SGUnited traineeships in Singapore

Traineeships in Singapore
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Every jobseeker in Singapore is well aware of just how competitive the market is, what more if you’re a fresh grad. And now that COVID-19 has made job-hunting a little more challenging, graduating students may be feeling uncertain about what the future holds for their careers. But the job market isn’t actually as scarce as you might think. 

The Ministry of Manpower has created the SGUnited Traineeships Programme with over 21,000 job opportunities that are up for grabs, involving big industry names like DBS and Capitaland. So here are 20 traineeships by top companies in Singapore that’ll help fresh grads land themselves that dream job in the future.

Note: Information on the traineeships below is accurate from on 17th June 2020. 

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1. Singtel – UX & information technology

UX Design
With almost everything going digital, UX designers are always high in demand.
Image credit: @rafa.mbastos

When it comes to digital media like websites, apps and device interfaces, it’s the job of a UX (User Experience) designer to make these easy for consumers to use. For those looking for a way into the field, Singtel has a 12-month Product Design traineeship where you’ll get to come up with UX design ideas and prototypes for the brand.

Singtel also has opportunities for those interested in working with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Snag a chance to dabble with AI and robotics under this RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Executive traineeship for a hands-on approach as part of the company’s development team.

Average salary: $1,380-$2,500
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2. DBS – human resources

human resources traineeships

Contrary to what was stated on Straits Times’ latest listing of essential jobs, every company needs a Human Resources (HR) department to reinforce company culture and values. For fresh grads in the HR field, you now have a chance to manage the company culture of DBS, the largest bank in Southeast Asia, as an Organisation Development (OD) Assistant

Another opportunity you can find in DBS’ HR department is with the Representatives Notification Framework (RNF) team. Here, you’ll score a chance to work with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on doing financial-related checks and licensing. 

Average salary: $1,800-$2,500
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3. Building & Construction Authority – building & project management

BCA traineeships
Image credit: @bcasingapore

Building & Construction Authority (BCA) is basically the statutory board that ensures that the country’s infrastructure is safe and sustainable. They’re offering a Technical Officer traineeship for you to research and test out some of BCA’s technologies in the BCA SkyLab, the board’s own testing facility for industry professionals.

If you prefer on-site work, you can apply for the Assistant Project Manager traineeship. You’ll be carrying out site inspections of buildings that are located near the coastline. You’ll also get to liaise with different authorities and government agencies to ensure that these projects run smoothly. 

Average salary: $1,440-$2,310
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4. National Youth Council – digital marketing & change management

National Youth Council traineeships
Image credit: Youth Corps Singapore

If you have an interest in enriching Singapore’s youth community, consider a traineeship with the National Youth Council (NYC). As a Digital Marketing Executive, you’ll be able to create social media content as well as design marketing materials across NYC’s platforms.

For those who want to delve into education and human resources, being a Learning & Organisational Development Trainee will give you a chance to put your creativity and communication skills to practice. You’ll also get to dive into organisational management and culture building.

Average salary: $1,440-$2,310
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5. Ministry of Finance – research analytics & economics


Those looking for a way into the finance industry can get a headstart under the Ministry of Finance. They have a Research Analyst traineeship for peeps who want to apply their research skills to real-world situations. You’ll be testing the feasibility of policies and helping with their formation using the data from your research. 

Economics grads can also consider the officer traineeship under the Economic Programmes Directorate to work with various government agencies to assess and prioritise policies that’ll aid Singapore’s economic growth.

Average salary: $1,000-$2,310
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6. Housing Development Board – engineering & architecture

HDB traineeships
Image credit: @francistohkt

Budding engineers can get their first foray into the industry by working under Housing Development Board (HDB)’s engineering traineeship. As part of the demolition team, you’ll carry out site surveys to find defects and come up with innovative ways for demolitions to be safer and more productive.

Meanwhile, future architects can dip their toes into IRL situations by trying out the Technical Executive traineeship. Under this programme, you’ll contribute by working with other architects to assess and make improvements on completed buildings and renovation proposals.

Average salary: $1,440-$2,310
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7. Nanyang Technological University – computer science & 3D printing

NTU traineeships
Image credit: Nanyang Technological University

Computer whizzes, especially those who take interest in AI, can try out Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Research Engineer traineeship. Under a collab with e-commerce tech company Alibaba, this traineeship introduces combining AI and Cloud technologies with research and development processes.

