards in the waters and mangrove shrubs.

Spotted: terrapins

2. Bring your pup for a run at the free public dog park

For chonky doggos in need of exercise, the West Coast Park Dog Run is one of the largest dog runs in Singapore. Not many know of its existence, so if your furbaby is a shy one, this is a great spot for it to explore without feeling stressed out by large packs of dogs. 

West Coast Park Dog Run
Wooden log obstacle course
Image credit: @lim_tehc

Your furry friend can have a ball trying out the wooden log obstacle course, playing fetch, or simply enjoying the great outdoors. Meanwhile, owners can relax at one of the sheltered tables dotting the facility. 

West Coast Park Dog Run
Image credit:
@msmilkylai via Instagram

No worries if your pup comes back covered in mud. There’s a self-service washing booth ($10/10-minute bath) you can use, complete with anti-tick and flea shampoo, conditioner and even a dryer to clean up your dog before heading home. Free water points are also available within the pen, so bring along a water bowl for refills.

West Coast Park Dog Run
Image credit:
@furrypups via Instagram

3. Ride a flying fox at a giant sand-covered playground

West Coast Park - Adventure Playground

Flying foxes are a major throwback to the days of our childhood, being some of the biggest joys that outdoor playgrounds used to provide. Both kids and kids at heart will be glad to find that the spacious Adventure Playground is home to four whole lanes of zip lines to hop on to your heart’s content without having to stand in line.

Adventure Playground
Space-themed climbing net.

As with the old days, the ground is also all covered in sand to cushion falls as the young ones run around. They’ll feel on top of the world scampering up the orbular space-themed and pyramid-shaped climbing nets. 

Adventure Playground
In a battle of the fittest, kids can also pit themselves against one another in the low-lying obstacle course with more than 10 challenges.

A  24-hour McDonald’s is also conveniently located right next to the playground, so grab a refreshing ice cream or a Happy Meal to refuel after a day out in the sun.

4. Play beach volleyball

people playing beach volley ball at west coast park
Image credit: Chi Yiu Chan via Google Maps

Kids aren’t the only ones who can look forward to playing in the sand. West Coast Park also has a beach volleyball court consisting of a large sand pit that gives you plenty of room to run and spike the ball without worrying about getting injured.

There isn’t much shading, however, so we suggest saving your beach volleyball competitions during the late morning or in the evening.

5. Aim for bullseye at an archery range hidden under the highway

Salt & Light Archery

Open Google Maps and you’ll find that West Coast Park is bordered on one end by the West Coast Highway. Not just a space for cars to rumble by, the underbelly of this expressway hides an archery range that houses 16 shooting lanes.

West Coast Park - Salt & Light Archery

Salt & Light Archery, also known as Slarchery, is where experienced archers can fire their arrows from an affordable $8/hour. Beginners, meanwhile, can look forward to a fun shoot here priced from $10 for a 10-arrow try-out, or $40 for a 1-hour introductory course. There’s also a modified archery course ($40/hour) for beginners with special needs or anyone with physical limitations.

If your seaside plans are thwarted by a downpour or overly hot sun, come by this sheltered sweet spot to try something new.

Salt & Light Archery @ West Coast
Google Reviews
2A Clementi Rd, Singapore 129803
Opening Hours:
Wednesday 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM Show More Timings

6. Catch the sunset at the Promenade Lookout Jetty

Promenade Lookout Jetty

Golden hour is often the prettiest time of the day, so instead of wasting it indoors, head outdoors to chase the sunset. The Promenade Lookout Jetty juts out of the park’s shoreline, offering a great vantage point to watch the sky fade from orange to black, behind the silhouette of the jetty’s many yachts docked nearby. 

Promenade Lookout Jetty
View of the jetty from above.

Image credit: Azlie Nor via Google Maps

Joggers can time their runs to reach this area at dusk – the best time to catch the sunset is around 7pm. With fishermen and elderly couples frequenting the area, this is a peaceful spot to people watch and forget any stressful 9-6 troubles. 

Read our guide to sunrise and sunset spots in Singapore for more #goldenhour inspiration.

7. Have a picnic or fly kites at the Main Lawn

Grand Lawn

The Main Lawn is quite the opposite of this concrete jungle we call home. Providing a breath of fresh air, the wide open space is a whopping 32,000sqm-large. That’s large enough to accommodate up to 5,000 people with room to spare. 

Grand Lawn

The large field is an open canvas for whatever you feel like doing, be it kite-flying or holding a soccer or frisbee match with some friends. Fitspos can jog in circuits on the grass, which will lessen the impact on the joints as opposed to running on hard pavements. 

But if all you’d like to do is nua, bring along a mat and some snacks for a relaxing picnic by the sea.

8. Explore the waterfront on a bike from $10/hour

West Coast Park cycling

At West Coast Park, the bicycle route is situated right along the shoreline with no grass patch or breakwaters in between, so cyclists can expect an unobstructed view of nearby boats and Jurong Island in the distance. Explore the area on your own bike, or rent one from GoCycling, from $10/hour for a single bike. 

West Coast Park cycling
Pedal Go-karts ($13/hour) are also available to switch things up.

Image credit: GoCycling via Facebook

Cycling through the park from tip to tail will only take 10-20 minutes, but we recommend exploring some of the many park connectors that link West Coast Park to other nature spots in the vicinity. The serene Jurong Lake Gardens lies just a 30-minute bike ride away, with its own GoCycling station for easy bike returns.

GoCycling @ West Coast Park
Admission Fee
From $8/h
Google Reviews
51 West Coast Highway, Singapore 126784
Opening Hours:
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM Show More Timings
Contact Information

9. Enjoy an evening barbecue

barbecue pit at west coast park
Image credit: Anthony Neo via Google Maps

There’s a BBQ area with nine barbecue pits located near the GoCycling Shop on the left-hand side of the carpark. Each pit has its own seating area so after a day of cycling, you can comfortably unwind and enjoy a relaxing evening with a quick meal on the grill.

Do note, however, that you have to book up to 2 months in advance through National Parks and fill up their BBQ Pit Permit Application to get permission to hold a barbecue.

Can I camp at West Coast Park?

You’re welcome to camp at West Coast Park Area 3, but you’ll need to fill up a camping permit application online via National Parks or the AXS m-station app for $20. Eligible applicants must be 16 years or older and have a residential address in Singapore. Each booking can accommodate up to six people for your camping party.

Check out our camping guide for other spots you can pitch a tent in Singapore.

Visit West Coast Park

It may be a little out of the way for most of us, but if you’re looking for something fresh to do in Singapore, try West Coast Park. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a new date spot,   playground for your young ones, or cycling route for your 2021 fitness goals, the park has something to offer for everyone.

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Cover image adapted from: TheSmartLocal, @msmilkylai via Instagram