Late-night and 24h massages in Singapore

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For all office workers out there: we get it. Our days are spent hunched over a computer, eyes glazed and fingers flying furiously away at the keyboard. But there’s nothing a good massage won’t cure. Sadly, with the new Massage Establishments Act, there are fewer and fewer massage parlours that stay open after your long OT hours.

To knead out the tense knots in your shoulders, we’ve sought out 10 massage parlours that still stay open late at night.

1. Grand Spa – open till 6AM, from $63/hour

Swedish, Chinese, and Japanese-style massages 

Grand Spa - massage shop

Image credit: Grand Spa

Grand Spa is divided into eleven cosy rooms – providing comfort and privacy as you get your much-needed dose of massage therapy.  And with its elegant decor of glass chandeliers and Victorian-style furnishings, there’s not a chance that this parlour doubles up as one of those sleazy parlours.

Grand Spa - massage room

Image credit: Grand Spa

Once you’re guided into a private room, you’ll be asked to put on a plush white bathrobe to prep for your chosen treatment. Whether it’s an Ancient Shiatsu Massage, Chinese Meridian Therapy or Swedish Therapy, you know there’ll be good hands pummelling you since all masseuses here are required to have at least five years of experience prior. All massages are $63/hour.

Address: 14 Liang Seah Street, Singapore, 189035
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM – 6AM
Telephone: 6252 0111

2. Emperor Spa – open till 4AM, from $33/hour 

Posh Oriental ambience

Emperor spa massage

Image credit: Emperor Spa 

You won’t miss the entrance to Emperor Spa – it’s guarded by two massive lion sculptures with opulent signs in both English and Chinese. Once you’re in, you’ll notice that the space’s decked out in a rather old-fashioned Chinese style, with shiny rosewood benches and clay vases.

emperor spa - massage room

Image credit: @theemperorspa

Even if your office is not in the Chinatown town area, you’ll want to travel down because their massages are surprisingly affordable. A Body Massage will set you back $48/hour, and a Foot Massage, $33/hour. 

Address: 90 Eu Tong Seng Street, Singapore, 059811
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM – 4AM
Telephone: 6363 1555

3. Ancient Dynasty Massage & Spa – open till 2AM, from $48/hour

Wide range of relaxing oil massages

Ancient dynasty massage and spa

Image credit: Ancient Dynasty Massage & Spa

There’s no shortage of lavish spas in Singapore, but Ancient Dynasty Spa separates themselves by offering an array of soothing oil massages. Your choices range from an Ancient Healing Oil Massage, with firm fingers pushing on acupuncture points, to a Deep Tissue Oil Massage, which loosens muscles to release toxins.

Ancient dynasty massage and spa - aroma oils

Add on aroma oils for $5, so your entire body will feel slippery smooth.
Image credit: Ancient Dynasty Reviews

You know you deserve this, especially after all the hours spent on an uncomfortable office chair. All body massages are priced at an affordable $48/hour.

Upper Thomson Branch
Address: 5 Thong Soon Avenue, Singapore, 787433
Opening hours: Sun to Thu: 11AM – 2AM, Fri to Sun: 11AM – 3AM (Last reservation at 12:15AM)
Telephone: 6458 4948

Siglap Branch
Address: 13 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore, 455206
Opening hours: Sun to Thu: 11AM – 2AM, Fri to Sun: 11AM – 3AM (Last reservation at 12:15AM)
Telephone: 6636 3777

4. – 24h spa, from $155/hour

With a gym, steam rooms, and all-day buffet restaurant - jacuzzi

Image credit: @nehpok

This is the life, you’ll think to yourself as you lounge with arms outstretched in’s mosaic-tiled jacuzzi. Throw away any expectations of a regular massage parlour, this place is decked out with hot and cold pools, steam rooms, and saunas.

Take a relaxing soak in one of their hot or cold pools before trying their Gateway to Vitality massage ($155/hour) – treat it as a satisfying reward for all those dreary hours you’ve been putting in at work. It’s a deep tissue body treatment that’ll hit all the right spots, thanks to the hard work of the masseuse. - massage

Smell like mint and lavender after the Gateway to Vitality Body Treatment.
Image credit: @gspasingapore

To thoroughly pamper yourself, there’s a wide range of other treatments to consider, such as their Skin Regimen Longevity Facial ($215) or Manicure ($68 without Spa Admission). - all day buffet

There’s no need to bring anything with you – provides everything, from robes to slippers. After your massage, head to their unisex relaxation area for more peace and quiet, or if you’re feeling peckish, there’s an all-day buffet where you can load up on local dishes like duck rice and curry chicken.

Read our full review of here.

Address: Hub 102 Guillemard Road, #02-02, Singapore, 399719
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: Open 24 hours
Telephone: 6280 8988

5. Imperial Apple Spa – open till 4AM daily, from $63/hour

Free movie screenings

imperial apple spa

Image credit: Imperial Apple Spa

With flashing neon signages, Imperial Apple Spa is seemingly dodgy from the outside. But once you step in, it’s a whole other story – the reception area even looks like a hotel lobby. The entire space is lit by ambient light, but there’s no need to fumble in the dark since you’ll be led directly to a series of comfy armchairs.

imperial apple spa - foot massage

Image credit: Imperial Apple Spa

Most people flock here for their Foot Massage ($45/hour) since the masseuses know their pressure points well. It’s a bit of a splurge, but your feet need it – they hardly get any circulation when all they do is dangle off an office chair. If your entire body’s aching, their full Body Massage starts at $63/hour.

