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Ubi Grove Playground - cover image

There’s A New Vehicle-Themed Playground In Ubi With A Kiddy Driving Circuit & Giant Cargo Truck

Ubi Grove Playground – A free vehicle-themed playground

Parents looking for something aside from the usual water parks or arcades, here’s a place you want to add to your list of things to do with kids in Singapore. Car enthusiasts, especially, will like this one; you can teach your child a thing or two about what it takes to drive a car at the new vehicle-themed Ubi Grove Playground.

The playground stretches from Block 355 through Block 358 along Ubi Road 3, and has a themed play area for each block, paying homage to the driving school nearby. Let your little “drive” wooden cars a mock circuit as well as go on slides and climb rope ladders.

What do I need to know before going to Ubi Grove Playground?

Much like most neighbourhood playgrounds, this one is also free for the public and open 24/7. The playground is made up of a series of smaller sections scattered around the blocks nearby, so carve out some time to explore the different areas.

It is out in the open, though, with not much shade, so it’s best to go in the early morning or late afternoons when the sun isn’t scorching hot. Also, do keep in mind that it is a residential area and therefore be mindful about your noise level and littering to cause the least disturbance to the residents.


Getting to Ubi Grove Playground is relatively convenient. The playground is just opposite Ubi MRT Station and is also accessible by bus through the 3 bus stops nearby: Ubi Stn Exit A, Ubi Stn Exit B, and Block 302.

For those planning to drive there, the closest parking lots are at Block 302 HDB Carpark and a public parking space along Ubi Avenue 2, which is a 7-minute walk away.

4 themed play areas to taste the driving life

The playground is separated into 4 themed zones so that your little one can run around exploring for a good amount of time.

Ubi Grove Playground - Monster carImage credit: Playpoint

To see a giant version of their tiny toy cars, kids can head to Block 356C’s monster car – a blue wooden race car replica.

Ubi Grove Playground - Monster car steering wheelKids can even sit in the driver’s seat and pretend to drive.
Image credit: @mustaqim.norman via Instagram

Aside from its mighty size that dwarfs even parents, the car also contains multiple play elements. These include a slide, a mini-rope bridge, and a short bouldering route on the side.

Ubi Grove Playground - Giant Cargo TruckImage credit: Playpoint

Another gigantic vehicle is parked at Block 358D, and this is the giant red cargo truck. The big wooden ladder structures and thick red ropes that run along the cargo side are perfect for your little monkeys to climb on.

Ubi Grove Playground - Driving CircuitImage adapted from: @mustaqim.norman via Instagram

At Block 358, you can start your toddler early on “driving lessons” at the playground’s mini driving circuit. The roundabout is adorned with zebra crossings, traffic cones, and 2 wooden vehicles for your child to vroom vroom in. Don’t worry, the cars don’t actually move, so your child isn’t running off anywhere.

There’s a green four-wheeler, with enough space for 2 to head to town, and a yellow minivan for their first road trip with friends. They can also learn about refuelling at the mock gas station and practice saying things like, “Wah too expensive already!”

Vehicle-themed jungle gyms and obstacle courses

It’s not all just driving and refuelling; there are also abundant slides and mini-obstacle courses to tire out your little monkeys. The largest play zone with an assortment of these activities is at Block 358D.

Ubi Grove Playground - Giant ToolboxCheck out this mega-sized toolbox.
Image adapted from: Playpoint

Here, there’s a fuel-pump-themed slide, a mega trampoline, and a gigantic toolbox replica with activities like rope ladders and cogs inside.

Ubi Grove Playground - Traffic CircuitTraffic Circuit.
Image credit: Playpoint

The other zones may be a better fit for older kids, but your littlest ones will enjoy the traffic circuit at Block 357D. Here you’ll find more traditional playground elements like merry-go-rounds, slides at lower heights, and spring riders – all still car and traffic-themed of course.

Let your little one bring out their gearhead at Ubi Grove Playground

Ubi Grove Playground - Wooden Car and Gas StationImage adapted from: @mireya_dress_collection, @mustaqim.norman via Instagram

Whether you’re prepping your kids for their future COE bidding or just looking for a fun day out, Ubi Grove Playground won’t disappoint. Your child can be just like Mommy or Daddy by practising driving on the circuits, just like how you got your driver’s licence at the nearby training centre.

Admission: Free
Address: Block 355 to Block 358, Ubi Road 3, Singapore 402358
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily

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Cover image adapted from: Playpoint
Originally published on 14th March 2024.