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If you don’t have a green thumb and find that rearing a plant is a tough challenge, it’s time to get your hands on a terrarium instead. Terrariums are tiny self-sustaining gardens typically in transparent glass jars, and won’t require much care apart from watering – just place them in an area with sufficient sunlight and they will thrive.

This is an easy way to spruce up your home with greenery without the added responsibilities, and here’s where you can get affordable ones in Singapore. 

If you’d rather make your own, check out a list of affordable terrarium workshops from just $22 here.

1. A Tilly A Day – easy online customisation (from $16) 

Cheap Terrariums A Tilly A Day Mini TerrariumMini Terrarium – $16 and $35 respectively
Image credit: A Tilly A Day, A Tilly A Day

A Tilly A Day allows easy customisation on their webpage. From a drop-down menu, choose from the types of plants you prefer – fittonia, holland moss, air plants or succulents. Then let them know the theme or occasion you’re going for, whether it’s for a birthday, house warming or proposal. 

Cheap Terrariums A Tilly A Day Customised Open Terrarium
Customised open terrarium ($69.90)
Image credit: A Tilly A Day

After that, simply decide on the type of container you prefer. Prices start from just $16 for a Mini Terrarium.

Cheap Terrariums A Tilly A Day Customised Closed TerrariumCustomised closed terrarium – $69.90 and $49.90 respectively
Image credit: A Tilly A Day, A Tilly A Day

Price: From $16

2.  In Out Atelier – Japanese-inspired landscapes in different seasons (from $20)


Cheap Terrariums In Out AtelierImage credit: In Out Atelier 

Many of the terrariums by In Out Atelier are reminiscent of Japanese gardens – decorated with mini stones and rocks on sloping designs that mirror the natural landscapes of zen gardens. These start $20, with a range of different sizes to select from. Customised ones cost between  $100-$200. 

Cheap Terrariums In Out Atelier Customised Terrarium
Customised terrarium
Image credit: In Out Atelier 

They don’t just limit themselves to green terrariums – some of these include Autumn shades and blooming pink flowers to reflect the various seasons of the year. No two designs are the same, as they’re all handmade upon request. 

Price: From $20
Address: 311 Old Birdcage Walk, #01-06 Singapore 798484

3. Mosto Terrarium – each one tells a story (from $35)

Cheap Terrariums Mosto Terrarium Sailing in a Nest ($44) and Oriental Pond ($35)
Image credit: Mosto Terrarium, Mosto Terrarium

The collection by Mosto Terrarium has many figurines and tiny sculptures that complement each other to tell a story. 

Cheap Terrariums Mosto terrarium Singing in The Rain
Singing in the Rain
Image credit: Mosto Terrarium 

Singing in the Rain ($51) contains a figurine of the well-loved Japanese anime character Totoro, holding an umbrella and standing in a garden while Sailing in a Nest ($44) is a serene scene involving rocks, seashells, moss and figurines of two birds in a nest. For the lovebirds out there, this is could be a sweet addition to your marital home.

Cheap Terrariums Mosto Terrarium Birds of Different Feathers
Birds of Different Feathers ($55)

Image credit: Mosto Terrarium

Price: From $35

4. Love In A Bottle – mini flowers and couple figurines (from $15.90)

Cheap Terrariums Love in A Bottle Japan Mini Flowers
Japan Mini Flowers, $15.90
Image credit: Love In A Bottle 

Love In A Bottle sells mini flowers from Japan enclosed in glass jars that come in multiple shapes, ranging from $15.90 to $35.90 depending on the size and type of jar. These flowers can last up to 10 years with proper care. The vibrant colours are a refreshing change from the usual greens we see in most terrariums.

Cheap Terrariums Love in a Bottle
Image credit: Love In A Bottle 

They also have air plants and artificial flower terrariums housed in geometrical or round glass containers ($55 to $75). These designs are suitable for couples with furkids, as they all involve cute couple and dog figurines. 

Cheap Terrariums Love in A Bottle
Image credit: Love In A Bottle

Price: From $15.90
Address: #01-41, 9 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039596 Millenia Walk
Opening hours: 11AM-8PM
Telephone: 9008 0348

5. Terrarium4u – intricate designs that look like art (from $38)

Cheap Terrariums Terrarium4u The Mini Concrete and The BeginnerThe Mini Concrete and The Beginner
Image credit: Terrarium4u

The elaborate designs of the terrariums by Terrarium4u make them look like they belong in an art exhibition. In particular, The Mini Concrete ($58) features a glass dome sitting on a grey concrete base instead of the usual wooden one, while The Beginner ($38) has a mini sculpture of a majestic unicorn.

Cheap Terrariums Terrarium4u Love You
Love You
Image credit: Terrarium4u

There are open or closed terrariums to choose from, with names that reflect the theme of each design which is individually crafted upon order. For example, Love You ($98) features figurines of a couple on a bridge while High Up ($98) mimics a man reaching the summit of a rocky mountain. 

