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Zaloraya 2024 Hari Raya sale on Zalora

Zalora Now Has Tonnes Of Matching Hari Raya Outfits For The Whole Family, With Up To 80% Off

Zaloraya 2024 – Hari Raya sale on Zalora

If you have a sibling, chances are you have an old photo of both of you wearing matching outfits. And growing up hasn’t stopped your parents from wanting to go all #matchymatchy whenever the festive season comes around. Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

From now till 11th April, get new Hari Raya outfits for the whole family for up to 80% off from the Zaloraya 2024 sale. Zalora has the cutest outfits for boys and girls aged 1-10 years old, as well as fashionable modest clothes for mummy and daddy to coordinate. Here are 5 outfit ideas to celebrate Hari Raya in style:

1. Pastel co-ords

Zaloraya 2024 Hari Raya sale on Zalora - pastel co-ords
Image adapted from: Zalora

Those going for a casual yet elegant look can go for pastel co-ords such as the Lubna Kids Baju Melayu set ($32.80, U.P. $49.90) or Lubna Kids Sewindu Kurung set ($32.04, U.P. $49.90). Muted and light shades like pistachio green and baby pink are easy to wear in warm weather, especially when you’re going out to visit friends and relatives during the day.

2. Vibrant floral patterns

Zaloraya 2024 Hari Raya sale on Zalora - florals
Image adapted from: Zalora

To show the fun and vibrant side of the family, opt for floral prints and embroidery. The Zaloraya 2024 collection includes pretty matching mummy-daughter sets like the MASLEA Kids Kebaya ($44.97, U.P. $52.90) and Lubna Kids Floweret Lace Top ($24.56, U.P. $34.90).

3. Classy effortless monochrome

Zaloraya 2024 Hari Raya sale on Zalora - monochrome
Image adapted from: Zalora

Monochrome outfits are an easy way to look snazzy and put together. Go for black, white, or neutrals if you don’t want to think too much about matching accessories like bags and shoes. But you don’t have to shy away from colours either; simply pick a colour for the couple to wear one shade and for the kids to wear another complimentary shade.

Dresses like the Loveaisyah Navy Blue Dress ($59.90) and Loveaisyah Off White Dress ($59.90) can even be worn post-Hari Raya for other special occasions like weddings. You can’t really go wrong with black so the Lubna Kids Kebaya Set ($49.04, U.P. $69.90) is another one to check out.

4. Modern batik prints

Zaloraya 2024 Hari Raya sale on Zalora - modern batik
Image adapted from: Zalora

Batik prints are a great way to show off your culture and for more parent-child #twinning moments. The designs found from Zaloraya 2024 are influenced by the traditional fabric art yet have a modern look.

Check out the Lubna Kids Lilac Kids Batik Shirt ($13.69, U.P. $32.90) for boys and the Lubna Kids Green Kurung Kedah Set ($42.92, U.P. $69.90) for girls. Both these designs also come in adult sizes for men and women.

5. Traditional festive green

Zaloraya 2024 Hari Raya sale on Zalora - traditional green
Datuk and Nenek would be proud.
Image adapted from: Zalora

Fully immerse yourself in the festivities and go the traditional route by wearing the auspicious green colour. Dress the kids in the Lubna Kids Dark Green Knit Dahlia Co-ord Set ($16.45, U.P. $47.90) and the Lubna Kids Dark Green Budi Baju Melayu Set ($31.02, U.P. $47.90). Who knows, the grandparents might even add extra cash in their green envelopes in delight.

Celebrate Hari Raya with festive outfits from Zaloraya 2024

Zaloraya 2024 Hari Raya sale on Zalora - Indonesian labels Ria Atelier and Embara
Image adapted from: @ria.atelier, @embara.official via Instagram

Zaloraya 2024 also marks the debut of 2 Indonesian labels – Ria Atelier and Embara. Both offer modest women’s clothing featuring a lot of lace and dainty designs.

To ensure timely delivery of your baju raya or festive attire, you may want to consider subscribing to the Zalora VIP service for $17.90/year. That comes up to ~$1.49/month and you’ll get to enjoy perks such as expedited shipping, free delivery, early access to sales, and exclusive invitations to events.


Trends may come and go but dressing up as a family in matching outfits for special occasions will never go out of style. And festivals like Hari Raya offer the perfect opportunity to take a brand new family portrait. So, start adding to cart.

Shop for your Hari Raya outfits from Zaloraya 2024

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Cover image adapted from: Zalora