Thai massages in Singapore

Thai Massage Parours in Singapore

Image adapted from: Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage

Body stiffness and soreness is a constant problem for students and office workers alike – we all need to stretch out the tense tightness that’s crippling our joints. And that’s why we should all book ourselves a Thai massage, pronto.

By targeting acupuncture points, a Thai massage sesh is sure to help ease away all stiffness in the body. Some even liken it to yoga, but for lazy people – since there’s plenty of easy stretching involved. Here are 7 Thai massage parlours in Singapore that’ll help you unwind after a long day.

1. Healing Touch – 7 branches across town and heartlands

Thai Massage Parlours in Singapore - Healing Touch

Orchid country club branch
Image credit: Healing Touch Spa

Healing Touch has 7 branches all around Singapore, with outlets as far as Yishun and as central as Orchard Tanglin. Here, you’ll be greeted with chic and clean interiors – it’s a great place to wind down at especially when you’re done with your day’s worth of shopping in town.

Massages include the Thai Fusion Massage ($55/hour), an oil-free massage that satisfyingly kneads any sore pressure points. For the same price, they also offer a Deep Tissue Massage which suits those with a higher pain tolerance since it uses greater force.

Healing Touch also has facial and slimming treatments, making it a one-stop salon for head-to-toe pampering.

Orchard Branch
Price: From $55/hour
Address: 19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #03-03
Opening hours: Daily, 10.30AM-10.30PM
Contact: 6694 1181
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2. Hatyai Thai Massage – operating for over 2 decades

Thai Massage Parlours in Singapore - Hatyai Thai Massage

Image credit: Hatyai Thai Massage Singapore

Hatyai Thai Massage has been operating for 22 years now – that’s how you know their massages are solid. They provide 3 types of massages, the classic Thai Massage ($60/hour)Oil Massage ($65/hour), and Foot Massage ($45/hour).

They have regular couple promotions, so check the website for deals you can cop when your anniversary rolls around.

Price: From $60/hour
Address: 58A Temple Street, Chinatown, Singapore 058603
Opening hours: Daily, 11AM-10.30PM
Contact: 9023 3129

3. Healthland Traditional Thai massage – aromatherapy sessions

Thai Massage Parlours in Singapore - Healthland Traditional Thai Massage

Image credit: Vaniday

Healthland Thailand Massage doesn’t just provide Thai massages but also Aroma Oil ($70/hour) therapy sessions. This helps to improve your blood pressure and memory, while also reducing stress. They also have massages that specifically target key areas that are prone to muscle aches, such as the back, shoulders, and feet.

Thai Massage Parlours in Singapore - Healthland Traditional Thai Massage

Image credit: Healthland Traditional Thai Massage

Choose the full body Thai Massage ($60/hour) for relaxing head-to-toe therapy – something needed if you’ve spent the entire day exploring Chinatown.

Price: From $60 per hour
Address: 252A South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058801
Opening hours: Daily, 11AM-12AM
Contact: 6221 3376

4. Balinese Thai Traditional Massage – Balinese, Javanese, and Thai techniques

Thai Massage Parlours in Singapore - Balinese Thai Traditional Massage

Image credit: Balinese Thai

At Balinese Thai Traditional Massage, you can choose various styles of massages – Balinese, Javanese, and Thai. The Balinese technique tackles tired muscles, while the Javanese method helps get rid of muscle knots. Choose the Thai massage if you’re looking for overall body relaxation.

They also offer Cupping Therapy and the more unique Ginger Treatment where grated raw ginger is spread over your back. These latter is meant to improve your blood circulation to help keep you alert. Prices for both of these services start from $38.

Thai Massage Parlours in Singapore - Balinese Thai Traditional Massage

Image credit: Balinese Thai

There are also massage oils and diffusers that you can purchase, including Lavender and Lemongrass scented diffusers, massage oils, and foot lotions.

You won’t find yourself blowing your monthly paycheck just to relax since this parlour holds frequent promotions.

Price: From $50/hour
Address: Block 18, Lorong 7 Toa Payoh, #01-262, Singapore 310018
Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-10PM
Contact: 6354 2123
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5. Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage – located in the CBD

Thai Massage Parlours in Singapore - Sabaai Sabaai ThaiMassage

Image credit: Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage

Aching muscles are a common occurrence for the 9 to 5 office workers, given the long hours you spend jabbing away on your keyboards and staring at your computer screens. But thankfully, those working in the CBD have got Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massagealong Boat Quay right at your doorstep.

Traditional Thai Massage ($75/hour) works wonders, but for those with severe muscle aches, the Thai Herb Massage ($95/hour) is also a solid option. This treatment involves a herbal compress, which, when heated and applied, helps relieve muscle pain.

Price: From $75/hour
Address:  49A Boat Quay, Singapore 049838
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12PM-10PM | Sun: 12PM-6PM
Contact: 6536 3306

6. Thai Massage Singapore – affordable parlour in Ang Mo Kio

Thai Massage Parlours in Singapore - Thai Massage Singapore

Image adapted from: Thai Massage

If you live in the North-East heartlands, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to travel far and wide for a Thai massage.Thai Massage Singapore is located in Ang Mo Kio and has an extensive range of relaxing services to make you feel 10 years younger.

On top of Thai massages, they also offer Aromatherapy Massages ($45/hour), which are equally stress-relieving. This treatment focuses less on the physical massaging and more on the benefits of essential oils that will help release any muscle tension.

Price: From $45/hour
Address: #01-1671, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Block 446, Singapore 560446
Opening hours: Daily, 11.30AM-10.30PM
Contact: 9002 9291/9336 1306

7. Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa – pampering spa packages

Thai Massage Parlours in Singapore - Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa

Image adapted from: @ayuthayaspa

Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa offers a wide range of services, everything from relaxing massages to hydrating scrub treatments. But it’s their Signature Thai Massage ($178/hour) that’ll help soothe pressure points and loosen muscles. They also have various spa treatments, so you can KIV them for your next pampering spa day.

Price: From $178/per hour
Address: Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road, Singapore 228210
Opening hours: Daily, 11AM-10PM
Contact: 6736 0998/6223 9180

Thai massage spas in Singapore

Sore backs and stiffness make us feel like old age is catching up on us even though we’ve just hit the ‘ripe age’ of 24. If you can relate to this then it’s time for you to book an appointment at your nearest Thai massage place. By kneading your pressure points and stretching out all stiff joints, you’ll be ready to conquer the week ahead.