Taobao 12.12 sale

With 2022 creeping up on us in just a few weeks, it’s high time for you to do some serious spring cleaning and organising to ring in the new year. If you need a hand, Taobao is here to help you on this front with its upcoming 12.12 sale.

Taobao is well known for its quirky selection of products at bargain prices, and its vast range of home organisers are no exception to this rule. This 12.12, you can fully expect these prices to go even lower

Without further ado, here’s our pick of five creative home organisers you can buy during the sale:

P.S. If you’re new to Taobao, check out our Taobao guide to help you get started.

1. Toothbrush holder with automatic toothpaste dispenser

Toothbrush holder with automatic toothpaste dispenser from Taobao 12.12 sale
Image credit: Jujiajia on Taobao

Time to throw out your suction cup-based toothbrush holders and get this futuristic, space-y toothbrush holder and automatic toothpaste dispenser set. Unlike traditional holders, these are mounted on your wall with a secure adhesive and hooks – no more fretting over the suction losing its grip and dropping your toothbrushes everywhere.

The automatic toothpaste dispenser further adds a nice functional touch to your tooth brushing routine, making sure you squeeze every last dollop of toothpaste out of the tube – how’s that for zero wastage?

Price: S$1.26 – S$3.22 (¥5.90 – ¥15)

Get the Jujiajia toothbrush holder and automatic toothpaste dispenser from Taobao.

2. Pegboard room partition for more “wall” space

pegboard room partition
Image credit: TMall

Room dividers add an aesthetically pleasing flair to any home setup, but what if they’re also functional at the same time? This pegboard room partition fits the bill very snugly, adding a Muji touch to your abode while also giving you hooks and shelves to place your plants and knick-knacks.

The hooks and shelves are detachable, giving you the freedom to customise the pegboard as you please.

Price: S$42.88 (¥200)

Get the Xiaomu Liangpin pegboard room partition from Taobao.

3. 360° rotatable kitchen tool organiser

rotatable kitchen organiser
Image credit: TMall

Save space in your kitchen and get this all-in-one 360° rotatable kitchen tool organiser. With designated slots and holders for a variety of kitchenware like knives, chopping boards, and chopsticks, this organiser gathers everything in one centralised space for quick and easy access. 

The best part of it? It’s 360° rotatable, making it easier for you to grab your spatula or ladle while you’re in the midst of cooking up a dish.

Price: S$25.34 (¥118)

Get the 360° rotatable kitchen tool organiser from Taobao.

4. Wall rack for hair dryer and toiletries

wall rack for hair dryer taobao
Image credit: LIGHT on Taobao

As you most likely use your hair dryer right after you shower, it makes sense to store it in the bathroom. But where should it go? This bathroom wall rack answers this question, coming with a nook that fits most hair dryer heads – it even comes with a protrusion that lets you coil the wire around to keep things tidy.

hair dryer holder
Image credit: LIGHT on Taobao

If you comb your hair while drying it, simply slot the hair dryer vertically. You can now freely tend to your hair with both hands without the hair dryer getting in your way.

Price: S$1.05 – S$2.27 (¥4.90 – ¥10.58)

Get the LIGHT hairdryer wall rack from Taobao.

5. Magnetic hanger holder for your laundry

magnetic hanger washing machine taobao
Image credit: Taobao

If you’re like me and have too many hangers lying around your laundry room, this magnetic hanger holder comes in handy to organise them without the hassle of getting a whole new shelf for them. 

Since your washing machine very likely has a magnetic metal surface, it’s the perfect spot to affix this holder. And of course, it gives you easy access to your hangers when it’s time to hang the laundry.

Price: S$4.27 – S$6.20 (¥19.90 – ¥28.90)

Get the magnetic hanger holder from Taobao.

Ring in the new year with Taobao’s 12.12 sale

These nifty home organisers aren’t all that’s available on Taobao’s extensive catalogue. You can fully expect to find everything from minimalist furniture and festive decor, to sports and baby products at bargain prices. And with Taobao’s upcoming 12.12 sale, you can buy these items to deck out your home at even lower prices.

home items

The sale will last from 12th – 14th Dec 2021, but you can begin filling up your cart from 9th Dec 2021 onwards. Here’s how to make the most out of your 12.12 shopping: 

  • Presale deals – now till 11th Dec 2021: Make deposit payments for your orders using your credit card or Alipay to chope exclusive presale deals. 
  • Up to S$20 (¥99) hongbaos – now till 14th Dec 2021: Grab up to S$20 (¥99) hongbaos, on the Taobao app (Google Play | App Store). Hongbaos can be stacked with cross-shop discounts, vouchers and promo codes. 

No sale is complete without promo codes to collect, and Taobao’s 12.12 sale is no different. Here’s the lowdown on the codes you can use:

  • New users can key in the promo code <2021NEW> to get S$4 (¥20) off with a min. spend of S$4.20 (¥21). This is valid from now till 31st Dec 2021.
  • Get more promo codes by heading over to Taobao’s Facebook, Instagram and Telegram channel where codes will be released during the sale. 
  • Share Taobao’s 12.12 campaign page with three friends from 12th – 14th Dec 2021 to get a unique promo code for S$4 (¥20) off with min. S$20 (¥100) spent.
  • TSL readers also get too enjoy S$10 (¥50) off with a min. spend of S$119.80 (¥599) using the code <TB12TS50>.

We’re not done with the 12.12 perks just yet. From 12th – 14th Dec 2021, mix and match items from participating Taobao or TMall shops to enjoy extra discounts on top of your promo codes, vouchers, and hongbaos. Below are the deets:

  • Taobao cross-shop discounts: Purchase items from participating Taobao shops and get S$5 (¥25) off for every S$40 (¥199) spent.
  • TMall cross-shop discount: Purchase items from participating TMall shops and get S$4 (¥20) off for every S$40 (¥200) spent.

During this time, you can also play the in-app interactive coin game to score payment vouchers. Otherwise, you can suss out further discounts by using your credit or debit card to get up to S$15 off your orders. 

To top it all off, enjoy free shipping when you spend a minimum of S$60 (¥299) under the SG Free Shipping category in the Taobao app. With so many deals coming your way this 12.12 on Taobao, now’s a good time as any to hop aboard and start shopping away. 

Find out more about Taobao’s 12.12 Sale here

This post was brought to you by Taobao.
Cover image adapted from: Jujiajia on Taobao, TMall & Kawasimaya on TMall

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