About Hot Tomato


When Hot Tomato first started, many locals were pleasantly surprised as they offered a unique concept not found anywhere else in Singapore. People love steak and pasta. So why not have the best of both worlds and have them together?

And with a super low price of $9.50 NETT students can get a side of pasta, a main steak and an endless supply of beverage. Even without this student deal, the menu is still wallet friendly and that’s why we’ve included Hot Tomato in our list of 18 most delicious meals in Singapore under $15.


Here’s a look at the background story of Hot Tomato.


Hot Tomato’s Origins

Hot Tomato is a family –run business and the founder, George is now looking to pass the baton on to the 3 sisters. George started out as a chef in the kitchen and gradually ventured into starting a commercial chain on his own.

The first Hot Tomato branch was in Plaza Singapura and since then they have expanded rapidly, now having a whopping 7 outlets across the island in some of the most popular malls.

We visited the outlet at 313 Somerset on a Thursday afternoon and found the place to be spacious and very welcoming. It’s hard to miss this restaurant with the large sign declaring “Hot Tomato” and unique tomato motifs everywhere.



The Food at Hot Tomato


At a price of $2.50, we were able to upgrade our mains to include a soup, garlic bread and a drink. The soup of the day was the Tomato soup. The garlic bread was crisp, with a nice amount of spread on the baguette pieces. At $2.50 this bundle was a very reasonable deal. The home-made ice lemon tea was also refreshing and a welcome addition to the meal.


My favourite appetiser was the Hot Tomato Combo ($9.50) with which you get fries, wings, calamari and sausage. My top pick had to be the wings which were marinated to provide the right amount of saltiness and fried to crunchy perfection.


The main dish that I tried was a new addition to their menu. The Salmon Teriyaki with Olive Rice ($11.50) which comes with a side of cherry tomato salad. I must say my favourite part of the dish was the cherry tomato salad because the dressing was the nice combination of sweet and sour and it went very well with the rice.


Our friend Si Min had the Rib Eye Steak ($14.50) which came with a piece of steak, Aglio Olio and salad. She loved the steak because it was juicy and tender and great value for money because the cut of steak was rather large. Bryan enjoyed his steak as well and actually Si Min and him eat quite regularly at Hot Tomato because the steaks are so reasonably priced.


We also tried the USA Pork Chop and Sausage ($11.50) which comes with pork chop, 2 sausages, pasta and salad. The Pork Chop used is specially imported from USA and I found it to be well marinated, seeing as the flavour was strong but it wasn’t too salty. I also liked that it wasn’t overcooked, which I usually find is the case with Pork Chops. This one remained tender and not chewy.



The Verdict 


The food at Hot Tomato is delicious and offers great value for the money considering the food and service quality. They also have very reasonable deals such as their quality side dishes (Hot Tomato combo & escargots) as well as the upgrades to the main courses.

To enjoy the Hot Tomato experience do visit one closest to you and find the outlets at their website – www.hottomato.com.sg.



Visit Hot Tomato


Address: 313 Orchard Road, #B3-35/36, Singapore 238895

This post was brought to you by Hot Tomato