The Best Non-GST Restaurants in Singapore


You know that tiny script at the end of the menu that sneakily declares “Prices subject to GST and service tax.” I don’t know about you, but when I’m blinded by hunger I tend to miss it. And then when my bill arrives and I notice the additional costs, I die a little bit inside.

In order for that to never ever happen again, here’s a list of 18 Singapore restaurants that do not charge GST or Service tax!


1. Pepperoni Pizzeria


Source: @biteclubsg

To me, the only thing better than pizza is a huge pizza. I’m talking about a XXL 21 inch pizza. Add to that no service charge or GST, and you’ve got a fool-proof restaurant idea for friends, family and anyone in between. The TSL crew hangs out a lot here because it is so near our office, and one $50 NETT pizza can be easily shared between 5 people.

Address: 56 Zion Road, Singapore 247781 | 6 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park, Singapore 289195


2. Nam Nam Noodle Bar


b2ap3_thumbnail_Nam-Nam.jpgSource: @namnamnoodlebar

Vietnamese food is not only incredibly tasty, the ingredients used are also really light. If you’re in town and looking for affordable, healthy food, head to Nam Nam. They even have an awesome set lunch menu!

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103


3. La Petite Cuisine


Source: @monkiepoo

Yup, this just in – French food no longer has to cost a fortune. This restaurant aims to serve no-frills French fare at a super affordable price. This restaurant was also featured in our list of 18 Most Delicious Restaurants Under 15 Dollars.

Address: 10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre #01-05, Singapore 258748


4. The ART


Source: The ART

ART stands for the Assumption Restaurant for Training, where they provide a working environment for the aspiring future chefs among the students of the Assumption Pathway School (APS). Eating here means great food at affordable prices! 

Address: 30 Cashew Road, Singapore 679697


5. Food For Thought


b2ap3_thumbnail_Food-For-Thought.jpgSource: @georgianalee

Embrace your inner hippie as you head into Food For Thought. As their name suggests, they’re all about good food for a good cause. Currently, their causes include providing clean water and ending poverty.

Address: 1 Cluny Road, Tanglin Gate #B1-00, Singapore 259569


6. OKB


b2ap3_thumbnail_OKB.jpgSource: OKB


OKB stands for 2 things. 1. One Kampung Bahru (the address of this joint) and 2. Our Kind of Bar, Bistro, Bakery. Having received rave reviews for its baked goods, this place is now being thrust into the limelight again for their other dishes. Expect European food with an Asian twist. 

Address: 1 Kampung Bahru Road, Singapore 169339


7. Rice & Fries


b2ap3_thumbnail_10251399_304611749694701_598830934_n.jpgSource: @ricenfries

For those living in the East, this place is a must try. For those who think the only thing in the East is Changi Airport, give this place a shot, and then we’ll talk. This restaurant dishes up simple fare in an unpretentious environment, so the food here takes centre stage. 

Address: 484 Changi Road, Singapore 419896


8. Jag’s Gastropub


b2ap3_thumbnail_1374194_153073794901856_225812010_n.jpgSource: Jag’s Gastropub

Not only does this place serve your usual pub grub, they also serve an array of entrees to accompany your beer. It’s a great place to unwind and chill after a tiring work day with your buddies.

Address: 922 East Coast Road, Singapore 459114


9. The French Ladle


 b2ap3_thumbnail_775036_331238353644233_1955353516_o.jpgSource: The French Ladle

This is another place serving affordable French fare. This place is intimate and super homey so it’s a wonderful place to head to with your main squeeze for some awesome food – and you won’t have to worry about your heart breaking when you see the bill.

Address: 2 Pandan Valley, Singapore 597626




b2ap3_thumbnail_SPRMRKT.jpgSource: @chrissiekoh

This place spices up your supermarket experience by providing food, retail and art. That’s right, artists are allowed to showcase their work here for public enjoyment, as well as for sale. You can also visit if you’re looking out for for new items to jazz up your work or living space.

Address: 2 McCallum Street, Singapore 069043


11. The Sushi Bar


b2ap3_thumbnail_Sushi-Bar.jpgSource: @waanping

This list would be incomplete without at least one Japanese place and this one takes the cake. The sushi here not only tastes amazing but is super affordable as well. It’s a great place to dine with friends. The only downside is the queues can get pretty darn long.

Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #03-89, Singapore 228213


12. Casa Verde


b2ap3_thumbnail_Casa-Verde.JPGSource: Eat, Shop, Blog

Case Verde actually means “green house” in Italian. No, you won’t be dining in an actual greenhouse. The name comes from the fact that it’s located in the Botanic Gardens and is surrounded by lush greenery. Italian food with a view – sounds amazing to me.

Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569


13. Steakout 


Source: @emperorwendy

If you’re looking for quality steaks and yummy cocktails at uneatable prices then look no further than Steakout. The location is perfect for anybody in the town and Bugis area and is even more ideal for SMU students looking for a new food option. 

Address: #01-01 89 Victoria Street, Singapore 188017


14. Third and Sixth


Source: @jonathonloong

EVERYBODY loves Burgers, but things get even more exciting when restaurants try to shake things up and make their burgers unique (and from scratch). Third and Sixth does just that, with one of a kind burgers on the menu. I’m talking Kimchi on a burger kind of unique. 

Want other burger options, check out our guide to 15 incredible burgers in Singapore

Address: 36 Seah Street, Singapore 188392


15. Torte 


Source: @danjbangs

Torte aims to make sure you each dining experience with them is unique so Executive Chef Jason Ong is always hard at work coming up with fresh new creations. Their signature (and completely divine) chocolate torte is always on the menu and is a must try. 

You’re more than welcome to bring your furry friends here too as Torte prides themselves on being canine friendly. 

Address: 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967


16. One Place Western Bistro and Bar 


Source: One Place Western Bistro & Bar

If you need a place to chill with your buddies after work, I’d suggest One Place. Things to expect here are; great service, great food, relaxed atmosphere and good vibes all around. Sounds like the perfect place to unwind.

Address: 273 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 7995


17. Fatboys the Burger Bar 


Source: Fatboys

Fatboys is my go to burger place. I know when I come here I’m going to get amazing burgers, great service and a wonderful time. Its a foolproof combination of things that keep people like me constantly coming back for more. 

Address: 465 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427677


18. Nassim Hill Bakery, Bistro & Bar 


Source: Nassim Hill Bakery, Bistro and Bar

This place is everything you could possibly hope for rolled into one. Bakery by dawn, bistro by day and bar by night. You could come here 3 times a day and continue to be spoilt for choice. Who doesn’t love variety?

Address: 56 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Post Office #01-03, Singapore 247964


All about the food!


Service is nice in a restaurant, but I’d rather skimp on service and enjoy the great food instead. That’s not to say these places don’t have great service, as many of them do – but fortunately for the overworked and underpaid among us, they don’t charge for it.  

Know of any more restaurants that don’t charge tax? Let us know in the comments section below!


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