Plant delivery services in Singapore

With so much greenery around, it’s no surprise that Singapore is often known as the Garden City. But our busy schedules, coupled with the remoteness of many plants and nurseries, often mean that few of us have green fingers. How do we keep up with such a time-intensive hobby, especially with all those emails and to-do lists?

Well, thanks to these plant delivery services in Singapore, you only have to lift your finger to hit “order”. Whether you’re thinking of beautifying your workspace with some air freshening plants, intending to be self-sufficient with your own vegetable garden or just looking to start a new hobby, these will help you achieve your green dream. 

1. Chlorofeel – Grow plants indoors without sunlight

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Image credit: @thechlorofeel via Instagram

As we learned in school, plants can make their own food using water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. However, with the recent rainy spells and monsoon season coming up, our beloved plant babies might start to get a little hungry, especially with all those dark skies. 

Luckily, Chlorofeel’s Chlorolight ensures that your plant will be kept well-fed, no matter rain or shine. It’s available in various sizes, with prices starting from $148 for a 60cm Chlorolight.

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Image credit: @thechlorofeel via Instagram

Besides their Chlorolight, Chlorofeel also stocks up on rare varieties of tropical exotic plants, such as the Monstera Thai Constellation ($125.80) and the Alocasia Frydek Variegata ($127.50)

Delivery: Weight-based, contact them for more information. Shipping is done fortnightly, typically on a Saturday. 

Contact: Chlorofeel website

2. Kokeball – Specialises in mossball plants

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Image credit: via Instagram

If you haven’t heard of kokeballs, let us introduce them to you. They’re derived from the Japanese art of kokedama, where bonsai plants are grown in moss-covered balls of soil. Kokeball has little plants such as ferns whose roots are first packed in the soil, before being enveloped in moss and finally wrapped in yarn or twine. 

They’re designed to be placed in a saucer or small bowl but can be suspended as well. Available from $30 for a variety of plants, such as the money plant and White Nerve, prices can go up to $58 for the beautiful purple Oxalis Kokeball, with its unique triangular leaves.

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Image adapted from: via Instagram

If you want to learn to make your own kokeballs, sign up for their 2-hour workshops (from $75). Participants can choose between the popular Swiss Cheese or air-purifying Sweetheart kokeball to customise, before taking them home.

Delivery: $10 delivery fee

Contact: Kokeball website

3. Soilboy – Plants in aesthetic pots

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Image credit: Soilboy

Instead of the usual reddish-brown terracotta pots that everyone seems to keep their plants in, show off your plant pets with Soilboy’s unique animal-themed planters. You’ll find a variety of designs ranging from pets such as cats and rabbits to wild animals like bears and raccoons. They are available in both mini ($59) and standard ($79) sizes to suit different plants.

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Proclaim your love for all things green and leafy with merch like totes and posters.
Image credit: Soilboy

In addition, Soilboy also carries unique merch – think crates ($65), Nalgene water bottles ($63), and t-shirts ($63), which you can use to flex your green fingers.

Delivery: $25 for specific day delivery or $10 for standard delivery. Free delivery above $150.

Contact: Soilboy website

4. Tumbleweed Plants – Tabletop plants like bonsais & succulents

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Image credit: @tumbleweedplantssg via Instagram

Tumbleweed Plants has a variety of small plants available for tabletops, from air-purifying Baby Birds of Paradise plants ($30) to aromatic Shining Arrow plants ($48). Not only will your workspace look more aesthetic, but you also get to enjoy lowered stress levels and increased productivity.

Image adapted from: @tumbleweedplantssg via Instagram

If space isn’t an issue, you can also opt for their “order-a-garden” service, which starts from $25. With herbs, succulents, flowery plants, and many other plant varieties available, it’s only natural to be spoilt for choice. But before you start fretting over upkeep issues, know that Tumbleweed has curated these plants not only for the aesthetics, but also for their easy-to-care-for nature.

Delivery: $10 for orders less than 5kg, $15 for orders above 5kg. If you hit $99, you get free delivery. 