Cheap Terrariums Terrarium4u The Waterfall
The Waterfall ($158)
Image credit: Terrarium4u 

Most of their terrariums have to be placed in lower-temperature rooms, and the open ones have to be watered on a regular basis. More information is available on their website on the respective care needed. 

Price: From $38

6. Green Banana – in uniquely shaped cups (from $29)


Cheap Terrariums Green Banana
Image credit: Green Banana

Green Banana has both open and closed terrariums in a variety of domes and egg-like glass shells. Each one houses different types of plants, from air plants to succulents and cacti.

Cheap Terrariums Singapore Green Banana Image credit: Green Banana, Green Banana 

But not all their terrariums are in glass vessels – they have variations in ceramic glasses and pots too. For that extra dash of quirkiness, there’s one in a unique trophy cup ($35), and a jar with a spherical cork top (from $75).

Cheap Terrariums Singapore Green Banana Go Air 03 ($29) and Go Vintage 06 ($40)
Image credit: Green Banana, Green Banana

Price: From $29

 7. – minimalistic jarless formations (from $30)

Cheap Terrariums Singapore Terrarium.sgImage credit:,

The terrariums at are not limited to glass jars or domes. Take the Trunk Moss 2 ($90) that is quite literally, moss growing on a piece of trunk – it’s almost like bringing a piece of a forest into your home. These pieces have a minimalist, polished look – great for those who want something simple but unique. 

Cheap Terrariums Singapore Terrarium.sgMini 1 ($30) and Oblix Succulents ($50)
Image credit: 

Of course they do have simpler designs in jars and domes, and you’re able to request for certain types of plants such as moss, cacti or air plants and succulents to personalise your terrarium with. 

Cheap Terrariums Singapore
Carni 1, featuring a mini T-rex skull ($100)
Image credit:

Price: From $30

8. Lush Glass Door – with lights (from $14.80)

Cheap Terrariums Singapore Lush Glass Door Mini Egg Terrariums ($14.90 each)
Image credit: Lush Glass Door

The selection of terrariums sold by Lush Glass Door are housed in a variety of shapes and sizes – from domes to cylinders, and asymmetrical geometric ones. Prices start from $14.80 for small egg-shaped terrariums which are suitable for gifts.

Cheap Terrariums Singapore Lush Glass Door
Image credit: Lush Glass Door 

There are also those fitted with lighting, allowing them to double up as a nightlight for your room. Different themes such as seaside, beachside or cottage house ($46 each) are available – choose your desired landscape based on the decor of your room!

Cheap Terrariums Singapore Lush Glass Door
Kirk Succulents Arrangement in Diamond Geometric Terrarium ($73)
Image credit: Lush Glass Door 

Price: From $14.80

9. The Green Capsule – for fantasy film buffs (from $30)

Cheap Terrariums Singapore The Green Capsule
Mushroom in a Bottle ($35), Man in a Terrarium ($30).
Image credit: The Green Capsule, The Green Capsule

The Green Capsule has a World of Fantasy ($42-$130) range, from which fans of fantasy series like Star Wars, Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter will be spoilt for choice with figurines of the main characters adorning your little garden. 

Cheap Terrariums Singapore The Green CapsuleThor Terrarium ($45) and Mei & Chibi Totoro Terrarium ($49)
Image credit: The Green Capsule, The Green Capsule

If you would like to add a touch of greenery to your walls, look to the Airplant or Succulent Greenwalls ($45-$110) instead. These are real, living plants arranged in a frame. Just spritz some water over them once a week and place them where there’s some sunlight. You can also leave them on your coffee table as a centrepiece. 

Cheap Terrariums Singapore The Green CapsuleImage credit: The Green Capsule 

If you prefer something more colourful, they also have preserved flowers in terrariums, which last for a minimum of 1 year. 

Cheap Terrariums Singapore The Green Capsule
Image credit: The Green Capsule 

They also organise workshops and offer customisation of terrariums for special events like company bonding or couple anniversaries. You can order online or purchase from their physical stores at Funan and OUE Downtown Gallery. 

Price: From $30 

Address: Funan, 107 North Bridge Road, #04-11, Singapore 179105.
Opening hours: 11AM-9PM
Telephone: 6908 4087

OUE Downtown Gallery
Address: OUE Downtown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way, #03-14, Singapore 068815
Opening hours: 11AM-6PM
Telephone: 6221 2365

Terrarium plants in Singapore

These terrariums are perfect for bringing a bit of nature into our modern apartments, and they make great gifts as well – especially with the customisation options.

Many of these places also sell DIY terrarium packages that come with the equipment and tools to design and build your own terrarium, so if you cannot find what you are looking for, or want to come up with something extra special for a loved one, you can try your hand at that. 

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