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You Can Now Visit Local Factories To See How Things Like Fishballs, Otak-Otak & Soy Sauce Are Made

Open My Factory – Local factory tours in Singapore

If you ever need something as simple as soy sauce, all you gotta do is head to the nearest supermarket. But where do supermarkets get their supplies? Factories. And what goes on in those factories? Well, here’s a rare opportunity for you to find out. 

There are tours of local factories happening from now till July 2023. Called Open My Factory, it’s organised by My Community, a non-profit organisation in Singapore. Catch some behind-the-scenes action of our local brands at 6 different factories – accompanied by experienced hosts who have been in the industry for years. Here are the brands you’ll learn more about:

1. Freshening Industries – Known for Zappy Wipes

open my factory - freshening industries
Image credit: My Community 

Zappy wipes shouldn’t be a stranger to us by now – it’s a lifesaver, especially after late-night dim sum meals. See for yourself how it’s produced at the factory of its parent company, Freshening Industries. You’ll find out how this once humble store in Eunos grew into one of Singapore’s most widely recognised brands. 

Do note that photography is not allowed – so put those cameras away. 

Book tickets for Open My Factory: Freshening Industries.

Price: $22.04/pax
Date: 1st Friday of selected months
Time: 2pm-3.30pm
Meet-up point: Pasir Ris MRT Station Exit A Street Level (Shuttle bus pick up point))

2. DoDo Seafood Treats – Known for fishballs

open my factory - DoDo seafood treats
Image credit: My Community 

Known specifically for their fishballs, made by secret recipes handed down by many generations, DoDo Seafood Treats is undeniably a huge part of our local food culture – from mee pok tah to fishball soup. 

With the Open My Factory tour, not only can you see how your fishballs are made, but you also get to meet the hands behind these yummy creations. 

Tickets are sold out for now, but keep a lookout on Eventbrite for future slots.  

Price: $22.04/pax
Date: 2nd Friday of the month
Time: 10am-12pm
Meet-up point: Security post, 22 Senoko Way Singapore 758044 (Shuttle bus pick up point)

3. Lee Wee and Brothers – Singapore’s famous otahs

open my factory - lee wee and brothers
Image credit: My Community 

Lee Wee & Brothers is one of the go-to places when looking for otah. Whether you’re an otah fan or not, it’ll be interesting to watch how all the ingredients come together through ae long and tedious process. You might be surprised to find out that many are still made carefully by hand – and perhaps even gain a new appreciation of this classic. 

Tickets are sold out for now, but keep a lookout on Eventbrite for future slots.

Price: $22.04/pax
Date: 3rd Saturday of the month
Time: 10am-11.30am
Meet-up point: Beside Original Botak Jokes, Bedok Food City, 1550 Bedok North Ave 4 #01-15 Singapore 489950 (Shuttle bus pick up point)

4. Tai Hua Soy Sauce – Must have in ah ma’s kitchen

open my factory - tai hua soy sauce
Image credit: My Community 

Porridge too bland? Soy sauce. What do you always add to chilli padi? Soy sauce. At this point, most of us might’ve seen a bottle of Tai Hua Soy Sauce in every kitchen – including your ah ma’s. 

Take a behind-the-scenes look at all the equipment and steps needed to make this staple condiment. Speak to the employees themselves and they might tell you a thing or two about the traditional techniques that were passed down from the generations before them.

Book tickets for Open My Factory: Tai Hua Soy Sauce

Price: $22.04/pax
Date: 4th Friday of the month
Time: 10am-11.30am
Meet-up point: Lakeside MRT Drop-Off Point – Exit A Street Level (Shuttle bus pick up point)

5. Bee Sin Shipyard – sneak peek of the marine industry

open my factory - bee sin shipyard
Image credit: My Community 

It’s not every day you get to visit a shipyard – or speak to someone who’s a veteran of the marine industry. At Bee Sin Shipyard, catch engineers, fitters, and captains who have been here for a really long time going about their day. This’s also a chance for you to get up close and personal with shipbuilding operations.

Book tickets for Open My Factory: Eng Hup Shipping, Bee Sin Shipyard.  

Price: $22.04/pax
Date: 2nd Saturday of the month
Time: 10am-12pm
Meet-up point: Chinese Garden MRT Exit B Street Level (Shuttle bus pick up point)

6. Tower Transit – Our local SG bus operator

open my factory - tower transit
Image credit: Tower Transit Singapore via Facebook

Ever wondered where our buses retreat to after a long day of going round’ and round’? Peek into the “homes” of our Singapore city buses and see how they’re serviced, refuelled and washed sparkly clean before reporting for duty. To get a sense of how things roll around here, the tour will include a series of workshops and maintenance bays as well.

Tickets are sold out for now, but keep a lookout on Eventbrite for future slots.

Price: $22.04/pax
Date: 3rd Friday of the month
Time: 10am-12pm
Meet-up point: Jurong East Bus Interchange Passenger Service Office (Shuttle bus pick up point)

Sign up to join these local factory tours

If school was the last time you ever had the opportunity to go on a learning journey like this, maybe it’s your sign to join My Community’s Open My Factory tours. For a more educational experience, there’ll be radio guides that are part of the tours – just remember to bring along your own pair of earphones that can connect with a standard 3.5mm audio jack, and you’re good to go.  

Find out more about factory tours at Open My Factory


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Cover image adapted from: My Community website