You can also get first-hand experience with 3D printing technologies under the Project Officer traineeship that’s part of the HP-NTU Digital Manufacturing Corporate Lab. You’ll learn how to make advancements in 3D printing, improve its AI applications, and dabble in cybersecurity while you’re at it.

Average salary: $1,600-$3,500
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8. CapitaLand – sustainability & public relations

Funan Mall
Funan Mall is one of the malls run by CapitaLand

CapitaLand is the company behind most malls we frequent like Funan and Bugis+. So it’s no surprise that they have a responsibility to incorporate green practices into the business. If sustainability is your calling, take up the Sustainability Executive traineeship to learn how to manage waste, improve the environment, and implement health and safety measures.

Meanwhile, public relations and marketing graduates can dive into the company’s Investor Relations traineeship. Other than reporting financial performance and market trends to stakeholders, you’ll be assisting in doing market analyses, creating marketing material, and doing regular company reports.

Average salary: $2,500
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9. Ascott International – hospitality for residential buildings

Image credit: @ascott_ltd

Hospitality grads who want to dip their toes into the front office life can check out Ascott International’s Guest Service Officer traineeship at their serviced residences. You’ll get to manage day-to-day operations like assisting guests with queries, as well as liaising with departments like Housekeeping and Security to troubleshoot issues.

For those who want to step into a different type of hospitality management, try out the lyf Guard traineeship under lyf, the new co-living apartments located at Funan, Farrer Park, and One-north. On top of ensuring cleanliness within the vicinity, you’ll provide frontline service and tours for new and potential residents, partners, and visitors.

Average salary: $1,500-$2,500
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10. Health Sciences Authority – pharmaceutical science & management

Image credit: NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Pharmacy degree holders can look forward to adding the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) into their resume because they’ve got a traineeship in pharmacovigilance, which is the monitoring of medicine that has been licensed for use. Other than monitoring product compliance, you’ll review educational reports and do product quality surveillance.

Business management grads can also check out HSA’s Assistant Manager traineeship. You’ll be able to use the theories and skills from school in a workplace setting. Apart from checking daily transactions and reports, you’ll be able to analyse and generate reports to help stakeholders meet their business needs.

Average salary: $1,120-$2,400
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11. Central Narcotics Bureau – statistics & marketing

CNB traineeships
The Central Narcotics Bureau is Singapore’s main drug enforcement body
Image credit: Central Narcotics Bureau

If your Netflix library is filled with law enforcement shows, then an internship at the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) might intrigue you. For those with a stats degree, the Research & Planning Executive traineeship will give you the chance to review and improve reports on Singapore’s drug trends.

Those who’ve studied marketing can also do their part to educate the public about the dangers of illicit drugs. The Community Partnership Officer traineeship allows you to engage with advocates and develop creative anti-drug communication material that is accurate and timely. These traineeships run on a 6-month contract basis.

Average salary: $2,310
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12. Ministry of Home Affairs – medical informatics

Image credit: NUS Computing

A career in health sciences is a noble one, especially since it can help to improve the lives of communities. If you’ve always wanted to contribute to the big picture, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has an executive traineeship in medical informatics that might be up your alley. Other than drafting medical directives, you’ll be developing health and IT-related policies while learning the ropes of the industry.

There’s also a traineeship in Quality & Innovation to coordinate inspections on the clinical field and prepare reports on findings. You’ll also get to come up with ways to improve these processes while you’re at it.  

Average salary: $1,440-$2,310
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13. Civil Service College – public services & consultancy

Image credit: Carlton Glass

The Civil Service College (CSC) is a statutory board that finds ways to introduce innovative educational experiences for civil servants. As part of CSC’s Strategy & Transformation Executive traineeship, you will be given the opportunity to plan and manage virtual corporate events and workshops, and curate internal communication material.

CSC also has a Consultant traineeship to assist with their consulting efforts for 6-12 months. Working with the CSC’s lead consultant, you’ll map out interventions and create learning material for the college’s transformation efforts. 

