Mandai T15 trail, a.k.a. the Gangsa trail

Look beyond the food courts, shopping malls, and buzzy bars in Singapore, and you’ll find scenic lakes, hidden parks, and a whole lot of hiking trails. One of which is the Mandai T15 trail.

Located inside the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, this less-trafficked trail stretches 7.1km and is relatively flat, which makes it an easy spot to get your daily green fix without going full-on Into The Wild. Strap on your sturdy shoes and hit the road.

Hike the 7.1km trail around Mandai Lake

Clocking in at 7.1km, the richly wooded loop starts on Mandai Lake Road – near the entrance of the Singapore Zoo at Mandai Wildlife Reserve – and takes you to Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre. It’s home to paved paths canopied by large oaks and maples, alongside meadows and wetlands that are pretty photogenic and also kid-friendly.

gangsa trailImage credit: @kevuzingh via Instagram 

Along the hike, expect to witness a host of wildlife like long-tail macaques, deers, stingrays, and even snakes. If you’re committed to the full hike, which generally takes around 1.5 hours to complete, make sure you follow the main trail which is marked with signs. The Mandai T15 trail is not dog-friendly so leave your pets at home.

mandai t15 trailImage credit: @thevisualhaslanded via Instagram

The picturesque path wraps around Mandai Lake and winds through a fallen tree trunk photo spot. Once populated with ‘grammers, this drool-worthy sight has been cordoned off to prevent trekkers from trampling on trees and plants in the area.

mandai t15 trailImage credit: @rovinglight via Instagram

The Mandai T15 trail is also popular among mountain cyclists, so stay alert. Or, dust off your bike and bring it along to cover more ground and burn more calories. There are a few slightly strenuous slopes along the trail that’ll make cycling fun.

Get outdoors this weekend at the Mandai T15 trail

Your daily environment may be more concrete jungle than actual jungle, but odds are, excellent hiking trails like Mandai T15 are just a short drive away.

Make sure you douse yourself in bug repellent and sunscreen and pack plenty of water before heading out. The recommended starting point is at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve entrance on Mandai Lake Road where you’ll be able to find a map for the Mandai T15 trail. If you like calming landscapes and a breath of fresh air, this one’s for you.

Location: Mandai T15 Trail on Google Maps

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