Contact: Tumbleweed Plants website

5. The Garden Store – Delivers plants, seeds & fertilisers

the garden store
Image credit: @thegardenstore via Instagram

If you want to start your plant journey from the very beginning, The Garden Store offers a variety of seeds to help you do so. Over 140 kinds of seeds and starter kits are available from $2.55, ranging from pretty flowers to aromatic spices and edible greens.

To protect your beloved little seedlings, The Garden Store also stocks mini greenhouses, so you can lovingly watch them grow and bloom, just like any proud plant parent would. Available in 2 sizes, these plant incubators can be had from just $8.90.

Delivery: Available from Mondays to Saturdays. Courier fee of $5 for seed delivery, $25 for all others. 

Contact: The Garden Store website

6. Toh Garden – Self-watering planters

Image credit: Toh Garden

Got green fingers but the Singaporean dream has got you too tired to water your plants every day? Check out Toh Garden’s collection of self-watering pots (from $50), which will ensure that your beloved plants are kept well-hydrated at all times. All that is needed is to ensure that the topsoil is extensively watered and the reservoir at the bottom is kept full.

How these pots work is ingenious – as the plant releases water from its leaves, it draws up water from its roots. In turn, more water is drawn up from the reservoir under the soil, helping to keep the soil damp. 

 toh garden 2
Image credit: @tohgarden via Instagram

They are also known as an orchid specialist, with over 200 varieties for sale – including more affordable ones like their mini dendrobiums ($8) or rarer varieties like custom orchid hybrids.

Delivery: $25 delivery fee with $100 minimum spend. Free delivery above $200.

Contact: Toh Garden website

7. Pick A Plant – Air plant specialist

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Image credit: @pick.a.plant via Instagram

Unlike other plants, air plants, also known as Tillandsia, don’t need soil to survive. Found naturally on elevated structures, they use their highly evolved root structures to absorb water and nutrients directly from the air. Don’t be fooled by their almost otherworldly appearance though; they are close cousins to the pineapple, with both belonging to the same family of plants. 

Image credit: @pick.a.plant via Instagram

If you’re looking to land yourself one of these highly unique plants, Pick A Plant stocks an extensive variety of them. Prices start at $4 for beginner-friendly options and can go up to $65 for more exotic species, such as Tillandsia Diguetti, which is highly sought after by collectors.

Delivery: $20 delivery fee with no minimum spend. Free delivery above $200.

Contact: Pick A Plant website

8. A Tilly A Day – Terrariums that don’t require watering

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Image credit: @atillyadaysg via Instagram

Potted plants? Meh, everyone has them. Why not stand out from the crowd by creating your own green paradise?

Let your imagination run wild with the wide variety of offerings available at A Tilly A Day. From essentials such as soil and plants to decorative items like figurines, this local terrarium specialist stocks them all, with your imagination, enclosure size and most importantly, wallet, being the only limiting factors.

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Image credit: @missysammie via Instagram

Workshops on terrarium building are also available, should you need help getting your mini ecosystem off the ground. Contact them for more information regarding pricing and dates.

Delivery: $20 delivery fee for next day or specific day delivery. Free delivery above $250.

Contact: A Tilly A Day website

9. Ferns N Petals – Midnight deliveries available

plant delivery services - ferns n petals
Image credit: Ferns N Petals

From birthday cakes (from $38) to flower bouquets (from $29) and funeral wreaths ($190), Ferns N Petals Singapore stocks a wide selection of gifts for any occasion. They do carry a wide variety of plants too, ranging from ubiquitous money plants ($32), suitable for occasions such as housewarmings and business openings, to snake plants ($308), which are believed to be able to ward off bad energy and karma.

If you’re too busy to head down, don’t worry. With deliveries starting as early as 7am and running till midnight, they offer various delivery schemes to fit your busy schedule. 

Delivery: Multiple delivery options available from $15. Midnight deliveries cost $19. 

Contact: Ferns N Petals website

Have your greenery delivered with these plant delivery services

Whether you’re looking for weather-resistant ways to feed your plant kids, aesthetic pots to house them, or just some seeds to begin your journey, we hope this list helps. These plant delivery services will ensure that you can still maintain green thumbs while concurrently balancing the curveballs life throws at you.

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