New cafes in Johor Bahru


New JB cafes

Image adapted from (clockwise from top left): @imszeyee, @cerynthum, @chongwei_yow, @tanjadenn

It’s been over 2 years since we’ve compiled a JB cafe guide, and it goes without saying that since then, many new ones have sprouted across the Causeway. If you’re looking to explore new cafes, here’s a list of 13 new cafes in Johor Bahru that have opened its doors not too long ago, from last July onwards.


1. Urban Artisan Cafe


Urban Artisan Cafe started out in Penang, and now it has also joined the list of cafes in KL and well, JB. Take a look at their soft serve, and the reason for their popularity is obvious: Who can resist the temptation of whimsical dual-toned ice cream?  

Urban Artisan cafe - ice cream

There’s even a colourfully tiled wall as a fitting backdrop for photos.
Image credit: @imszeyee

Looks aside, the ice cream priced at RM15.90 (~S$5.40) comes in fanciful flavours and combinations. Some examples include Oceanic Sea Salt mixed with Chocolate Hazelnut, Quenchy Watermelon with Hokkaido Lavender, or Coal Black Thai Coconut with Taro Yam. The flavours change up weekly, so follow their Facebook page to check what they’ll be serving every week. 

Urban artisan cafe - interior

Image credit: Urban Artisan Cafe Johor Bahru 

Urban Artisan Cafe
Address: 47 Jalan Austin Heights 8/5, Taman Mount Austin
Telephone: 017-577 0980
Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sun: 2PM-10PM | Fri & Sat: 2PM-11PM (closed on Tuesdays) 


2. Lamuse Coffee


Lamuse coffee - interior

Image credit: @ii_lwp_ii

Lamuse Coffee’s simple, no-frills interior gives it a cosy, laid-back vibe that’ll have you feeling right at home. 

Lamuse cafe - fish and chips

Image credit: @addictedjiajia

Fill yourself up with local Chinese or Malaysian food like Satay Chicken with Rice (RM 9.90, ~S$3.35) and Nasi Lemak (RM 10.90, ~S$3.70). Otherwise, Lamuse Coffee also has Western cuisine like Grilled Chicken Chop (RM 12.90, ~S$4.40), Creamy Spaghetti (RM 10.90, ~S$3.70) and Fish and Chips (RM 13.90, ~S$4.70).

They’ve also recently launched a new menu for Japanese cuisine, with items such as Chicken Katsu Curry and Omurice Curry with Chicken Karaage.  

Lamuse Coffee
Address: 28, Jalan Harmonium 23/13, Johor Bahru
Telephone: +60 7-351 8338 
Opening hours: 730AM – 6PM, Daily


3. Mok Mok Brunch and Bistro


Mok Mok Brunch and Bistro - interior

Image credit: @never_found

About 15 minutes drive away from the JB checkpoint is Mok Mok Brunch and Bistro, a garden-themed cafe that just opened towards the end of last year. 

Mok Mok Brunch and Bistro - Kumo Ultimo cream cheese souffle

Image credit: @clovis_lim

A must-try would be Kumo Ultimo (RM22, ~S$7.50) – cream cheese souffle pancakes with cookie crumbs, mousse, and ice cream, a treat the sweet-toothed will love. Snap a pic before it deflates!

Mok Mok Brunch & Bistro - Unagi signature rice bowl

Unagi Signature Rice Bowl (38RM, ~S$9.50) 
Image credit: @wlivia

For mains, they’ve also got signature rice bowls, which comes with all sorts of meat like lamb, unagi, and Australian beef tenderloin. But if you’re only interested to try the best of the best, opt for their recommended Gyutan Bowl (RM28, S$9.50) – chewy sliced beef with pearl rice, topped with spicy sesame oil and Japanese soy sauce. 

