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Back when I was still in school, money was always a problem for me – I never had enough! Hanging out with my friends after school would cost me my whole week’s allowance, and going out for a simple meal or date at a decent restaurant required weeks of savings. It is almost impossible to eat out in Orchard with a budget of less than $20. 

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Nevertheless, there are many restaurants in town who feel the pain of students. Offering massive student discounts, these eateries make themselves so affordable that it makes me wish that I was a student again. From $3.90 Spaghetti Bolognese to $9.50 Fish and Chips and $12.90 buffets, these are deals you do not want to miss. 

Here are the best student meal promotions around town!


1. Hot Tomato


Hot TomatoPhoto Credit: whatareyoudoingbooboo

Damage: $9.50 NETT

We found out about this great student deal when we checked out Hot Tomato earlier this year. Their $9.50 nett student promotional meal is amazing because it includes not just pasta… but steak! So for those who could never decide on which to get, Hot Tomato gives you both. Their aim is to serve up Western food in a casual dining experience at a low cost.

A list of Hot Tomato outlets can be found here.



2. Jane Thai



Damage: $9.00 NETT

I am a big fan of Thai food, and I find the Thai food places at Orchard Towers among the most authentic. A personal favorite of mine at Orchard Towers is Jane Thai, as it is the cleanest. Don’t be deterred by it being at Orchard Towers, the building has a very different character during the day.

The student’s meal is decent, going at $9 nett. With 4 main courses to choose from and a free bowl of tom yam soup or mango salad, I recommend this place for Thai food lovers. 

Jane Thai is located at:

400 Orchard Road #04-30, Orchard Towers.


3. Eighteen Chefs



Damage: $6.40 NETT

Eighteen Chefs was founded by Chef Benny, who as an ex-convict himself, has a vision of helping troubled youths with conviction backgrounds to find their way back into society. With 5 outlets across Singapore, this student-friendly eatery is easily accessible to students all over the country.

At just $6.40 for a set meal that includes a main course, ice cream and ice lemon tea, they have one of the best student deals around. The menu is extensive, with crowd favourites like Heart Attack Fried Rice and Baked Pasta.

A list of Eighteen Chefs outlets can be found here.



4. Fish and Co


b2ap3_thumbnail_fish_co.jpgPhoto Credit: Denise Bay

Damage: $9.50 NETT

Many people have the misconception that Fish and Co serves normal fish and chips at exorbitant prices. However, Fish and Co serves up one of the widest varieties of fish and chips I’ve seen, and at a decent price. A personal favourite is the New York Fish and Chips which is generously stuffed with Parmesan cheese and drizzled with delicious lemon butter sauce. 

What’s greater for students is that the students menu costs $9.50 nett with a drink. I would have this all week long. 

Find your closest Fish and Co outlet here.



5. Mad Jack


b2ap3_thumbnail_MJ_studentmeals_A4_FAHres.jpgDamage: $7.54 NETT

Although there isn’t a Mad Jack outlet in town, they are spread out across Singapore in areas like Bedok, Clementi and Serangoon, convenient for students across the island.

The standard of food is decent for the price. I recommend the Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce. Generously covered in delicious Black Pepper Sauce with a side of fries and salad, the Grilled Chicken is one of the better dishes I’ve tried at Mad Jack. 

A list of Mad Jack outlets can be found here.


6. Saizeriya



Damage: From $6.90 NETT

Saizeriya offers a good alternative to Jack’s Place – and at a lower price. Students love this place as it is so cheap. With all the prices nett, you can get a hot plate chicken steak at just $8.90 or a Carbonara for $7.90. What baffles me is how a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese can cost only $3.90 or how a 9 inch pizza costs only $6.40. 

The food here is decent and good for students and those on a tight budget. 

A list of Saizeriya outlets can be found here.