Average salary: $1,440-$2,310
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14. Knight Frank – property management

knight frank
Image credit: @knightfranksg_intlresi

For those who’re looking for a career in real estate, Knight Frank is a familiar name as they’re one of the biggest global real estate agencies. Join their Team Executive traineeship and you’ll get to work directly under the Business Unit Head. Here, you’ll get to learn the ropes of property management and operations.

They also have a Property Officer traineeship where you’ll get to work with service providers, contractors and stakeholders in order to see that day-to-day operations run smoothly. It’s also a good opportunity for you to refine your people management skills.  

Average salary: $1,500-$2,500
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15. Andaz Singapore – service engineering

andaz singapore
Image credit: @kandyymakk

It may not be commonly known that engineer grads can actually thrive in the hotel business. Just check out this Engineering traineeship at the 5-star Andaz Singapore. Here, you’ll get to familiarise yourself with the hotel’s intricate operations, and learn the SOPs of hotel engineering under the guidance of an industry professional.

Another subset of the Engineering Department are technicians. For those who venture into the Technician traineeship, you’ll be under the care of the Engineer Manager and Assistant Manager. They’ll guide you to provide seamless tech service to both guests and employees of the hotel.

Average salary: $1,500-$2,500
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16. Ministry of Social & Family Development – social sciences

The Ministry of Social & Family Development has a 6-month traineeship in Social & Residential Support for new graduates who have the passion to work with vulnerable groups in Singapore. During the traineeship, you’ll assist with assessing policies and cases that’ll help out with these groups’ social and residential needs.


There’s also a 6-month Family Service Policy traineeship that allows you to work behind the scenes to evaluate care plans for families. You’ll also see through the implementation of these plans and also coordinate outreach efforts as well as develop strategy plans for new services.

Average salary: $1,440-$2,310
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17. SGAG Media – business development

Image credit: TalentTribe

Most of us are familiar with the multitude of comedic videos and memes from SGAG. Those who are well-versed with humour but want to learn the business side of it can hop aboard their Business Development and Account Executive traineeship

Under the traineeship, you’ll get to come up with client campaigns as well as pitch new business opportunities to potential clients. 

Average salary: $2,500

18. Singapore University of Social Sciences – research & marketing communications

Image credit: Digital Senior

Humanities graduates can look forward to conducting research under Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) Centre for Continuing and Professional Education. As a Research Associate, you’ll get to plan and manage research projects and carry out data analysis.  

There’s also another traineeship up for grabs for marcomm grads. Under the Communications & Marketing Associate traineeship, you’ll be working alongside a senior manager to help out with planning the editorial lineup of SUSS’ staff portal, events, project management and PR coordination. These traineeships have a duration of 12 months each.

Average salary: $2,500
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19. Mazars LLP – audit & accountancy

audit and accountancy

Mazars LLP is one of the biggest firms in the world that specialises in audit and accountancy. They’re opening up an Accounting & Advisory traineeship to build up your accounting, tax, and financial experience. Part of your tasks will include essential skills like interpreting actual business models, analysing and preparing financial statements and management plans. 

There’s also an Audit Trainee Associate position for those with an analytical mind. The role will allow you to do field work and liaise with an array of clients. You can expect to pick up the know-how of the auditing and accounting world in terms of techniques, frameworks and execution.These traineeships have a duration of 12 months each.

Average salary: $1,600-$2,100
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20. ST Logistics – finance & supply chain management

ST Logistics

ST Logistics is one of the biggest supply chain businesses in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. And they have a Shipping Supervisor trainee position where you’ll assist customers with their shipping orders, and coordinate with stakeholders like shippers and airlines.

When it comes to handling supply chains across Asia-Pacific as the Middle East, proper finance management is key. In this Finance Executive traineeship, you’ll assist in creating ledger accounts, maintaining the register for assets like company equipment and land, and do quarterly GST reporting.  

Average salary: $1,100-$2,500
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Traineeships for fresh graduates

While our sunny island’s economy has been hit hard due to the COVID-19 plight, graduates of 2020 may feel uncertain about their careers. But with these traineeships backed by the Ministry of Manpower, grads are able to secure a bright future in their desired career paths.

To add-on, there are tons of prestigious companies and government sectors who are on this traineeship bandwagon. This would mean that students can look forward to embellishing their resumes without a worry.

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