Mok Mok Brunch & Bistro
Address: 78, Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru
Telephone: +60 7-336 3562
Opening hours: 1130AM-1130PM, Daily


4. Bloom by Mok Mok


Bloom by Mok Mok - flowers

Image credit: @cerynthum

Seems like Mok Mok Brunch and Bistro is on a roll, because here’s another new cafe managed by them.

Bloom by Mok Mok - cafe food

Image credit: @elisahtee

While the menu is the exactly same as Mok Mok Brunch and Bistro’s, and they both bear a garden-theme, Bloom by Mok Mok is distinctly decked out in flowers, flowers, and more flowers. Think dried flowers dangling from the ceiling, and a wooden ornamental swing outside the cafe surrounded by potted plants.

Bloom by Mok Mok - exterior decor

Image credit: @yeehui89

Bloom by Mok Mok - flatlay of food

Image credit: @29.3cc

Bloom by Mokmok
Address: 87, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2a, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru
Telephone: +60 19-771 0068
Opening hours: 12PM – 1130PM, Daily


5. 早 · 尚好 Good Morning Food Truck


Eco Springs - Good Morning Food Truck

Image credit: @tanjadenn

If you’ve crossed the checkpoint early in the morning, head to 早 · 尚好 Good Morning Food Truck for handmade, Taiwanese-style breakfast sandwiches. Don’t be fooled, as the name’s a slight misnomer. What started out as a humble food truck is now also a physical store that opened its doors early this year – one that’s shaped like a cutesy cartoon house at that. 

Good Morning Food Truck - Toast

Image credit: @yuexin1001

Types of toasts include Chicken Egg Toast (RM 7.90, S$2.70), Peanut Butter Toast (RM 3.90, S$1.30), and Mayo Egg Toast (RM 3.90, S$1.30), and you can complete your brekkie with a cuppa Coffee (RM 2.50, $0.85). But if you’re dropping by during lunch, Good Morning Food Truck has also got items like Sesame Noodles and Braised Pork Rice.  

Good Morning Food Truck - cafe

The glass windows allow plenty of sunlight to stream through
Image credit: @goodmorning_foodtruck

Note: the food truck is still in operation, at the same area as the store. 

Good Morning Food Truck 

Address: Jalan Ekoflora 1, Taman Ekoflora, 81100, Johor Bahru
Opening hours: Tues – Sun: 7AM – 3PM (closed on Mondays)
Address: Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Taman Mount Austin, 81100, Johor Bahru  
Opening hours: Tues – Fri: 7AM – 11PM (closed on Mondays and weekends)


6. Yummy Taro


Here’s a creme brulee ice-cream crepe hailing from Japan, and Yummy Taro’s where it has made it’s breakout in Malaysia. 

Yummy Taro - caramel crepe

Scoop into this crisp, caramel-blazed crepe, just for RM12. 
Image credit: JB City Guide

If you’d like to chill around with your pals while sipping on some tea, they’ve also got a variety of drinks. Some of their top picks are Taro Milk Tea (Regular: RM 9.90, Large: RM 10.90), Matcha Coco Latte (RM 11.90), Coco Cheese (RM 12.90) and Oreo Uji Matcha (RM 12.90).

Yummy Taro - exterior

Image credit: JB City Guide

Yummy Taro
Address: 36,Jalan Austin Heights 8/7, Taman Mount Austin,81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Opening hours: 12PM – 12AM, Daily


7. August Cafe


August Cafe - exterior

Image credit: @wafi_abdul

It can be easy to overlook August Cafe, with its unassuming, slightly rustic exterior which blends in with the surrounding old-school shophouses. 

August Cafe - cafe interior

Image credit: @i.rreesh

But in this cosy, 2-storey cafe, you’ll find innovative dishes that will satisfy those looking to try more adventurous flavours, like Ondeh Ondeh Coffee and Teh Tarik Cake

August Cafe - flatlay of food

Image credit: @afqnsr

If you’d rather stick to more standard dishes instead, you can get their signatures such as August Steak Sandwich and Quesadilla

August Cafe
Address: 36 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru
Telephone: +60 16-727 9944
Opening hours: 1030AM-7PM, Daily


8. 93 Bangkok Coffee


94 Bangkok Cafe - exterior

Image credit: 93 Bangkok Coffee

While a trip to JB makes a good adventure, sometimes you just wish you could travel a little further out. Another container-themed cafe located at Spring Labs, 93 Bangkok Coffee is the place to head to for a taste of Thailand – without the plane ride. 

