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selfie museum cover

Selfie Museum KL – Malaysia’s Version Of NYC’s Viral Ice Cream Museum Is Only Open Till Feb 2019

Selfie Museum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


selfie museum cover

Calling all aspiring Instagram models, sweet-tooths and people who love all things bright and colourful – Selfie Museum KL is here to turn you into the ultimate Instagram eye candy. Recently opened in September and operating till February 2019, this museum has 9 dessert-themed showrooms full of interactive exhibits and larger-than-life sculptures made for mini-photoshoots.

Like the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco and New York City, the Selfie Museum is highly experiential – you even get to enjoy 5 free desserts included in your RM45 (~S$15) entry fee as you journey through each room, including ice cream, bubble tea, and cupcakes.

Tip: There’s even a surprise dessert you can unlock if you visit the museum’s website and follow the step-by-step instructions. 

Check out the exhibits we snapped photos with during our visit:


1. The Giant Cakes


giant strawberry cake

This room is like a magnified version of an artisan bakery – it’s lined full of giant pastries like strawberry cakes and colourful mermaid and unicorn-inspired cupcakes.

the giant cakes

dessert cart

swirly cupcakesFree dessert: You’ll receive one of these swirly rainbow cupcakes when you enter


2. Everything’s Sweet


everything's sweet

This candylicious room brings all your obsession with pink to life. Fans of ball pits would love to hop into the ball-filled bathtub against the “Hello Gorgeous” wall. 

bathtub with pink balls

pink telephone

benefit cartFree dessert: Pick up a cotton marshmallow stick from this adorable pink cart


3. Ice-Cream World


Nobody likes dropping their ice cream on the floor and having it melt away – unless it’s a fake one for chio lying-on-the-floor photo ops.  

Selfie Museum KLLay down for a “chill” selfie

baskin robbins ice creamFree dessert: Baskin Robbins ice-cream 
Image credit: @selfiemuseumkl

windmill wall


4. Fluffy Path 


fluffy paths

You’ll be on cloud nine in this room full of fluffy marshmallow clouds made of huggable squishies. 

fluffy path cloud


5. dUCkies Cafe


This room pays tribute to some of the delicious local desserts you can find in Malaysia. Have a go on the ice-cream sandwich inspired swing, or pretend to sip from a ginormous packet of teh tarik. 

teh tarikImage credit: @mun_mun153

neopolitan ice cream swingNeapolitan ice cream sandwich swing – you can’t go wrong with a light coloured outfit for this room! 


6. Rainbow Room 


Step into this psychedelic rainbow panelled room with a jumbo unicorn and durian see-saw.

durian see saw and unicorn

durian see saw


7. Super Happiness


yellow ball pit

The museum channels your inner child by having not one but two ball pits for you to dive into. Shake it up with a cheery pic with the yellow ball pit and banana props in this gallery.

banana in sunglasses

samsung galaxy wallDraw your own artwork with a Samsung Galaxy note pad and project it on the wall in a separate section of the room


8. Splash Lab


llaollaoImage credit: @vvens

Leap into the Splash Lab and be greeted with colossal sculptures of bubble milk tea and Llao Llao froyo.

giant bubble tea

If your bubble tea cravings are suddenly ignited by the sight of these, fret not. You’ll get to drink a free cup of milk tea from popular Malaysian bubble tea chain Tealive! 

tealive bubble teaFree drink: full-sized cup of bubble tea from Tealive
Image credit: @selfiemuseumkl


 9. Do-Nut-Stop


donut rings

This dark, neon lit room is the last stop of the museum, where you can vogue under a giant donut ring in the centre of the room. 

donut vogue

Go for a whirl on this donut-shaped merry-go-round – the friendly staff on duty will help you get that perfect boomerang shot of you twirling on the merry-go-round. 

donut merry go round

Once the video is taken, you’ll be given a unique photo ID to download your video from. 

donut swirling gifImage credit: @sammikwt

neon lightsGet creative – make use of the neon lights to create some interesting effects for a portrait shot.


Photo opportunities and free food at Selfie Museum KL 


selfie lah wall

The museum is conveniently located in the trendy Fahrenheit 88 mall. It’s also right next to mega mall Pavilion and a 15-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre.  

If you’re heading down to KL for a weekend getaway, the Selfie Museum is one more thing to look forward to other than food and shopping. You’ll be filling up your phone album with a repository of pretty photos enough to last you multiple uploads on Instagram. Just make sure you visit before it closes in February 2019, and get ready to snap away to your heart’s content! 

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The Selfie Museum 
Address: Unit 2.28, Level 2, Fahrenheit 88, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Opening Hours: Daily, 10AM-10PM
Dates:September 2018 to February 2019
Adults: On-site purchases: RM45 (~S$14.90) | Online purchases: RM40 (~S$13.25)
Children: On-site purchases: RM30 (~S$9.90) | Online purchases: RM25 (~S$8.30) | Free for those below 2 years