The best thing is: there’s a series of movies to watch while your muscles are getting stretched out – pick from different movie genres such as action & adventure or a light-hearted comedy.

Address: 171 Tras Street, Union Building #01-179, Singapore, 079025
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM – 4AM
Telephone: 6225 1555

6. Xi Yuan Foot Spa – 24h, from $32/hour

No-frills foot and body massages

xi yuan foot spa

Image credit: @eatwithroy

You’d think that Xi Yuan Foot Spa specialises in foot massages, but they’re equally worthy in tackling your shoulder aches. Chiropractors do come in handy, but massage parlours like this get the job done at a fraction of the cost. This space is dimly-lit in all the right ways – that is, cosy, and not sleazy. It’s often patronised by a mixed crowd, so you can expect your massage chair neighbour to be anyone from a backpacker to an elderly auntie.

Their two branches aren’t particularly glitzy, so don’t go in with sky high expectations. But their prices are indeed affordable – a Body Massage is priced at $44/hour while a Foot Massage is $32/hour.

Address: 4 Pahang Street, Singapore, 198605
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM – 3AM
Telephone: 6396 8707

7. Tang Dynasty – open till 4AM, from $60/hour

Couple massages and Chinese treatments like cupping

tang dynasty spa - massage

Image credit: Tang Dynasty Spa 

There are plenty of hidden gems hidden in the CBD, but go straight to Tang Dynasty Spa for a no-frills body massage that’ll stretch and knead your muscles in all the right spots. Try their Oriental Body Massage at $60/hour. If you bring your partner along, it’s just $105 in total for the 2 of you.

tang dynasty spa - head massage

Image credit: Tang Dynasty Spa

Other treatments include Ba Guan Therapy – cupping to encourage blood flow, and Gua Sha Therapy – scraping the skin to release toxins.

Kampong Glam
Address: 790 North Bridge Road, Singapore, 198758
Opening hours: Mon to Thu: 10AM – 4AM, Fri to Sun: 10AM – 6AM
Telephone: 6686 6466

Bukit Timah
Address: 2 Chun Tin Road, Singapore, 599589
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM – 4AM
Telephone: 6894 6466

8. Natureland Spa – open till 5AM, from $54/hour

5-in-1 therapy massages for head, shoulder, neck, hand & feet

Ambiance at Natureland Spa

Image credit: @audt

Natureland’s almost a household name for massages. There are outlets strewn around the whole of Singapore so it’s convenient to get to. Try their 5-in-1 Therapy ($58.85/hour) massage if you’re aching all over: it starts with a 40 minute foot massage before moving on to your head, neck, shoulders, and back.

Massages at Natureland Spa

Image credit: @anna.h0805

For an all-over body treatment, their Body Therapy ($69.55/hour) comes in two variations: aroma oil or shiatsu. Other treatments include specialty massages such as Slimming Massage ($83.46/hour) and Pre-Natal Massage ($83.46/hour).

Robertson Walk
Address: 11 Unity Street, #01-08/09 Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM – 3AM
Telephone: 6733 6780

Orchard Point
Address: 160 Orchard Road, #B1-12/13 Orchard Point, Singapore 238842
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 9AM – 5AM
Telephone: 6235 6780

East Coast
Address: 907 East Coast Road, #01-04/05 Springvale, Singapore 459107
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM – 3AM
Telephone: 6445 6780


Details of other outlets can be found here.

9. Green Apple Foot Spa – open till 4am, from $43/hour

Free movie screenings

Green Apple Foot Spa - late night massage

Image credit: Green Apple Spa

Under the same management as Imperial Apple Spa, Green Apple Spa offers up a range of massages that’ll make your muscle knots a thing of the past. If you have sore feet, their Foot Reflexology ($$43/hour) comes with a complimentary Ginger Foot Spa. Otherwise, those with sore muscles all over can opt for the Body Massage ($55/hour), which has add-ons like  Essential Oil and Body Scrub.

Enjoying a massage at Green Apple Foot Spa

Image credit: @jshyy

Feel free to sink into a comfy armchair here while watching a movie play out on the big screen.

Address: 765 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198733
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 12PM – 4AM
Telephone: 6299 1555


10. OD Wellness – open till 1AM, from $55/hour

Hot Stone and Gua Sha therapy

OD Wellness - massage

Image credit: @sisi_soh

OD Wellness’ massages do more than just prodding and poking. Try their Rejuvenating Therapy ($75/75min) – it comes with a combination of foot massage and acupressure that’ll send you off thoroughly revived.

Enjoying a massage at OD Wellness

Image credit: @wuleonora

Otherwise, try their Hot Stone Therapy – balancing hot stones across your back to relieve tension, or their Gua Sha Therapy – scraping off skin for stimulation. Both are priced at $55/45min.

Jalan Tua Kong
Address: 59 Jalan Tua Kong, Singapore 457254
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 11AM – 1AM
Telephone: 6445 0019

Neil Road
Address: 49 Neil Road, Singapore 088828
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 11AM – 1AM
Telephone: 6220 9989


Late-night massage parlours

Treat all your ails and aches by heading down to one of these late-night parlours for a pampering massage sesh. Especially recommended if you’ve been hunched over the computer the entire day – there’s nothing like a pair of firm hands kneading your sore muscles.

Otherwise, here are a few other ways you can spoil yourself in Singapore at affordable prices. You can also check out more things to do in Singapore for a day of fun and relaxation.

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