93 Bangkok Coffee - Mango Sticky Rice and Thai Milk Tea

Mango Sticky Rice and Thai Milk Tea
Image credit: @djxiaosin

Besides our favourite Thai dishes like Mango Sticky Rice (RM15, S$5.10) and Thai-style Fried Chicken (RM15, S$5.10), you can also expect Western delights such as Tuna Sandwich (RM15, S$5.10) with drink, and Crispy Fish Fillet (RM13, S$4.40)

93 Bangkok coffee - cake and drink

Image credit: @93bangkokcoffee

Coffee lovers can purchase original coffee beans harvested by hand from Chiang Rai, Thailand’s coffee paradise. If you’re not sure which type of coffee beans to choose, go with their recommended House Blend Semi-Washed or Honey Process. 

93 Bangkok Coffee 
Address: Lot A Spring Labs, Jalan Ekoflora 1 Taman Eko Flora, Johor Bahru
Telephone:  +60 17-727 2993
Opening hours: Tues – Thurs: 1PM – 10PM | Fri-Sun: 12PM – 10PM


9. 深夜食糖 – SYST


If you’re planning to stay the night at JB, a great supper spot would be 深夜食糖 – SYST, a 1980s Hong Kong-themed cafe that opened in April this year. 

SYST - Hongkong style cafe

Image credit: 深夜食糖 – SYST

Specialising in Hong Kong desserts, SYST serves up warm desserts like Steamed Egg with Milk (RM 9.50, S$3.20), Water Chestnut Sweet Soup (RM 9.50, S$3.20) and Black Sesame Soup (RM 8.50, S$2.90), as well as icy cold treats like Mango Pomelo Soup (RM 12.90, S$4.40) and Grass Jelly with Carnation Milk (RM 8.50, S$2.90)

SYST - Mango pomelo sago

Mango pomelo sago
Image credit: @melves22

No worries if your stomach’s getting a lil grumbly late at night, since this joint opens till 2am. Some small bites they have to satisfy your midnight cravings are the Curry Puff (RM 6.50, S$2.20), Curry Fishball (RM 6.50, S$2.20) and Fried Durian (RM 9.90, S$3.35).

SYST - furniture photo spot

Check out the rustic furniture and traditional oriental tea set
Image credit: @sky_77teo

They’ve also got photogenic, brightly-lit neon light signs, recreating the atmosphere of nightlife along the streets of Hong Kong. 

Address: 260 Jalan Dato’ Sulaiman, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru
Opening hours: 6PM-2AM, Daily


10. Tropique Cafe and Restaurant


Tropique Cafe and Restaurant

Image credit: @tanjadenn

No stranger to the JB cafe scene are popular cafes The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen, Faculty of Caffeine, and Shakespeare Milkshakes. By the very same people is Tropique Cafe and Restaurant, opened just this year. 

Tropique cafe and restaurant - interior

Image credit: Tropique Cafe & Restaurant

You know what to expect – a clean, sleek interior, similar to its counterparts. And to live up to its name, Tropique is decked out with leafy plants and green-painted walls.. 

Tropique Cafe and Restaurant - high tea platter

Their three-tier High Tea Platter (RM 120, ~S$40), which comes with an assorted selection of savoury bites, sweet desserts, and specialty tea. 
Image credit: @cheeys

Tropique cafe and restaurant - flatlay of food

Image credit: @howeixiong

Other top picks include Barramundi (RM 26.90, S$9.10), Croque Madame (RM 24.90, S$8.40), and Shepherd’s Pie Deconstructed (RM 36.90, S$12.50).

