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Travel eSIMs - Cover

10 Most Value For Money Travel eSIMs So You Won’t Risk Losing Your Sim Cards Again

Travel eSIMs for Singaporeans

In today’s world, staying connected while travelling is a must. Whether we’re navigating our way through foreign cities, staying in touch with folks back home, or flaunting our vacation vibes on social media, a reliable mobile data connection is our most important travel buddy.

That’s where eSIMs come into play. This nifty invention lets you switch between international network providers without fumbling with little plastic chips. With eSIMs, your smartphone can store multiple carrier profiles at once depending on which country you’re in, making it a breeze to snag new ones whenever you’re travelling to multiple destinations.

Here are the most value-for-money eSIMs to keep you connected wherever your wanderlust takes you:

1. Jetpac by Circles.Life – Free airport lounge access for delayed flights

You can now swipe several dating apps in 50+ foreign countries without worrying about the enormous phone bill – all thanks to Jetpac by Circles.Life.

travel simsJetpac Travel eSIM is suitable for all travellers regardless of their network.

The company just released a variety of prepaid Jetpac Travel eSIM packages to keep everyone from backpackers to business travellers wired the second they land at their destination. That way, no swapping of SIM cards or counting megabytes will be needed. 

Choose between 5GB (from S$12), 10GB ($35), and 20GB (S$20), and go ham abroad. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you’ll automatically receive a Loungkey that grants you free lounge access to the nearest swank business lounge inside the airport. 

Price: From S$12
Contact: Jetpac by Circles.Life website

2. WeFly – Best for SEA countries

WeFly has built a solid reputation over the years, particularly for offering affordable and customisable roaming options in Southeast Asian countries. In addition to their well-received physical SIM cards on Shopee, WeFly now offers eSIMs as well. 

Travel eSIMs - Asiatique Bandkok
Asiatique in Bangkok, Thailand.

Those planning a quick getaway to neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand, or Indonesia, can consider exploring their packages from S$2.49. They even have data plans covering several countries within SEA (from S$3.74), saving you the hassle of purchasing multiple eSIMs.

WeFly’s customer service team is available from 9am-10pm daily. If suay suay something happens, simply reach out to them via Shopee chat and they’ll be there to attend to your needs ASAP.

Price: From S$2.49
Contact: WeFly Shopee store

3. Yoodo – Best for those who frequent JB

Travel eSIMs - Yoodo

Yoodo is a Malaysia-based telco renowned for its customisable plans in Malaysia. Getting connected is a breeze – just register for an account through their app (iOS | Android), and you can start personalising your plan, including mobile data, phone calls, and SMS.

The app has a useful function where you can easily keep track of your data, call time, and SMS remaining so that you know when your plan is going to boom.

However, do note that once you purchase a package, it will automatically become a monthly subscription. To avoid unintended charges, remember to turn off the auto-renew plan function.

Price: From RM12 (~S$3.49)
Contact: Yoodo website

4. ByteSim – 24/7 support

Travel eSIMs - Catalonia Spain
Catalonia, Spain.

Those planning on taking a well-deserved break and travelling far and wide can consider ByteSim‘s (iOS | Android) regional eSIMs. Whether you’re backpacking through SEA or city hopping around Europe and USA, they’ve got diverse plans tailored to the duration of your trip. They even have global plans if you’re planning to go all out and see the world.

Dealing with time differences can be a real hassle, especially when you’re facing an emergency. So, it’s a bonus that ByteSim’s support team is available round the clock via WhatsApp if you require urgent assistance.

Price: From USD2.90 (~S$3.85)
Contact: ByteSim website

5. Echo Networks – Unlimited calls in UK & Europe

Echo Networks has eSIMs for various countries, including some bundled packages for seamless travel across multiple destinations. One of their best-sellers – the Europe and UK bundle (from S$17.18) – comes in handy for adventurers hopping on the Eurostar from Paris to London.

Travel eSIMs - Zurich Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland.

For those exploring the wonders of SEA, Echo Networks offers several packages from S$7.58 tailored to different SEA countries too. There is a mobile plan for those eager to immerse themselves in the rich culture of Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia all at once. 

And if you’re heading to China and fancy a side trip to Hong Kong and Macau, there are also packages from S$13.34 to complement your travel itinerary.

Price: From S$3.25
Contact: Echo Networks Shopee shop

6. Eskimo – Free 1GB data

Ah, the magic word “free” – it’s like music to our ears. If you’re new to eSIMs or are feeling a bit sceptical about their performance, you can try try with Eskimo (iOS | Android) first.

Travel eSIMs - Eskimo App

Upon signing up, you can snag 1GB of complementary data. Just enter the gift voucher code <GOODTOFLY> when you’re signing up, or click on “Redeem Gift or Voucher” at the main page after you have signed up for an account. This bonus data can be used in any of the 60+ countries Eskimo covers and is valid for 2 years upon activation.