7. Smith’s Fish and Chips


b2ap3_thumbnail_Places-Smith-Fish-Chips.jpegPhoto Credit: sgkidlander

Damage: $7.50 NETT

Drop by Smith’s Fish and Chips for a choice of either Chicken or Fish bites at $7.50 nett! This is an especially good deal for students because adults have to pay almost double. Brought in all the way from the United Kingdom, their wonderful fish and chips recipe is authentic and I love the variety of fish you can choose from.

For those who don’t feel “fishy”, Smith’s offers options with chicken and sausages. You can find a list of Smiths Fish and Chips outlets here.


8. Pizza Hut


b2ap3_thumbnail_pizza-hut.jpgPhoto Credit: Denise Bay

Damage: $7.90 to $8.90++

Pizza Hut has always been a favourite for students. It’s affordable, conveniently located, and easy to share among friends. I remember when I would walk past Pizza Hut after school and seeing it packed with students from all around the area. The student deal available at Pizza Hut now offers a variety of pizzas and pastas available at affordable prices below $10!

You can find a list of Pizza Hut outlets here.



9. Swensens



Damage: $10.80++

We were at ION Orchard recently to check out their new lobster rolls and I found a part of Swensen’s I never knew – their student deals! Tucked deep in the corner of Basement 1, this is the only Swensen’s outlet to have an ice cream and dessert buffet! With 48 different ice cream flavours, fruits with a strawberry fondue and a whole array of cakes and waffles, this is heaven for those with a sweet tooth. 

Furthermore, students enjoy a lunch special from 2:30pm to 5pm on Mondays to Fridays. For only $10.80, students can choose ANY food item on the menu and it comes with a glass of ice lemon tea. 

This Swensen’s is located at ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn #B1-31.



10. Buddy Hoagies



Uncovered this gem only recently, but didn’t hear very good reviews about it, mainly due to the service staff. Nevertheless, the deals here are incredible. For just $8.90 nett for a meal for two, or $5.90 nett if you choose the single set menu, this is an insane deal for all students.

Located very conveniently at Yishun and Bukit Timah, they are very near schools so do look out for them!

For more information about Buddy Hoagies, click here


11. Ramen Play



Damage: $10 NETT

Many people won’t pay $15 for a bowl of Ramen, saying that it’s a rich man’s instant noodles or that its filled with MSG. 

I, however, love Ramen. The springy noodles and thick soup broth, complemented by tender pieces of pork, are one of my favourite combinations of food. Ramen Play may not have the best Ramen, but it is pretty good. For $10, students can choose from 4 choices of Ramen, along with a complimentary soft drink. 

A list of Ramen Play outlets can be found here.



12. Ichiban Boshi



Damage: $5++

Ichiban Boshi has good Japanese food and is on a different level from other popular sushi chains. The sashimi is fresh and the udon is good, making Ichiban Boshi an easy place to recommend.

This isn’t really a student’s deal, but it’s so good that I had to include it. From 3pm to 5pm everyday, enjoy a variety of udon choices at Ichiban Boshi at just $5 each! From the popular Mentai Udon to delicious Beef Sukiyaki Udon, this is a deal you don’t want to miss. 

A list of Ichiban Boshi outlets can be found here.



13. I’m KIM Korean BBQ



Damage: $12.90++

A newly opened Korean BBQ restaurant conveniently located next to The Cathay, there have been rave reviews about this place. The variety of food here is extensive and the quality is supposedly top notch.

Students can present their cards and enjoy a student lunch buffet for just $12.90. It baffles me how they can make money by offering buffets to starving students at just $12.90. The winners here can only be the students.

I’m KIM Korean BBQ is located at 1 Zubir Said Drive #01-04-07 in the School Of The Arts (SOTA).

b2ap3_thumbnail_IM-Kim-Korean-BBQ-Price.jpgPhoto Credit: eatandtravelwithus


The Best Student Deals in Singapore


Fret not students, we know your pain going through those hours of school and sleepless nights of endless mugging for your exams. One way to get through your stress is through your stomach. I hope these wonderful food places will get you through these tough times.

Let us know if there are other student meals you love in the comments below!


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