Tropique Cafe and Restaurant 
Address: Lot D, Jalan Ekoflora 1, Taman Ekoflora
Telephone: +60 12-547 7886
Opening hours: Mon – Thurs: 10AM-6PM | Fri – Sun: 10AM-10PM


11. Momo Tea


Our fave bubble tea often come in cups, but the ones from Momo Tea come in bottles. 

Momo tea

Image credit: @jimmynzr94

Here, you can go for the classic flavours like Momo Signature Pearl Milk Tea (RM 7.90, ~S$2.70) or Ice Peak Oolong Milk Tea (RM 7.50, ~S$2.70), or have a taste of their special flavours like Rose Flowering Tea (RM 6.90, ~S$2.30) or Lemon Roasted Oolong Tea (RM 7.90, ~S$2.30). 

Momo tea - bubble tea bottles

Matcha Latte, Jasmine Green Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Lemon Matcha
Image credit: Momo Tea

After you’re done, simply give the bottle a good wash, and ta-da, you’ve got a sleek water bottle to carry around! 

It’s a different colour each day, so if you’ve got your eyes on that one particular colour, you might want to call them up to check on the colour of the day. 

Momo Tea
Address: No 25-G, Jalan Austin Heights 8/3, Taman Mount Austin
Telephone: +60 7-358 8635
Opening hours: 1130AM-1130PM, Daily


12. Grumpy Goat and Friends Specialty Coffee House


Grumpy Goat and Friends Specialty Coffee House - interior

Image credit: @sherrycheese

With wooden decor all around that gives the cafe laid-back vibes, the quaint Grumpy Goat & Friends will leave you anything but grumpy, and makes a great spot for a gathering. 

Grumpy Goat & Friends - food

Image credit: @cloverlau_lucky

Psst…heads up for cheese-lovers: we hear that their cheesy Signature Chicken Chop (RM 36, ~S$12.20)  is as good as it sounds! Dishes like Torched Carbonara (RM 26, ~S$8.80) and Cheesy Mashed Potato (RM 15, ~S$5.10) will also excite even the pickiest eaters. And on hot days –  i.e. most days – chill off from the heat with their signature Chilling Mocha or Cold Brew Coffee.  

Grumpy Goat and Friends Specialty Coffee House
Address: 6C, C, 02, Jalan Suria 7, Bandar Seri Alam, Masai, Johor, Malaysia 
Telephone: +60 17-891 1366
Opening hours: 11AM – 11PM, Daily


13. 7 Dish Cafe


7 Dish Cafe - matcha coffee

Image credit: @chongwei_yow

If you’re feeling grouchy after hustling through the weekend crowd at the customs, give yourself a pick-me-up with some good coffee at 7 Dish Cafe, located at Sutera Mall. 

7 Dish Cafe serves up both concentrated coffee like Espressos (RM 7, ~S$2.80), as well as lighter ones like Cappuccinos (RM 9, ~S$3) and Lattes (RM 9 -12, ~S$3-4) – suitable for hard-core caffeine addicts and casual coffee drinkers alike.

7 Dish Cafe - pancakes

Image credit: @no_makan_inside

No doubt coffee’s a great energiser, but you gotta fuel up with some breakfast too. Some of their signatures include Banana Bacon French Toast (RM 18.90, ~S$6.40), Cheesy Bake Egg (RM 18.90, ~S$6.40) and Salmon Mash (RM 26.90, ~S$9.10).

7 Dish Cafe - exterior

Image credit: @7dish_cafe

7 Dish Cafe
Address: L2 550, Sutera Mall, Skudai, Johor Bahru
Telephone: 017-617 1339
Opening hours: 9AM-9PM, Daily


JB cafes to visit in 2018


JB’s convenient to travel to, and has a host of exciting things to do. As if you needed another reason to cross the border, here’s a list of new cafes to explore! If we’ve missed out any other new cafes worth visiting, do share them with us in the comments section below.  

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