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MM Galleri - Cover

MM Galleri Is A Unique Cave-Esque Wedding Hall In SG If You Don’t Want A Typical Hotel Banquet

MM Galleri wedding venue 

A proclamation of love, symbol of commitment, or straight up flex; whatever you may call it, there’s no denying that weddings are a big deal. Chances are, depending on how big of a deal you want to make it, you’d also want a one-of-a-kind wedding venue your guests won’t shut up about.

Try a cave, or more specifically, MM Galleri’s “Bent and Light” showroom which looks like one, minus the primitivity. 

Stone age, but make it bougie

From $500 an hour, this 4,000sqft event space is worlds away from the usual banquet halls and hotel restaurants, and something you can finally afford to cave in to. 

MM Galleri - Marble Cave
The marble walls are carved to resemble the insides of a cave.
Image credit: @vv.xiaospider

MM Galleri’s showroom features meandering marble walls and contorted sculptures, which add to the ‘bent’ aesthetic of the cave. It’s a signature aesthetic of theirs which they’ve acquired through patented technology that allows them to mould and carve any stone to their liking. 

MM Galleri - Geo Bar
In dim lighting, the Geo Bar emits a golden glow that highlights its natural ridges.
Image credit: @mm.galleri

Many of the luxurious furniture pieces are made from natural materials, such as the Geo Bar which is sculpted from diamond fall granite. Think Flintstones meets Keeping up with the Kardashians.

MM Galleri - Lights
Image credit: @horxiaotong

The venue is also filled with unique artworks and installations. Even the light fixtures, which resemble a stream of floating petals, are unique and elegant. Nothing in here is placed without design and deliberation. 

If you’re not completely sold on the marble, the showroom even has a resort-themed space on the other end, perfect for a “business in front, party in the backarrangement.

MM Galleri - Resort
The resort-themed section features a more tropical, warm-toned vibe. 
Image credit: MM Galleri

Its tunnel-like shape also makes it ideal for an intimate wedding of around 50 guests where everyone can sit along a long dinner table. They also have a comprehensive 360-degrees virtual tour of the space, for you to envision your wedding setup better.

MM Galleri - Dining Table
Image credit: MM Galleri

If bae hasn’t put a ring on it, the MM Galleri showroom can be rented for a slew of other events like corporate gatherings, photoshoots, workshops, food tastings, and even parties. Did I mention, JJ Lin and Gentle Bones even shot their music video for At Least I Had You over here?

MM Galleri - Wedding
Image credit: @josjosconcept

The showroom also provides many useful amenities, like air-conditioning, sound systems, TVs, WiFi, and smoking sections. Just note that bookings go at a minimum of 2 hours, with a 50% deposit fee.

“I got married in a cave”

MM Galleri - Wedding
Image credit: With Twenty Two Photography

Assuming most of us would prefer to get married only once, you know it’s gotta be one helluva wedding. And getting to say “I got married in a cave” seems like a great way to go. We just hope the romance doesn’t fall into hibernation though.

Book MM Galleri’s showroom


Address: 6 Chin Bee Ave, #04-01, Singapore 619930
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm (Closed on Sundays)
Contact: 6266 3987 | MM Galleri website

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Cover image adapted from: @mm.galleri