Travel eSIMs - Eskimo Referral

If you overestimated your data needs and have some left over to spare, you can transfer them to your pals who are heading overseas after you. Just input their phone numbers tied to their Eskimo accounts, and they can enjoy staying connected too. This is probably one of the best souvenirs they can receive from your trip, wink.

Price: From USD7 (~S$9.30)
Contact: Eskimo website

7. Airalo – Widest network coverage with >200 countries

Travel eSIMs - Airalo

Airalo (iOS | Android) is an app that can be conveniently downloaded onto your mobile phone to access a wide range of local, regional, and global data packages. In fact, they have one of the most extensive collections of data plans, covering over 200 countries worldwide.

Make use of their referral programme, where you can earn some extra bucks while hooking your friends up with it. Just share your referral code, and for each successful referral, you’ll get USD3 Airmoney. Your friends will also score USD3 by signing up with your code. So, the more friends you jio, the more referral money you’ll earn to offset your next data plan purchase.

Travel eSIMs - Airalo Membership

Airalo has also recently launched their loyalty programme. Depending on the total amount of eSIM purchases you’ve made, you can climb the ranks from Traveler to Silver, Gold, and Platinum. With each subscription, you can enjoy up to a 10% rebate for your next purchase based on your membership.

Price: From USD4.50 (~S$5.98)
Contact: Airalo website

8. Holafly – Buy & get connected immediately

Picture this: you’re en route to the airport, and it hits you that you forgot to equip yourself with data roaming for the trip. Fret not, you can simply grab an eSIM from Holafly (iOS | Android) on the go. At check-out, they’ll instantly email you the eSIM activation code, so you can set it up beforehand and stay connected as soon as you step off your flight.

Travel eSIMs - Melbourne
Victoria, Australia.

Holafly offers unlimited data for the majority of their plans, which includes popular countries like Japan, Australia, and Europe. So you can actively update your social media and flex your vacay on your friends’ news feeds without any worries about excessive mobile data usage.

Here’s a little travel hack: you can install the eSIM on just 1 device and use your hotspot to share the data with your buddies while you’re all on the move together.

Price: From USD19 (~S$25.24)
Contact: Holafly website

9. Xplori – Best for light data users

When you’re out exploring the world, it’s only natural to be captivated by the country’s offerings rather than glued to your phone. With Xplori‘s (iOS | Android) pay-as-you-use data and call plans, you can rest assured that you’ll only be charged for what you’ve used. 

Travel eSIMs - Xplori

The rates vary for each country, starting from USD0.65/100MB (~S$0.86) of mobile data and USD0.20 (~S$0.26)/minute of call.

To stay connected, simply purchase global credit. The credit is valid for a year from the day of purchase, and the expiry date will be extended whenever you make a new purchase.

Price: From USD0.65 (~S$0.86)
Contact: Xplori website

10. OneSim – Option to top up for a local number 

While eSIMs are commonly used for leisure travel, they can also be a valuable asset for business travellers crossing borders.

Travel eSIMs - OneSim

With OneSim (iOS | Android), besides getting mobile data, you have the flexibility to top up and obtain a local number for making calls during your work trips or even for setting up contacts for your overseas business ventures. However, some countries, like France and Hong Kong, may require additional documents for verification purposes when setting up a local number. 

Price: From USD9.95 (~S$13.22)
Contact: OneSim website

How to activate an eSIM

Before purchasing an eSIM, you need to make sure that your phone models are compatible with using this feature. 

To get started, once you’ve made the purchase or are installing the eSIM for the first time, make sure you have a reliable internet connection. Some establishments will email you the QR code, which you can scan and install into your phone. Otherwise, certain apps will guide you through the step-by-step process of installing the eSIM. 

Once the installation is complete, remember not to remove the eSIM until after your trip. 

Travel eSIMs - iPhone SIMs

Each eSIM can only be installed on 1 phone, so removing it before the trip might invalidate it. If this unfortunate situation does happen, don’t worry – just contact your network provider ASAP, and they’ll help you rectify the issue.

When you’re all set to embark on your adventure, activate your mobile data once you’ve crossed the borders. That’s when your eSIM will be activated and its validity period will start counting.

Travel eSIMs - Activating Data Roaming
Make sure that the Data Roaming function is switched on.

Grab an eSIM for your next overseas trip

We’ve taken care of the legwork and handpicked these eSIM providers, each offering a variety of plans to suit specific needs and your next destination. All you need to do is pick what’s best for your trip and compare the prices before making your final purchase. No need to worry about finding a local carrier at the airport or risk losing your original SIM card anymore.

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